Seema’s train Journey & Fuck Fest

Anyway.. since I had started it, so I had to complete it. I asked her, this shall be your first time with a stranger and outside home? As expected, she replied affirmatively.

It was already dark and people were about to sleep or already in bed. I told her, that we were going to walk to another bogie, and would enter one by one into same rest room. Since it was late people were already sleeping. The train was moving and next stop was 1 hr away. We were to spend 5 min inside only.

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She checked up with her kids and we continued our walk. As we walked across, our heartbeat became louder and heavier with excitement. We reached to one of our potential destination. She entered and I followed as there wasn’t anyone around. As soon as we reached inside,

I put my lips on to her lips. My hands started cuddling her breasts. Then I lifted her kurta over and reached out her sexy suckable tits. She was wearing black bra. I continued nibbling from over the bra while my hand reached behind to open her hook. Finally I could uncover her boobs and what a site.

Those erect heavenly brown nipples looked so appealing. I did not waste anytime and started to suck them. I could hear her moans mmmmmmmmm….. I shifted to her other nipple for a while and back to her lips. Then I stopped since it was already around 5 min, from the time we were inside.

She looked puzzled. I reminded her, we need to change the location before we continue for next 5 min.

We walked back to our boggie. She went and check on her kids and came back. We moved to the next available rest room. My hand reached out to her salwar and opened it to drop it down. While we were still smooching my hands entered her panty to find her neatly trimmed pussy. I went on to my knees this time. She spread her legs and opened her pussy wide, as much as she could.

My tongue moved quickly inside her pussy. She was already soo wet. My hand reached up to her boob and started squeezing, while I tasted her hot love juice. My other hands held her ass tightly and kept spanking. She was in 9th heaven. I could hear her moans, which were getting louder and louder. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me .. go on …… you are such a great fucker. I want you asshole.

She kept on murmuring. In just about 2/3 min.. I felt her body move with pleasure of orgasm. She just couldn’t keep her own balance. I quickly stoodup and held her in my arms. She hugged me tightly. After few moments she gained her consciousness. She quickly got her attire right and we moved back to our seats. There she lay on her seat absolutely motionless for a while. Then she looked at me with tear in her eyes and smiled at me. She whispered, thanks Sunil, without you, I could have never experienced such an ecstasy. I told her, it was my pleasure.

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She teasingly replied, you haven’t felt the pleasure yet while her eyes pointed at my cock. I told her it was fine, I just wanted her to enjoy the pleasure this time.

She stood up and held my hand and almost dragged me back. We entered our dream shell again. This time she went on to her knees and pulled out my tool. She was amazed at its size and thickness. She first rubbed my cock with her soft hands and then started licking it like icecream.

Her tongue kept on moving up and down. Then she started softly sucking my foreskin. I was already flying high. This Goddess of love was just too good at it. Then she caressed my testicles and took my entire cock in her mouth. The way she took it deep in, just made me loose my breadth for a while.

She built her momentum and I started to move closer to ejaculation. I told her.. get it out and do it with you hand. She just refused to even hear it. Finally I just couldn’t control and I exploded in her mouth. She seemed to love it so much.

We cleaned and came out and moved back to our seats.

Since we both were happily married, we decided not to stay in touch. It’s been over a year now. All I have is the memory of this one of the most exciting sexperience of my life.