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It would be better to spend the night in this new flat hugged and fucked by Amjad. Amjad was sucking her nipples while his other hand was squeezing her other boob. He thanked his stars this opportunity of fucking a beautiful girl, who came just to see her flat. If she had turned down his advances, he would have gone home leaving her at her home.

She too was horny and was ready to get fucked. Amjad saw Shaila moaning softly closing her eyes enjoying his onslaughts on her boobs. His hands were big and when he squeezed it pained, but there was pleasure in that pain. After finishing his job with her boobs, Amjad just moved his lips down to her navel. He was attracted by her flawless skin, and the navel.

He planted a kiss on her navel and then his hand pulled her panty down. Shaila lifted her hip and helped him to pull down the panty. She just caught his bulge in his boxer. Amjad inserted his both thumbs on either side of his boxer and pulled it down. His cock sprang out and was oscillating in the air. Shaila caught the cock with her hand and took a closer view of it.

It was of the same size as that of her husband. She put it against her cheeks and then licked the emerging drop of precum. She had taken the cock of her husband in her mouth once or twice, which he enjoyed immensely. She thought Amjad also would enjoy if she gives him a blow job. Since there was no intimacy between them they were not talking, except some cries of joy or pain.

Bhasheer was rubbing his fingers on her mat of hair covering her cunt. He got up and had a close look at hr cunt. He could not get a clearer view as the hair was fully covering her cunt. He saw a tiny projection of her clitoris and dampness spread all over the hair. With both his fingers he opened the cunt lips and saw the red interior.

He opened her ligs wide and kneeling between her legs he bowed down and licked her cunt and licked her clitoris lightly. Suddenly Shaila trembled and her whole body shook. Amjad looked up at her face and she was asking him to continue to do it with her clit. Amjad got up and looked at her face and asked her whether he may fuck her. She said yes.

She opened her cunt lips wide and placed his cock head at the entrance of her lovehole and pushed it in. Her cunt muscles yielded slowly and he could push in very slowly. He know because of non use, her hole would have become smaller. It took some time for him to make a full entry and she was giving out cry of pain often.

She could feel his body touching the top of her cunt, that means his whole cock has gone in. She removed her hands expecting his pumping action to start any moment. Amjad did not want to place his body on her so she may have to bear his weight. Balancing his body on his hands and legs Amjad plunged his cock in. Pulling out almost entirely and again pushed it in.

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