Wife Swapping is fun – Desi Wife swapping sex stories

Punith and Akshay was like lets fuck here so we can do swapping and also threesome and foursome.

They continued their kiss, me and akshay was looking at them and slowly I put my hands on Akshay thighs and caught hold of his cock and he leaned towards me and started smooching was just loving his kiss.

Turned my head to see what they are doing and I see Shruti is blowing my hubby and punith is like ohh Shruti suck me hard, I have been fantasising you sucking my cock from longtime. Every time Shweta used to suck I was imagining your lips and mouth… wow suck me harder.

This excited me even more and wanted to give akshay his best blowjob ever, removed his pant and nice big cock popped out. kissed the tip of the cock it was pink in color, slowly started smooching the cock and Akshay was holding my head trying to deep throat me, I said wait akshay don’t be in hurry will enjoy slowly.

I started the kiss on cock and slowly taking inside my mouth sucking it hard and cock was dipped in my saliva, slurppp slurppp, wow what a nice cock, lucky to suck this hard and deep. Hmmm suck it hard Shweta its all yours am loving the way you are sucking shwetaaa haaaa, akshay was in full swing my lips and tongue were doing wonders to his cock, I was taking it deep throat hmmm haaaaa wow what a nice feeling.

Slowly I took the cock deep inside and was sucking with saliva precum, I was loving the taste of his cock. Taking deep in my throat, I was making sure he is enjoy my BJ. Slurppp slurppp I could taste his pre cum.

Then changed position and asked him to come over and lick my wet pussy, he came over to lick my pussy and I had a clean view of my hubby entering Shruti’s pussy…Punith was just ramming sexy Shruti she had lifted her legs and a clean view for my hubby to ram and in the mean time I was getting a great lick by Akshay.

Just couldn’t control and I was moaning, I asked akshay to enter my wet pussy with his thick dick. He was more than happy to oblige my request and slow put his dick on tip of my pussy and started to play with it. I couldn’t control so I hold his ass and got his cock inside my pussy.

My wet pussy was swallowing his cock and he was ramming me harder he continued his banging and I was saying faster I need faster. After a nice missionary position we switched to doggy.

Doggy is my fav position, he fucked me real hard in doggy while squeezing my boobs. He said he is about to cum and where I want the cum. I asked him to feed my pussy with his cum coz I knew punith also has cummed inside Shruti. It was a great feeling taking cum inside and we both slept next to each other.