Trapping Aunty in Train

I crossed both ladies and blushed sandhyas leg with my leg so hard and she caught my hand and pinched me, i signaled to Ramanamma to come to other bathroom side and i was waiting for her, ramanamma came after a minute and hints me to be careful as their husbands might doubt and caught us, I asked for kiss and hug, Ramanamma said not now and try to go back, but i hold her hand and squeezing her left ass very hard..

Suddenly lights were back and ramansmma pretended like washing her face and i hide back at the door side but train is not starting, again after few seconds power is gone and immediately pulled Ramanamma on me hugged tightly and kissed her very arrogantly for 10 seconds and left her and she rushed back to her seat, i came back after 10 minutes to my seat and behaved normally and we reached Vizag and we were saying bye and asking to call each other until we come out from station.

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I catch auto to my hotel, reached around 10pm and mastrubated very hard thinking about fucking ramanamma in all holes and i squirted alot after 5 minutes and slept as am tired very bad!

Next day morning at 10 am I got call from Ramanamma and asking me to meet them in beach now, I locked my room and came down and took auto to beach and they were in call in guiding me to reach them, but i was in dilemma how to manage and talk with two of them and convince only one lady, they were waiting in front of park besides the beach and i reach them and we went inside where no one sees us and sat on a table where ramanamma is sitting in center to us.

Sandhya started the conversation:

What do you do, where u r from, what is your age, ramanamma said that you both are liked each other so you have to be careful with your families and said be safe!!

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I told them that am from good community (Reddy’s) with good family background from Bangalore but native of andhra, working in software mnc and can trust me and told Ramanamma to trust me.

Sandhya left us and waiting at 200 metres ahead us so that we can talk freely! Ramanamma told about her husband and kids and living in Hyderabad and came to vizag to meet their relatives and asking again about me and i told her to trust me and this relationship will be between us only.

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Her: I trust you rohith, i feel you in train and was in dream about you since yesterday night

Me: true, even i was in same feeling the moment i saw you in train and after kissing you I decided to have you in my life

Her: she kissed me on my cheeks with love in feeling and i kissed her back on her lips and sucked her lips for a minute and Sandhya was looking at us and came near to us and asked us to leave back somewhere.

I told them we can goto my hotel and its safe as it’s good hotel(3*).

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