Veena accepts her place as her daughter Usha’s slave

Angry cock in a wet mouth of a willing submissive slut is always nasty. It becomes even more special, when she is kneeling in a dusty car parking, with knees 1.5 feet apart. While my SUV provided a good cover in this somewhat dark corner of parking, risk of being seen was there.
But my cum-hungry slut was keen and eager to serve. I couldn’t have imagined this even a few days back that this 22 year old car pooling partner could be so useful.
Till a few days back, for me Usha was only a car pool pal, who works as Middle Office Analyst in a bank of the same building. My legal firm, that I joined as a Partner only a few weeks back, is also in the same building. I moved to Mumbai alone, as my family was still settled in Delhi.
In Mumbai, traffic is so bad that 12 miles travel to my service apartment may take up to 2 hours and hence, car pool with a girl is always a welcome choice. And, Usha came across as a sweet girl, who was good to talk to.
We talked about films, series, colleges, politics. In her presence, I felt younger than my 40 years. But that was destined to change, and for good.
One day, as we were waiting at a signal to turn green, she spotted a friend in the adjacent car and jumped out to greet her, leaving her mobile on her seat.
Her mobile screen was unlocked and bright, with a Literotica story ‘Young cum-slut to serve Master’ open for me to see. I scrolled down and to my pleasant surprise, it was indeed a story of Master-slave.
“Is Usha a closet sub?” I wondered because I always thought of her a sweet and innocent chubby girl.
By the time she came back, her mobile screen had auto-locked. However, as soon as she opened her mobile, that story was still on top. She looked at me worriedly but remained calm.
At this juncture, more with the intention to tease her than anything else, I chuckled, “Reading an interesting story, aren’t you?” And she turned red.
I laughed slightly and said, “It’s alright, Usha. As an adult you are entitled to have your fantasies and there is absolutely nothing wrong in being submissive. There are more subs and doms, around you than you may imagine.”
Despite this assurance, her embarrassment was visible and she continued looking downward. Seeing this, an idea took shape in my mind and I decided to try my luck, with this chubby and cute chick.
I hardened my voice and spoke in an authoritative tone, “What’s your age, Usha?”
As I turned my head towards her, she looked into my eyes only for a second and looked away immediately. She knew this was the moment to decide, whether she is going back to being a closet sub or explore real. Then, as if taking a resolution, she answered in almost inaudible voice, “22.”
“22, and so reckless that your secret is out in open, that too to an experienced Dom.” I gave her 2 seconds to grasp what I said and then continued, “Shouldn’t you be punished, Usha?”
“Yes.” Her response was faster and firmer this time.
“Undo top two buttons of your shirt.” I said.
She was shocked at sudden instruction, but recovered and tentatively moved her hands to the buttons and slowly undid them. She kept looking down, all this while. I could see confusion, yet satisfaction on her face.
As her stop was only a few minutes away, I gave her final instruction, “If you really want to serve a Master, you must prove it. Else I’ll think, you aren’t serious. You must wear a skirt tomorrow. Is that clear, Usha? You may wear your undergarment for now, though.”
She nodded and then looked at me, only briefly. I continued, “A good slut should give the most unrestricted access of her all holes and body to her Master. Right, Usha?” She barely nodded this time.
Then as I stopped car at her stop, I asked “Is that cunt of yours, which now belongs to me, wet?” She responded immediately, “Yes.”
I told her, “Good, but you may not cum without my explicit permission.” She nodded this time and kept sitting as if waiting for my permission to leave.
Realizing this, I asked her to collect her bag and leave. She gradually opened the door, thanked me and walked away as I moved my car.
Within a minute, my mobile beeped. I had a message from her.
“Thank you, Sir.”
This was true submission of my pet and deep desire for giving herself away.
I drove to my service apartment and decided to read a couple of Literotica stories. I masturbated thinking of my wannabe chubby 22 years old slave.
Next morning, as I was getting ready for work, I received a photo message from Usha. She wore a shirt, that had buttons in front and a skirt that reached 8 inches above ankles. In her middle office bank job, they weren’t too particular about formal dressing.
I only responded “Meet me at your stop in 20 minutes. Any delay will lead to punishment.” Her response was immediate, “Yes Sir.”
As I saw her from a distance, she looked different today. While she generally wore only baggy jeans or trousers, which made her look chubby, today’s attire was hugging her full figure. Her face had an innocence and with better dressing today, she could certainly make many girls in her office jealous today.
As I stopped next to her, she got into passenger seat. It’s then I noticed that for the first time, she was wearing some make up today.
She looked at me briefly and smiled. Starting the car, I complimented her, “You are looking beautiful. You have pleased me with your efforts, my girl.”
She was elated and like a bubbly girl, exclaimed, “Thank you, thank you.” And then realizing her little outburst, she corrected to, “Thanks a lot, Sir.”
It was abundantly clear that she was eager to show her submission and desire to have a Master.
At a signal, I kept my hand on her shoulder and then massaged her neck with tenderness, she deserved. She closed her eyes.
I asked, “You want a Master, don’t you, Usha?” She nodded profusely but spoke almost inaudibly, “Yes, Sir, Please.”
At this, I asked, “Ok then, keep your eyes close and lift your skirt slowly so that half of your thighs are visible to me.” She immediately started lifting her skirt in a slow motion so that her actions were not visible to others in the traffic, unless they are standing next to my SUV and watching inside.
As I started driving, I kept my hand on her bare knee and started moving upward.
To demonstrate my power over her, I said, “Tell me pet, do I need your permission to touch any part of your body?”
She said, “No, Sir, I and my entire body now belong to you.”
To reward her for this, I patted her inner thigh and massaged soft skin, only inches away from her warm cunt. She parted her legs immediately and gave full access.
However, what she said next, made me stop. “Sir, this is my first time.” Was all she said.
Hearing this, I took away my hand and navigated car to the side to stop.
Confused, she got paranoid and said “Sir, have I said something wrong?” As I was still stopping the car, I didn’t respond.
No response from me perturbed her even more and she begged, “Sir, I may be inexperienced but I know what I want and I know for sure, I want you to make me your pet. Please Sir.”
I smiled and assured her, bringing her closer and taking her in half embrace, as much as possible in a vehicle. I assured, “Don’t worry, my pet. I want to make your first time more memorable than a quickie in moving car or an office parking.”
Sighing gently, she said, “Sir, thank you. But you don’t have to do that for me. I know, I look average and you don’t have to pamper me, Sir.” I patted her head.
Though I was moved because she was sweet, still as a Master, I didn’t want her to feel too confident. So I simply told her “Now, you belong to me and for me your submission is your most important feature. Is that clear, Usha?” She nodded immediately.
I asked her to take leave from work and also called my office to tell that I won’t be coming. I told her, we were going to a resort to celebrate her first time and also as she becomes my girl. Her smile was well worth the effort.
During one hour journey, I sought all information about her. She lived in a 2 BHK apartment along with her mother. Her father had left them for a younger and successful woman, when she was 14. While he funded her education, money from her mother’s clerical back office job was never sufficient to allow her a lavish life.
Her father was now settled abroad. She never forgave him, but always missed a man’s presence in life. As she wasn’t very pretty and had little money to splurge, she never got much attention from boys.
As a teen-age girl, she also wanted to study hard to be able to earn a decent livelihood. Hence, she focused only on studies till she got a decent job.
Her apartment is in mother’s name and is in an old 3 storey building with very few occupants left.
After knowing about her life and circumstances, I assured her that I’m there for her as long as she is an obedient girl.
As we reached the resort, it had little occupancy on a weekday. Hence, it was easy for us to get a secluded cottage in a corner.
The cottage was surrounded by its own fence. As we walked into the cottage, we saw it had a large hall, a bedroom, kitchenette and a small pool in the backyard. The area was well covered with trees.
As I looked around assessing the place, waiter was sensible enough to inform that hotel and staff understand the purpose of guests’ visits. Hence, they never disturbed unless summoned. They are discreet and assure full privacy.
We were in the Hall, when he left with a good tip. As he closed the door, Usha faced me with eyes downcast.
I lift her chin so that she looked into my eyes. I asked, “Are you ready to serve your Master, pet?”
She nodded immediately and excitedly, “Yes, Sir.”
I told her, “Close your eyes, Usha.” She complied.
Standing behind her, my hand slowly reached her ass and she moaned inaudibly. Then my hand reached inside her shirt, rubbing her back and traveling to her chubby tummy. I taunted, “Aren’t you a bit too fat for your Master, pig?”
Humiliation on her face was evident as she said, “I’m sorry, Sir. Please.” And felt wordless.
I slowly made her lean forward so that her hands held sofa and ass was in the air. Both of us were still fully clothed.
“Do you realize, my pet, how much efforts your Master is putting to make your first sex experience memorable? Specially when you are not the most beautiful girl in the town.” I humiliated her further.
She let out another moan. I asked “How do you plan to repay your Master, bitch?” And spanked on her ass.
She let out a cry and thanked me, “Thank you Master and punish me more for being a pathetic slave.” It was clear while she lacked real experience, she was into her role, thanks to Literotica.
“And what you lack in beauty, you will compensate with complete servitude. Won’t you?” I added with another spank, harder this time.
“Thank you, Master. I’ll do anything and everything, you ask me. I’ll be your pet, pig, bitch, slave everything.” She said through her wet eyes.
“So whimper like a bitch then.” I ordered with another harder spank and she purred. She let out a whimper and then barked. I slowly lifted her skirt and rubbed inner side of thighs.
It was clear that she was a bitch in heat and prayed, “Please Master, fuck your nasty slave. Please Master, let me cum.”
I chuckled as I demeaned her again, “We haven’t yet started bitch and you want to cum already. Aren’t you a desperate bitch?”
“Yes Master, I am. But today, I am overjoyed that I’m with my Master. I have never been so horny.” She announced and then purred, “Please Master, fuck me once.”
At this, I touched her crotch over clothes and rubbed for a few seconds. As her moans intensified, I slowly started playing with her boobs over the shirt.
Finally with a hand on her butts and other hand on face with 3 fingers in her mouth, I sat on the sofa and lowered her body to the floor so that her face was now resting on my thigh.
She was now sitting on the floor with my one foot between her legs and patting on her head. I cajoled her, “Are you loving it, my pet?” She nodded.
I then, put my index & middle fingers in her wet mouth and she immediately started licking them as if her life depended on this.
My leg then moved to her cunt and I started to rub my ankle on her cunt through her skirt. She was now panting openly and held my knee.
“Slut, you can’t cum just by the rub of my ankle.” I insulted her. I also put my fingers deep into her mouth and assaulted it.
Then I took her mouth to my foot and left it there. I ordered, “Hold my ankle with both hands and lick my foot till I stop. Any doubts, my dirty dog?” In response she started licking my foot profusely.
After this, I lifted her waist from the floor so that she came on her knees and toes so that her boobs were also on the floor. Now like a true bitch in heat, she was licking my foot, while her ass was in the air, accessible for me to play as I wish.
To ensure even better access, I widened her knees by keeping my other foot between her knees, on the floor. Her submission was so deep that she never let go my foot or stopped licking.
First I lifted her skirt and played with her panties clad ass, which was soft and juicy. Being plump has its benefits.
I smacked her ass over the clothes. That made her whimper but she resumed licking immediately.
After spanking her mildly for a few minutes, while rubbing her inner thighs in between, I lowered her panties to mid thighs. At this, she increased the pace of licking. She was also panting clearly and without any shame.
I ordered, “Leave my foot, my dear slave and kneel in front of me.” She was shocked at sudden instruction, still lifted herself tentatively and faced me.
“So Usha, this is what you are. A slut, keen to get fucked. Let’s hear it from you. Tell me What are you? Be imaginative.” As I said this, cupping her boobs and squeezing them with tender care, she gasped.
After a few seconds, she started, “I’m your keen slut Master, for use as you wish. I’ll be a dog to crawl around the house. I’ll suck and worship your precious cock. I’ll lick your sole to show my ultimate devotion. I want you to take my entire belongings and liberate me to just serve you, Master.”
Earnestness in her voice was clear as she looked into my eyes briefly, to show that she indeed means it.
As her speech pleased me, I patted her cheeks, lowered my face to lick and kiss her neck. I rubbed my face on her cheeks and neck, licking and biting her gently all over.
Meanwhile, I slowly raised her shirt and held her boobs over bra, mauling them. I also pinched her nipples to inflict pain.
I uncovered her boobs from her bra, without unhooking it from back and finally, took off her shirt.
She closed her eyes in anticipation but licked my fingers readily as I gave them to her. My other hand was still playing with her erect nipples and ripe boobs.
“Go back to licking my other foot, with knees apart and boobs on the floor.” I told her and she followed immediately. Her panties were still stuck at mid thighs. I uncovered her ass by turning the skirt waist up and played with her leaky cunt.
She was moaning openly now, while licking the foot. As I unhooked and then unzipped her skirt, she held my foot even more tightly.
“Stop licking, pet and crawl out of the skirt.” I ordered. She immediately started crawling and as I held skirt with my foot, she was only in her bra and panties.
A bra, that was no more covering her tits and panties, that was no more covering her cunt or ass.
She on her four with eyes downcast, was a sight to devour.
“Usha, you are my plump cow. With ripe boobs and fat ass, your whole body is designed to serve deserving man so that someone like me could use it.” As I said that she hung her head in shame.
“From now on, whenever you crawl like a cow that you are, you will keep your boobs close to ground and ass up.” I said.
She immediately assumed the position and started crawling as I asked, “Crawl behind me, like a bitch that you are.”
As she crawled, following me to the bedroom, I removed my clothes and by the time, we reached to the bed, only boxer was left.
Due to all this action, my cock was erect. She hungrily looked at the bulge of my boxer and was salivating.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, I made her sit between my legs with one leg wrapping around her back and other one between her boobs. This milky plump bitch was bound by my legs and at my mercy. The thought of fucking her, was making me crazy.
“Take my cock in your mouth through the boxer.” I instructed and while she struggled initially, she was able to take top of it.
“Slut, is it going to be the first cock in your virgin mouth?” I asked. She responded, “Yes Master, please let me remove the boxer so that your pig may serve you better. Please Master.”
Hearing her plead, I chuckled and said, “As this is your first time, I’ll not tease you for now. So go ahead.”
She was so desperate and hungry that she immediately lowered my boxer and while it reached to only my mid thighs, top of my cock was already in her wet mouth.
She was hungrily trying to take it further inside her mouth but it was clear that she was inexperienced.
I asked her to keep my cock on her tongue and circle it with her lips. She complied and I felt sensations of pleasure. “You are a nasty slut, Usha.” I barked and added, “This is a test of your need to have a Master, pig. So do well, you nasty slut.”
She started sucking hard giving her best. As I felt getting closer, I asked her to stop sucking and get up. She was confused but got up.
I whispered into her ear, “Usha, you are a sweetheart and your Master is indeed proud of you.”
She looked up, as if thanking through her eyes. I held her head and pulled her even closer kissing her cheeks and neck.
Then I ushered her into the bed and cuddled her as lovers, hugging her tightly.
I whispered again, “Usha, being slave aside, I deeply care for you and want your first sex to be special. I’m not only your Master but protector also.”
She was elated so I continued with a wink, “Go, wash your mouth so that I won’t be tasting my own cock juices when kiss you.” She chuckled and ran to bathroom.
After wearing condom, I called her, “Come back here my dear, not as a slave but as a sweetheart.” She walked in with her bra and panties properly dressed.
“My little soft and plump treasure, come here.” I remarked with love and she walked into my embrace. We deeply kissed each other for a few minutes and I started playing with her breasts and nipples.
Kissing her neck, I lowered her panties and bit her softly on her cleavage, boobs and neck, making her let out loud moans.
Lubricating my member, I slowly entered into her virgin hole. Being her first time, it was difficult. She was restless but being a submissive, she didn’t stop me. With shower of kisses, I fucked her with a few strokes, but then pulled out.