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She was just waiting it and spread her legs for him inviting his solid shaft to enter in her tiny juicy pussy.

He kissing her sexy feet again and then slowly entered in her wet vagina and started moving his waist to make long thrust in her juicy pussy.

Soon half and then finally all his shaft was inside her juice oozing vagina.

His penis must be happiest in the world for that moment.

He never fucked such a homely lady in life. he was ravaging the sweet pussy and making most of the time.

He was catching my wife’s boobs and fondling in between.

They both had good rhythm by now.

Her boobs were shaking with his thrusts.

Her silver anklets makes sound like “gall..gall”.

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She was moaning like aaaaaa……ssssshhhhh aahhhh……. oooouuccch….waaw..mmmm… joragi….madu(dofast)……abbbaaaaaa.

He was moaning like oooo….hhh…..ssssss……..

Soon he started pumping her with great speed.

His monster was deep inside her pussy and enjoying !

He was on cloud 9 by now. Soon he reached orgasm and after almost 20 minutes he fired jets.

Due to condom my wife couldn’t experience the wetness, but she felt the warmth of sperm he fired.

He was coming for few seconds and then he was finally empty. He collapsed on her naked body and then rested on her for some time.

She didn’t object him for either.

They both had great sex and deep relaxation out of it. Soon they got up and sat on seat.

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He pulled her closer and started kissing her again.

She also responded him positive and locked lips.

His hands again caressing and fondling her boobs one by one and then pinch her nipples one by one.He in between kissed her nipples too and then again locked lips.

He kissed her from tip to soles of sexy feet.

She had now started caressing his shaft. She removed his used condom and threw it off.

It was drenched with his and her sex juices.

She was caressing his bare rod and balls now.

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He pulled her further close and they were intimately kissing each other with their hands working on each other bodies..

Though he was deeply relaxed and enjoyed lot, he was not yet satisfied and wanted to enjoy again this beauty.


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