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“And here?” He boldly put his hands on her soft tits, squeezing them a little in his big, strong hands, “Do you want it to squeeze like this?”

“Mmmmmm!” Nitu only moaned in response and several more drops of her pussy juice dripped on the carpet.

“…or lift them and squeeze them together?” Raj’s hands showed her what he meant, grabbing her firm, hardening tits and pushing them together.

“Aaannnhhh!” she moaned louder, lifting her head upwards with her eyes closed, “Yes, please!”

“How tight squeeze?” Raj kept his hands on her gorgeous 36C tits, “this much? This much? Or this much?” He increased his pressure on her tits, his strong hands kneading her soft mounds in his fingers, pinching her hardening nipples in his finger and thumb.

“Ummmm….”, her mind was swimming, “Do that again!”

He massaged and then squeezed her gorgeous tits again, making the nipples even harder as his thumbs pinched them firmly. Nitu’s pussy dripped some more between her legs. A few drops of her pussy were trickling down here thigh. Her whole body felt like it was being cooked on a slow fire.

She somehow said, “Yessss!” to one of the squeeze settings as Raj was kneading her tits.

He then moved behind her, saying, “How short do you want it to be?” He caressed her firm ass, giving her several options for a short dress. She sighed and moaned at his touch, choosing a length for her minidress.

“Are you sure?”, Raj asked, “that is one inch too short to cover your ass fully. Are you planning to wear panties under it?”

“No.” Right now she was planning to be a slut, in every manner.

“Then bend over and put your hands on your knees, let me check the exposure.” Hearing him talk like that made her heart jump, her pussy flowing freely now. She obeyed him instantly, putting her hands on her knees, looking behind her, her silky, soft hair falling down one side of her face.

“Yes, you are exposed from here!”, Nitu already knew that but his words made her all the more conscious of her dress and pose. Realizing how he was looking at her bare pussy filled with the juice of desire, made her already soaked pussy tingle, itching for some attention.

But Raj didn’t even touch her pussy. Instead he said, “Stand back up.”

She obeyed.

“Now go to that wall, bend over with your hands on that shelf.” Raj instructed, but didn’t explain why this time.

Nevertheless, Nitu complied with his order instantly and without question. She walked to the wall with the low wooden shelf, stepping carefully in her 5″ high heels. Grabbing the 1 foot wide wooden shelf with her well-manicured hands she bent over from the waist, bringing her upper body parallel with the floor. Her legs were shoulder length apart and in that short, silky skirt, just the tip of her pussy slit could be seen glistening in the artificial light.

Raj walked over to her and enjoyed the sight of her gorgeous body from behind. Then his and shot out and slapped her firm ass, not too hard, but enough to make her gasp and whimper like a kitten, “Open your legs wide, Nitu, spread them fully wide for me!”

“Yes, sir!” was Nitu’s meek, submissive response. She lifted her high-heeled feet and spread her legs more than 2 feet wide. Now as her short, tiny skirt hiked up, her pussy came into full view, her tight pussy slit fully wet, her pussy juices making a fresh puddle between her legs on the floor.

Raj, slowly and deliberately, hiked up her skirt on her waist, fully exposing her firm, well-rounded buttocks and her tiny, tight ass hole. Her pussy was already fully exposed. Nitu, realizing her exposed position and imagining Raj’s eyes on her most private parts, got more and more excited, her dripping pussy bearing evidence to her aroused state of mind.

Raj could feel his dick get very hard in his pants as he caressed her firm buttock, in a tight circle, his thumb actually passed between her legs and brushed lightly on her bald, shaven pussy lip. Nitu almost jumped at that gentle touch, but Raj continued the circle and his thumb passing in her tight ass crack, touched her pink, tight, hot ass hole.

Nitu moaned louder this time, “Aaaanh! Please?” She pleaded.

Raj calmly reached over and untied the neck strap of her tiny, sexy, short top letting it fall open, exposing her hardened, sexy tits. “Please? Please what? What are you asking for, Nitu?” He asked nicely, fully in control of the situation.

“Please fuck me! Enter me! Fuck me hard!” Nitu surrendered, she could not take any more. Her body was burning with desire.

Raj untied her second top strap on her back and the tiny, sexy top fell on the floor. Raj started undoing his pants as he said, “But you are married, that’d be wrong.”

It frustrated her now, she was past caring for right or wrong, “Oh, please don’t tease me. Fuck me, please!”

“Oh Nitu, you are talking like a slut!”, He said in mock surprise even as he took off his shorts.

“Oh, yes, I am a slut. Fuck me like a slut.”

Raj got behind her and pressed the full length of his thick, hard cock flat on her dripping wet pussy slit and caressed her bare back, sliding his hands around her slim body to grab her soft, firm tits. Her nipples were so erect he could feel them digging into his palms.

“Mmmmmm yess…please fuck me with that hard cock!” Nitu was surprising herself with her dirty talk. Her husband didn’t talk dirty talk during sex. But even as she was thinking this, her brain was overwhelmed with one predominant thought, “She needed a hard fuck! Really hard and deep!”

Raj rubbed her tight pussy with his thick cock up and down and that got her to moan more and louder. As he moved back and his pre-cum wet thick cockhead touched her pussy hole, his grip on her soft tits tightened, crushing them to pulp in his strong fingers. Nitu’s lithe body arched into both sensations, the sound from her lips was half groan half whimper, “Ungaaaah!”

Keeping his hands on her firm breasts, he moved his cockhead around, pressing a little finally finding the entrance to her soaking wet cunt. As he started pushing in, he was surprised by the tightness of her cunt. Despite being a married woman, she had a really tight cunt. The secret was the infrequent sex that she got from her husband.

Slowly, Raj started pushing into her soft, tight cunt, feeling her pussy juices helping the penetration. She pushed back, trying to take more of his throbbing hard cock into her hungry cunt. At the same time she was a little concerned about the size of his cock. Her husband’s cock was not so thick and not nearly that long. But right now her hungry pussy wanted to be rammed and slammed real hard and this cock could give her that.

She pushed back and urged him, pleading with him, “Please fuck me. Make me your slut and ram my cunt with that wonderful cock. Please?”

Leaving her tits, Raj started caressing her bare back and her firm, fully exposed ass as he continued to push his big cock into her wet, burning hot cunt.

His cock was loving the feeling of tightness her cunt had to offer and slowly he pulled out, to push it in harder, going in deeper than before, she endorsed his move with a satisfied grunt, “Ungggh, yes!”


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