Christmas gift to my hot desi Wife – Part 3

They started seducing each other. They were grinding facing each other.

Their crotch met number of times.

While dancing, Priya took out his belt & wrapped it on her neck.

Sam got good opportunity. He too unfastened her white belt & threw on the floor.

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He pulled her close & hugged her. Still they were moving their body with the beats.

He started licking her neck. Lace of her inner fall from her shoulder.

He started licking her shoulder too whenever she was coming close while dancing.

Suddenly he sat on his knee & pulled Priya holding her ass cheeks. He pushed his nose between her thighs.

Priya too pushed her crotch on his face. Wao saying this he fall on the floor on his back.

We all laughed. Vishal give my glass. Priya asked me. I gave her.

She was so charged & horny she took it in one sip. Sam got up & finished his peck.

Hey my head is spinning. Priya said. She went to toilet. When she was out.

Her stocking was in her hand. She kept it on couch. Sam & I sat on bed. Hey, what happened? You people are tired.

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She came close to me. I lifted her with my hand & threw her on bed.

I bent on her & sucked her lips. Aaaahh aaahhh I love you honey.

She whispered looking at my eyes. I sucked her again & left her mouth free for Sam.

I found Priya hold his vest, pulled him on her chest. He fall on her.

His face was around six inch up from her face while his chest smashed her boobs strongly.

One lamp was on near bed. Sam switch it off. Sam did so but still two higher watt bulbs were on in the room.

She pulled him again on him. This time he fall with more force on her chest. Ouch, Priya moaned & opened her mouth.

He didn’t come down to suck her. He became still & looked at her eyes.

Priya lifted her head & pour her tongue in his mouth. She kissed her passionately.

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She tightly hold his mouth & pulled under. He hold her hand, spread it wide & pressed it tightly on the bed.

They kissed each other, licked, played, sucked did everything very passionately.

He left her hand. Immediately she took it down & started squeezing my dick over my pant.

Still they were sucking each other.

I started licking her thighs slowly pulling her skirt up. Mmm mmm mmm her locked mouth couldn’t make much sound. Her breath became faster.

I stopped the music by remote.

She was in the middle, lying on her back & very much ready to get fucked wild.

We were on our sides facing her. I started squeezing her thighs harder.

She was trembling in excitement.

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They were still playing with each other’s mouth.

I took her skirt far up by then. Sam didn’t notice that. Priya was playing with my crotch.

He noticed that. He left Priya & smiled looking at her. He then attacked her bare chest.

He licked it wild, ran his tongue on her naked skin. Yes, yes. She was moaning. Yesssssssssssssssss.

She groaned feeling my finger near her pussy. I rubbed her crotch then left her.

Priya pulled his Vest out from his head. She then looked at his erect cock & smiled.

Her boobs became more exposed as her total volume went upwards.

Still her nipples weren’t exposed. He bent again & licked flesh of her exposed boobs.

He tried to take her as much as possible in his mouth. Can you give me a towel?

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