Wonderful holiday with my Servant

He told me that at their time girls were getting married very early. He then commented a funny incident about their marriage. He said that after their first night her wife went to her mother’s home because she got afraid of his cock. Those bold words made me red but I was becoming more bold with him. Then I asked how did she returned. Then he smiled and told that after few days she started missing his cock so she returned. We both laughed and I said that he lies.

Then he told me that the pleasure of sex has kept their life romantic till date. I was shocked to hear those words. I shyly asked till date? And he replied yes. All these discussions were making me wet. Then he asked me whether I had ever enjoyed sex or not . Although I was fucked several times by my boyfriend, I denied. He smiled and told me that my cunt tales a different story. Those words surprised me. I couldn’t answer a word. I kept silence.

He told me that I should not shy in front of him and he will not tell all those things. Then I said that I have a boyfriend and we enjoy whenever we get chance. I was becoming bolder and bolder and those discussions were making me hot. All the evening we had all those discussions and then he got a call from her wife. They need to go to the hospital for check up. So he quickly finished all the work and left.

At that night I recalled all the events and discussions of that day. The more I recalled those things the more sexual fire started burning inside. I don’t know why but my heart was telling me to get fucked by him. All the night I was rolling in bed .

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Somehow I slept few hours in the morning.

It was 8 am when the doorbell rang. I knew that it must our servant , as our maid was still not ok. I decided to seduce him. I felt that he was also having interest on me. I opened the door nude. As expected it was our servant. He was a bit shocked and asked me what happened to my dress. I said whether he would mind if I stay nude at home. He smiled and replied that it is my home and I can stay as per my wish. I gave him a tight hug. He also moved his hand around my ass . I was still sticking to him,feeling of his touch was amazing. To apart me he gave me a medium slap on my ass and asked me to allow him to do work.

Then I left him but started following him discussing different naughty topics while he was doing the works. Whenever I stood in his way he gently slaps my ass to be aside. He touch was amazing. After he finished all the work I asked him to give me a bath. He smiled as if he was waiting for this.

He lifted me in his arm like a baby and took me to the bathroom. Then he started bathing me. While applying soap his hand were touching all my private parts. I had closed my eyes and feel his touch. I could feel that he was also enjoying touching my boobs. Then he started squeezing my boobs. I had started moaning. He enjoyed all my parts for a half an hour and then wiped me.

He again lifted me and brought to the bedroom. Then he applied body lotion. As soon as his hands came closer my cunt I started breathing heavily. He kept his fingers on my wet cunt and feel it. I moved the legs a bit wider . He then gently moved one finger inside and after a minute two fingers. I was in full moon. He finger fucked me for few minutes.

He then gently place me on bed and started licking my cunt. It was awesome. I was holding his head and trying to push inside the cunt. His tongue was going deeper and deeper. After few minutes I had closed my eyes. Then I felt that he lowered his pant and brought out his cock. I could feel the warm touch of the cock . I had still kept my eyes closed and enjoy the moment.

Then I felt the cock touching the cunt lips. His hands were now on my boobs. Soon I felt his thick cock going in . It was tight and I felt pain. He was slowly striking and trying to push it inches by inches. When I felt extreme pain as if my cunt would tear I asked him to stop. He paused a while and smiled. I told him that it is too thick and long than my boyfriend. He asked me to keep patience as he had only inserted half of it. I was shocked . He smiled and started sucking my nipples. He was sucking like a baby.

Then he again started stroking slowly. I hugged him as tight as I could. Suddenly he gave a jerk and 2 to 3 inches of his cock went in. It was tight and painful. I cried in pain. Just then he gave another powerful jerk and the cock went completely in. The pain was such that I was not able to breathe for few seconds. Then he paused for a minute. I was just regaining my senses. I was taking small broken breathe because of pain. He started playing with my boobs. He was squeezing them hard.

He again started stroking slowly. I was again crying in pain. It took some time and the pain was slowly converted into pleasure. Then he increased the pace. The feeling was awesome. He was fucking like a machine. After a hour of fucking he said me that he will cum. Soon he brought his cock from my cunt and spread his sperms on my stomach and boobs.

Then I saw the size of the cock. It was more than 10 inches long and thicker than my wrist. It was a monster. I was shocked how I could take it inside. Then he lifted me in his arm and took me to the bathroom. We both bathed again cleaning the sperm.

While bathing I commented why her wife ran away after their suhagrat to her mother’s house.

Then he started narrating the complete story how her wife came back. When her wife went to her mother’s house after marriage, she was not willing to come back. Then he went to their house to convince and bring back. Her wife being young in age was so afraid that she was not coming in front of him. Her mother being unaware of the size was considering it a normal fear of first fuck.

But one night to make her understand his wife pulled his pant and her mother could see the monster cock at non erected state. Then her wife told that this is the size while sleeping, the actual size is double when it wakes up. Her mother could not shift her eyes till he again pulled his pant. Then her mother told her that she was a fool to miss it . Saying so his mother in law pulled his cock out. It was becoming harder now.

Then his mother in law told her if she don’t want to enjoy this then she can stay here and her mother can come with him for few days to enjoy this masterpiece. His mother in law was still holding the cock. Not sure whether her mother was serious or not at that time but her wife pushed her apart and left her mother’s home immediately, and came with him that night.

We both were laughing. Then I asked whether he had ever fucked his mother in law. He said that after 2 years of his marriage both his wife and his mother in law delivered a baby each with in an interval of one month. I was shocked and asked in surprise whether both were his. He smiled and requested not to tell her wife although she doubts it for years.

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Then he said that he was getting late and he should leave. When he stood up, I jumped from behind and ride over him. My hands were around his neck and legs were around his waist. I was riding like a kid. I teased him saying that I will also go with him where ever he goes.He knew that I was joking. He said ok then lets go. And he supported my legs and started walking. He said ok now I am opening the door and going out. I thought he was joking but he opened the door and before I could react moved few steps out. I shyly jumped and ran inside.

Although there was no one to see but I thought it was too much. I was standing nude just inside the door. He came back gave me a tight hug and kissed my nipples and left.

In the evening we had another session and next day two more. All those sessions were full of fun and pleasure. He also shared his past how he fucked his mother in law.I could not believe how fast those 2 days passed. Saturday morning our maid joined us with my parents. After that day I never got a chance nor tried to cross my limits to get fucked by him . But definitely I had changed two boyfriend after that.