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With two cocks stuffed in her pussy & asshole and pressed her mouth on her daughter’s pussy, this famous Bengalee film celebrity looked very erotic. Ranjitbabu didn’t want to miss these exotic scenes at any cost and he tried his best to record the scenes with his camera.

” Ung g g gn g ga ga g g gn ” Indranidebi groaned at her daughter’s pussy as her brother Jay pushed his 9-inch cock into her cunt with his upward thrust.

Indranidebi continued to lick her daughter’s cunt as her brother & the adibasi servant kept up their efforts of shoving their cocks up her hairy cunt & asshole respectively. Saliva drooled out of Indranidebi’s mouth as she sucked her daughter’s pussy tirelessly.

Indranidebi’s hairy thick labia formed a tight ring around the shaft of her brother’s cock. Holding her plump butt he began to fuck his respected horny didi. Their stroke was long and powerful. Both of them pulled out their cocks all the way out and slammed it back inside Indranidebi’s cunt & anus.

“Oh Yeah,its too nice and sweet ” Indranidebi blurted out and her loud grunts was subdued with her daughter’s shattering orgasm, her mouth was filled with Koel’s gushing cunt-juice. The content was too large and Indranidebi could not hold it all and lapped her daughter’s pussy-juice hungrily as much as possible. Ranjitbabu moved the camera to his wife’s face and captured her horny face that was covered & shining with her daughter’s pussy-juice.

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” Oh! Ah h h, gudmarani khankichudi Indrani rendi re, ar parlam na re chudir magi, dhar khanki , amar nongra phadata tor khandani ponde dhar” adibasi servant Kalu grunted like a wild animal and rocked back and forth with splashing a huge amount of hot cream in the famous actress’s aristocratic ass. Indranidebi stuck out her butt and kept it fixed on his cock and did not move.

In the meantime Indranidebi’s brother Jay also built up a huge load and shot his load inside his didi’s cunt. He pumped and pumped until he filled her cunt with his cock cream. Adibasi cook Kalu held her hips and helped her to reach her orgasm. The sexy Bengalee celebrity screamed loudly as she enjoyed her wild orgasm.

Under Indranidebi’s body, her brother Jay slowly removed his cock from her pussy and same time Kalu also pulled his cock out of her asshole and spanked her big butt with it. Hot spring of cock cream was coming out from both holes of Indranidebi and seeing this Koel jumped to her mother. She began to lap the goey cream, oozing from her respected mother’s cunt & asshole.

Ranjitbabu’s camera captured her beloved wife’s anus and her hairy cunt which still emitted white sticky cream and his daughter Koel was licking hungrily to clean them . Both mother and daughter looked hot horny and saucy.This second bengali blue film acted by the famous Tollygung celeb family was more popular than the first one.

Inspired by this, the team then got ready to make the third blue film . They planned to take this in their sacred worship-room before the statue of the God. The room would be set up different types of flowers, lighted candles, plates of cut-piece fruits , incense etc to create a religious atmosphere.

For this religious blue film, the team began to search a voluptuous and religious minded mature heroine and they selected Locketdebi. But being a very conservative attitude, it would be a hard task for them to convince Locketdebi for that purpose. Would they be successful?

So, wait for the next chapter. In this chapter another famous Bengalee mature actress cum politician would play as a heroine for the porn film with the title ” Sati-Saddhi Bangali Abhinetri ” was Koel’s widow Sasurima ( Noel’s mother ) Smt. Locket Banerjee.

The End
(Disclaimer : The story is totally fictional based on fantasy. The author or Desibahu network are not responsible for any resemblance with someone or any incident is totally a coincidence.)