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One guy among the group started to whistle seeing that beauty of my wife. Namrata was looking on the floor with shame in her eyes. Guru then came in front and took my wife up with his hands and took my wife to the bed of the train.He made her lying on the bed with flat posture.Guru started to take off his tshirt. He removed his t-shirt and started lying above my wife. Firstly,he hugged my wife tightly and then forced her mouth to open for kissing.

Gently he placed his lip on her upper lip and started kissing.She too held his head to give him balance. She was also responding to his kisses.He started to put his tongue inside her mouth and sucked my wife’s saliva.Later his face came to my wife’s neck and he started kissing on her neck occasionally biting also.

While doing kiss,his one hand was on Namrata’s back in search of the hook of her bra.Once he founded it,he started to unhook the bra.He unhooked the bra completely and pulled the bra straps to take it out of her body.He took off the bra completely and threw it on the floor.

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Namrata became topless.She was dying in shame and covered her boobs with her two hands.Guru then called a man from the group to come.As a man came near him,he told the man to hold her hands up so that she can’t cover her boobs.The man did the same.Then her erect brownish nipples were visible to everyone. Seeing that,some of the men in that group put their hands inside their dhoti to find their dicks and started masterbating.I thought if I could do it but couldn’t do it.

Guru then started caressing my wife’s boobs from front side.She started moaning again,”Please don’t, ah-uhh,please leave,ahhh”.He placed his tounge on her right nipple and started sucking while his left hand were still busy with pinching another nipple.Later he came down to her belly.He placed his wet tounge into her bare belly and started sucking the navel.The navel was filled with his saliva.Then a naughty idea came in my mind.I stood up and went near Guru.There was a mango flavoured candy in my pocket.I gave it to Guru.Then he laughed at me and took the candy from my hand.He placed that candy directly into my wife’s navel and started sucking the candy along with her navel.Namrata had felt some ticklish feeling in her belly and she was surely became wet.Guru finished sucking the candy and gave some love bites near the place above petticoat. The other man,who was holding Namrata’s hands,was get excited and started to grab her boobs from above.

Guru then directly went to her toes and started sucking them.Slowly he was lifting up her petticoat and started sucking her legs and gradually was going up. Then he directly entered his two hands under the petticoat and took off her black panty.Then he threw the panty on the floor and one men took the panty and shouted, “Boss,the panty is wet”.With those words Guru got more support from my wife and then he directly entered his face fully under her petticoat and started to suck her thighs.I couldn’t see what he was doing as his face was totally inside my wife’s petticoat. But I was sure what he was going to do.Suddenly I saw a huge moaning of my wife as he spread her legs.I saw in and out motion from outside of her petticoat. I was sure that he started fingering her pussy.Then we all heard sucking sound from inside the petticoat. That mean he started sucking my wife’s clit and fingering her vagina.He did it almost for 15 minutes.

Gradually the speed of his fingering was increased as I saw from outside her petticoat and my wife’s moaning sound was gradually increasing. I thought she was going to achieve her orgasm. Yes,I was right. The moaning sound was stopped totally and she achieved her orgasm.Suddenly Guru took his face out of her petticoat.His face,lips and beard everything was full of my wife’s juice. He took off Namrata’s petticoat and cleaned his face.

Wow,now Namrata was lying nude in front of everyone. Anyone could clearly see that the juice was flowing through her vagina.All the men from the group started masturbating. Guru spread my wife’s legs wider and started sucking her pussy lips again.He started to drink all the cum of my beautiful wife’s pussy.

Then he got up.and started to take off his jeans. He took off his jeans and he was only in underwear. The bulge inside his underwear were struggling to get free. He made my hot wife sit in between his legs and told to open his underwear for sex. My wife opened his underwear. She was almost shocked to see and have hot sex with his 9 inches fully erect penis. My wife started to stroke his penis.Guru held her hair and entered the penis fully into her mouth with full force.She started sucking the dick.After sucking for sometimes, he made my wife stand and indicated to sit on his penis.As my wife sitting on his lap, he slowly pushed his hot penis into her juicy pussy with full sex.

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They all got up and started to wear their clothes again.My wife also got up and wore all her clothes again.We all took our dinner together with that gang of men.One of them,who recorded the hot sex video, had sent it to my mobile via bluetooth. Later,we all went to sleep at night.My wife and me were sleeping in the same birth.

In the early morning,Guru made us waken up and told that Kalka was about to come within 30 minutes. We were ready to go.Guru got phone number of both me and my wife.The station came and we got down.Guru came to my wife, hugged and gave her a tight kiss on her lips.He said goodbye to her and smiled at her.My wife also gave him a winky smile and gave a kiss on his lips.

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