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But they were not caring it. They were kissing like long lovers ! After about 10-15 min kissing they separated mouths. She wiped out saliva with her dupatta falling on ground. She had nice red color kamiz which was soft and bit transparent too. Green color salwar was matching it. His hands started caressing and pressing her breasts over the top.

He was busy with her lips also in between. He managed to raise her top up to chest level. He could easily see and feel her big melons. he wanted to rip off them and suck to the fullest. In short time he pulled off her kamiz and swiftly he unhooked her black color bra also. She helped him by sitting n raising hands so that kamiz and bra can be removed.

Now she was topless in front of total stranger! She dominated again, before offering him her big boobs, she raised both hands and asked him to feel the arm armpits. She was enjoying it. Meantime her big melons were free for his hands to crush and drink juice out of them. Her breasts are quite big, yet firm and soft.

She has nice tits and small areola around nipples. he kneed both breasts, kissed them, took in mouth even sucked her nipples. He licked every inch of her bare boobs. His rough hands were working on her bare boobs and exciting her further. She offered him to suck and chew her nipples which she likes very much. He readily started sucking them and then started even pinching them.

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Finally he started pulling her nipples with his lips and make her frenzy. She was pressing own boobs and offering him with ecstasy. They both were definitely hot now and need further action. They might have forgot everything, their social and economical status, relations, society etc.

Even forgot someone watching them so closely after lot of fondling and kissing, he stood up and asked her to remove his pant. She sat down on sleeper and took condom pack from her purse. when she unbuttoned it & removed completely she saw a miracle. It was rock hard shaft for her fun.It was surprisingly 10″ long and 2″thick. it was hairy penis with may be strange smells and bad odors.

By seeing its sheer size, she forgot his and her status and within seconds she took his dick in her mouth. But still she remembered to apply condom on his long shaft. A beggar was being sucked by beautiful and sexy wife !

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. but she was more than happy. she started licking it, then applied her saliva on the length and then started hard sucking it.

She was gently stroking and shaking dick and assisting it to enter fully in her mouth. as it was very long monster, it couldn’t enter full but still managed to enter deepest possible. He was very excited by royal treat to his rod. He was moaning and assisting her by his waist movements making his shaft in and out her mouth.

She scratched his balls by nails which aroused him and he moaned in ecstasy aaahhhh…. sssshhhhhh oooohhhhhh…….. He was in great fun zone. His one hand was fondling her left breast and other hand caught her head and hairs and moving it to and fro to suck his tool hard. In between she signaled him to stop just to get air and small rest.

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After few seconds they again resumed but now with controlled speed and rhythm. after plenty of sucking she finally stopped. All the time she was sucking him, he was fondling her bare boobs. she took his hand and placed it on her pubic area over her salwar.

She wanted him to rub that area. he started caressing and rubbing over her silk salwar.

She must be wet by now.

she offered him her breasts to fondle by one hand and suck other in his mouth. she was feeding him one by other. After that he laid her down on back he pulled off her salwar string and then took it off. Then she pulled down the panty inside and she was totally nude woman now. Just for a unknown beggar !

He was watching my young and beautiful nude wife ! She was bit shy far few second but just that moment only. Soon she pulled him and asked him to sit down near her waist. She has very firm and smooth bums and thunder thighs. She don’t have any hairs on stomach, legs etc. and other hair near pussy, she regularly clean them.