Trapping Aunty in Train

Sandhya asked us to drop her near home and we can decide further, we catch auto to Sandhya relatives home and ramanamma also said she will go home and call me later to pick her then she can come to my hotel, i agreed and dropped them near their house and i am back to hotel and waiting for Ramanamma phone, she called me after lunch and asked me to pick her near home.

I went in auto and picked her and headed to hotel, while traveling in auto we discussed if someone asks about ramanamma then I should tell them that she is my sister and came to visit me, i agreed.

We reached hotel and no one asks about her in hotel lobby and in corridor, we reached my room and locked inside and switched on tv with full sound so that no one can hear or suspects us!

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I hugged her very hard and kissed on her lips so passionately and squeezing her big melons so hard, she moaning alot ummmmm…hummmm…ahaaa…she stopped kissing me to take a break to catch her breath and she hugged me so hard and biting my lips so erotically and hold my dick on my jeans and squeezing it.

I was in pain as she biting alot ufff…hummmm…abbbbbaaaa…ummmmmm…i put my tongue into her mouth and she started sucking so violently as if she wants to eat my tongue and i stopped her and puller her saree and removed her blouse and panty, she didn’t wear any bra and her melons were hanging and her nipples are poking and very stiff.

She removed my dress and underwear and holds my dick, my dick is big in size 6″, she pulled my dick to and fro and asked me to suck her boobs.

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I pushed her on bed and fall on her and took one boob in my mouth and sucking a lot and in other hand i hold her left boob and squeezing a lot and pinching her nipples, she moaning a lot asking to suck hard and squeeze her tits a lot, i shifted to other boob in my mouth and squeezing left boob violently, she started moaning like ufff, please suck it baby, suck them its all yours, squeeze it, pinch them hard drink the milk if comes, oh my baby suck them yeah suck it ufff fuck you rohith…fuck me making me crazy by sucking!

Make me your slut babe, i am your whore and bitch use me in all my holes fuck me in all my holes, then we switched to 69 position where she started stroking my dick ver hard and her full mouth got full with my dick and she is not able to breath properly as my dick is big in size.

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She stopped sucking and lie down on back and asked me to fuck in missionary style, i hold my dick and pushed in her pussy hole and she shouted in pain as her juicy pussy is so tight even she cummed already, i pull back and thrust hard again and she started crying in pain but didn’t ask me to remove, i remain silent for sometime and started fucking her, I was fucking her slowly for a min then started stroking hard in her pussy where she started shouting and enjoying and asking to fuck hard!

I was fucking her very hard where she moaning alot in joy..fuck fuck fuck me hard yeah you do very good busty babe, fuck me like that, i am yours babe..fuck me hard fuck fuck it tear my pussyyyy oh my god fuck youuuuuuuu i am cumming babe and she cum alot but I didn’t cum yet and increased my speed and i cum alot in her pussy and hugged her and kissed on her forehead and on eyes, cheeks and lips and slept on her for some time.

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We had two more hardcore sessions in bathroom and one more on bed in standing position that day and Ramanamma left at 6 and i depart to Bangalore same day evening!

We met in velankanni and i travelled her home in Hyderabad where we had good fuck sessions! I am planning to visit her again and even she is asking to meet once!

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