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Passing his hands under her tits, he grabbed her shoulders, her forearms squashing her soft mounds. With Nitu’s gorgeous, soft, fully exposed body in his tight grip, and his thick cock stuffed halfway deep in her hot, love hole, he started pumping her wet cunt in and out.

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Gradually he started increasing the length and force of his strokes and accordingly Nitu’s moans and whimpers started increasing in volume and feeling, “Unh! Aaaa! Aaaha! Ummmmh!” With every stroke her body jerked forward and a grunt escaped her lips.

Still keeping her in a strong, tight grip, he pulled his cock almost all out and then after a one-second pause, rammed the thick stick right into her tight little cunt, going all the way deep, to the hilt, in the same, smooth thrust.

“Aaaaaaaaahhh!” Nitu’s scream was as much with pain as pleasure.

And then her back arched like a kitten and her body started twitching and jerking violently as she came on his cock.

He loved the feeling of her hot cum flowing over his thick shaft as he pumped her harder and harder.

“Oh God! I am cumming! Yes, fuck me, fuck this slut!” She screamed uncontrollably as he fucked her erupting cunt again and again.

He made his strokes long and deliberate, pausing with only his cockhead in the entrance of her tight cunt and then slamming it hard up into her soft, fuck hole making her body jerk forward.

Within 2 minutes she came again, the same gut-wrenching, mind-numbing orgasm, that made her knees go weak. Just then Raj slammed his long, hard boner into her cunt and her body stiffened by the force of his penetration, her head jerking up, eyes closed as she let out an animalistic grunt.

The eroticism of the situation added to the physical heat got to Raj and he pushed forward as his cock exploded in Nitu’s cunt. He kept pounding his pussy as his big, hard cock spurted his hot semen into her hot cunt.

Feeling drained from 2 huge, never-before orgasms, Nitu collapsed, her slender body slipping down to the carpet, causing Raj’s throbbing cock to slip out of her cunt.

Raj held his thick meatstick in his hand and pumped it, causing drops of hot, sticky cum to drop on Nitu’s naked body, on her face, in her hair and on her tits as well as bare back.

After his cock was full empty, Raj bent down and picked up Nitu by her silky, soft, well-cared for hair and pull her roughly to kneeling position. “Ungh!” She grunted but did not protest.

Pulling her face right in front of his cum-soaked cock, he ordered, “Clean me.”

Very obediently, without even a single word of protest, she started licking his still-hard, cum-drenched cock, though she had never done it before.
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