Best Friends to Fuck friends

Hi i am Dev, from Ahmedabad. I like reading sex stories in Hindi & english. I work here in Ahmedabad and have lots of friends in here. I am a party freak. The story also started somewhat the same way.

I met Divya (name changed) in a party which one of our common friends had organized. She was in a traditional dress i kinda have likings towards the girls wearing traditional. She was with her boyfriend and i was with my girlfriend. We got introduced and had a great time together.

After that night i guess we didn’t meet till 3 odd months. On one day i was surfing through internet and was along doing chats on Facebook when she showed up she messaged me. We talked casually and for another few weeks it went on like dis. One day she asked my cell number which i gave and den we used to chat on whats app.

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Few days later she called me to meet up when i went to meet her she started crying. I hugged her and a current passed through me. When i enquired i found she broke up with her boyfriend. I didn’t feel like asking the reason and we left for a coffee. After that she left. In those days i also had a break due to long distance relationship :(.

I and Divya started sharing everything that happened in our lives. We started flirting and sharing few kinky moments. After few days i asked her out for dinner. We then started meeting regularly. We both knew that we can’t marry each other so we were ready to depart. We used to share everything.

After a few days we were chatting on hot topic called ‘SEX’, we were casually chatting about it and suddenly she asked if i wished to share virginity with each her. I was like in a shock. I said yes for that we planned for meeting up at my home on weekend.

It was Tuesday; those 3 days were like 3 years: P. Finally day came, i picked her up from home and she told her parents she would be late to reach home. It was 4:00 in d evening. We went to a mall had some coffee and snacks. After half an hour she was like let’s go to your place :)

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After that we directly headed home, on d way purchased fruit juices and protections ;). Once we reached home, she hugged me tight. And we started kissing me. I pulled her and gave a lip lock she started exploring my lips and i was also inserting my tongue to her. We had a long lip kiss.

Then i picked up in my arms and took her to my bedroom. Put her on bed, started kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes and put her hand in my hair. I was slowly kissing her eyes and forehead. I then kissed and licked her ear lobes. She loved when i kissed her ear lobes. Then i slowly put my hand in her top and started exploring her tummy and her breast with one hand.

She started pulling me. I kissed her cheeks and neck. Then again went for her lips playing with one of her breast. We had a long lip kiss. I slowly pulled her top up and went down licked her tummy and kissed her. I also licked her belly button she likes it very much. I pulled her up and make her sit, slowly took off her top.

I turned her back and started kissing her whole back. Slowly opened her bra and took it off and turned her towards me. She hugged me tight and kissed me like a mad doggie. She then took off my shirt and came over me. She started kissing me everywhere licked my chest and kept hugging me then she put her hand in my pants. She went down and took it off too.

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Kissed my tool for a while and played with it. Then i pulled her up and lied over her went down and took her leggings and kissed her vagina over the underwear, she started moaning by then. I took her panties off and started licking her vagina. I did it for a while she was moaning like anything and pulling my hair. After a while she pulled me up and took my tool in hand and started guiding it in her vagina.

I stopped her did put on the condoms and again started to take her to mood by fingering her and with one hand playing with her breast and licking the tip of breast.

Then she was again so aroused and started to take my tool and guiding it in her vagina, it was wet and warm in there i pushed it for almost 2 to 4 minutes and i came and at the same time she also came. She slept in my arms for half n hour. Then i offered her some juice and ordered pizza it was around 8:30 in the evening. After having pizza we had another hot round of sex.

We went into my room after cleaning the dining table. She was so tired it was around 9:15 it was good time to enjoy before she needs to go. I slept in her lap she was dresses up. She started playing with my hair. I gave a wink and she said no in a naughty way. So i started to put my hand in her top. And turned around and kissed her thighs over her leggings.

She was getting aroused again. She spread her legs; i started kissing her vagina over her clothes she started applying pressure on my head. I put my hand inside and started fingering her vagina. She started moaning aah aaaaah and started taking my name and pulled me up and started kissing me. She came over me and undressed me with kissing every part of my body.

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She also undressed herself and sat on my chest asking me to lick her vagina. I started doing the same and she was moaning loudly. I kept on licking her vagina she suddenly turned around and went 69 positions. She started licking my tool too. We did it for a while and she was high in excitement and turned around and took my tool and again guided into her vagina.

I was finding it hard to stroke while she was riding me. I we did it for around 5 odd minutes and she came hard. She collapsed on me. I adjusted my tool and hugged her. She was so tired and found hard to speak. I asked her that dis is not fair i am not yet done. She winked and went down. She took my tool in her hand. Played with it licked my balls for a while.

I asked her to give me a blow job she refused it but jerked me off.

After that she cleaned everything got dressed up and then she left it was an amazing time.