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The boy was supposed to leave next day afternoon. Next day my wife felt better and told us that she will accompany us as it was the last day of our tour and for the boy had to collect his samples. She wanted to help him in collecting his research samples. As she cannot wear any tight pants for an injury she wears a skirt and white shrugs. We went to one big cave place where we need to get down at least 1000 steps to see the Shiva temple. As she cannot go down they stayed and we moved down. They told that they would go to the nearby garden to collect the botanical samples. My mind was saying that something is going to happen and I can feel the daring mood of my wife.

We spent almost three hours there and came back and search for them. Noticed that they are coming back with lot of samples in their hand they were laughing and talking to each other.

The boy left in the afternoon after greeting all of us. He exchanged his IDs too. He will be catching his train for Delhi from Pipariya.
Later I asked my wife what happened, she was blushing and told me that she satisfied the boy in the garden and it was a wonderful experience to have such a big tool in the mouth and with so much of passion. He also sucked her beautifully and made her nude in the broad daylight and kissed her on every inch. It was a tremendous experience for her. When the boy wanted to put her tool she convinced him for not doing any such act which will hurt her soul and he agreed but he made her suck his cock two times. She told me that she purposefully did not wear panty under the skirt and did not wear a camisole under shrug.

She told me that she had now two experiences one is vulgar and rough other one was soft and sweet.

We had a great fuck that night at the balcony. Next day morning we moved out of Panchmari for Kanha.

She thanked me that for my advice with she was able to enjoy such sensual experiences and thinking of the those still makes her horny and we used to talked on this when we making love.