Wife fucked at Audition – Part 7

Ramu looked around and saw that everyone was busy. So he too took the chance and put his fingers inside my wife’s bra and kneaded her fleshy breasts. But my wife was not satisfied with this light kneading.

She wanted her breasts to be crushed. She herself put her hands over Ramu’s hands and pressed it. She led his fingers to her nipples and said in a soft voice.

“Ramu Bhaiyya, Zara idhar bhi karna!” (Ramu, Please do it here also!”)

Ramu was too shocked but he obliged my wife by saying, “Ok didi!” His fingers were now into her bra and they were twisting and turning my wife’s nipples. My wife gave an erotic sigh and closed her eyes and enjoyed this nipple twisting by this 14 yr old boy.

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Ramu was by now having an erection and since he was wearing only trousers, his cock had shifted towards one side and was peaking high. Since his trousers were loose and he didn’t wear any underwear, his cock could be seen from beneath. My wife opened her eyes and because she was sitting and Ramu was standing by her side, the first thing she saw was Ramu’s naked cock trying to come out of his trousers.

She could also see a glint of pre cum in the tip of the cock. On seeing that precum, my wife licked her lips. I must tell you here that my wife has never sucked me. Though I had requested her some times, she had always refused it saying that such things are not done by chaste family women.

But now, I saw that she was ogling this 14 year old boy’s tender cock with lust and licking her lips. This sight made me too hot and my stroking of my cock gained pace. My wife looked around and saw if anyone was watching. As usual, Javed and Director were arguing over some camera angle in one corner.

Shyaam and Rohit had left for a smoke. She then looked in my direction and saw that I was watching them. Our eyes met for a few seconds.

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My wife saw that I was stroking myself on seeing her. She saw the erect cock in my hand and she saw the to and fro motion of my hands. My wife stared at me blankly as if she was hesitating what to do since I was watching. After almost a day full of fondling and kissing, she appeared to be a bitch in heat. She took a decision that even if her husband was watching, her passion was too much to resist and her hands gently slid along Ramu’s trousers below.

She put her hands through the lower portion of his trousers and exposed his cock openly. Now his cock was in open air dangling just in front of my wife’s face. Again my wife looked at me for a second.

Then she turned to Ramu. She slowly moved her face towards Ramu and planted a soft kiss on the tip of his cock. She then slowly let out her tongue and licked his cock in small circles. Initially she licked the sides and then she licked the tip also along with the precum. Ramu gave an excited sigh.

Having tasted his cock, my wife was convinced that cock sucking wasn’t as bad she had feared and in fact this cock should have tasted good in her mouth. So she was into full fledged sucking. She sucked him for about a minute and when she had brought his cock to about 12 inches, she withdrew her mouth.

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She lifted her skirt above her panties and slightly pushed her panty to one side. She again gave a chut darshan (cunt view) to this boy and said, “Bhaiyya, zara apni didi ko chodo na…..! Dekho Didi kitni garam ho gayi!”

(Brother, Please fuck your sister, see how hot your sister has become) and gently took his hands and placed on her mound. Ramu could immediately feel both the wetness and hotness of her mound.

“Bhaiyya, chodo na muje!” (Brother, fuck me!”) I was shocked to see my wife use such words, that too to a young boy who was half as old as her. I realized that my wife had become too desperate now. By this time Shyaam and Rohit also had returned but were just standing in a corner and watching this amazing scene of my wife begging a 14 yr old for a fuck.

For Ramu, all this must have been too much. After all he was just 14 and this experience of a heroine sucking his cock and spreading her cunt and asking him to fuck him must have been a new experience for him and he had become too very emotional and didn’t know what to do.

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My wife mistook his silence as if he wants some more cock sucking and she dutifully licked his cock for some more time. This was too much for Ramu and just as my wife withdrew her mouth from his cock, Ramu ejaculated.