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Evidently Sonali enjoyed showing all she had to us and doing everything to satisfy our desires. She was one woman who primary goal was for us to achieve satisfaction knowing that her masturbation was another way to make us want more. We talked about what we had done and how Sonali was a great lover. This turned her on again and she said let’s go back to the bedroom only this time I’ll fuck you individually and show you what a woman is all about. We both felt good about her comment and picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. As she laid down Anup placed his fist inside her pussy and I sucked on her tits. Now we had her begging for our cocks.

Anup was once again the first only this time he was on top. He rammed his hard penis into her huge, wet vagina as hard as he could.

Every time Anup made contact with it her but moved like there was no tomorrow. Sonali let out loud moans as each thrust occurred. Anup’s hot cum filled Sonali’s awaiting pussy and as she thought of me, next. Sonali remained on her back as our bodies became connected. I took my penis out as I was feeling her soft ass, wanting to ram my big cock back into her and wanted her to beg him. She screamed out “Now, now and fuck me as hard as you can”. I rammed my large, 10″ cock deep into her welcoming pussy. “Keep going she begged as her thrust ball deep”, wishing he had more to give. She once again shouted “cum in me”. As I finished and pulled out Sonali hoped for more. I spread her legs and put my mouth to her slit and moved my tongue into her dripping wet pussy. She made hushed sounds as his tongue moved onto her inner lips and slowly circles around. When I hit her bright red clitoris she arched her back and sprayed all over my face. I then grabbed her head and force her mouth over my cock and told her I wanted her to take all 10″s. She took it down her throat and as she moved her tongue I took my hand and forced it up her ass. Shortly we both rolled away and Anup decided to leave, this time there was no objections from Sonali.

We both went back to the living room and I made us another drink. It was not 10:30 and Sonali said the night was still young and wanted to fuck some more. By this time I was spent so I suggested calling a friend to see if he wanted to join us.

I called Ritesh who said he knew who she was and would love to but Vinit and Mohit were also there. Telling Sonali that Ritesh had company she asked if they were male or female and when I said male she said tell them all to come over. They arrived in five minutes and we sat down and Sonali made them a drink. After some small talk and the drink Sonali said we all can go into the bedroom and I’ll take turns fucking you. The guys entered the bedroom and one by one removed their clothing. Sonali suggested that Vinit be first. We could see that Sonali’s eyes sparkled with the thought of the smorgasbord of guys about to fuck her. Vinit lowered himself on top of her and she grabbed his cock and placed it inside of her and began to move my hips like crazy. I looked around and could see Ritesh and Mohit anxiously awaited their turn. Her pussy was flooded with juice when Mohit took his turn.

As she grabbed his cock and placed it inside her Mohit shouted “Bhagvan, her pussy is soaking wet and stretched for a semi”. Mohit pounded away and shortly my entire body turned to fire we both came. Mohit shouted “my god this cunt sure came, not only once but three times. Sonali smiled and remarked “I always cum multiple times when I get a good fuck”. Ritesh who was 12″s plus slowly mounted her and said “I’ve never been with a girl who can take it all so let me know so I don’t hurt you”. Sonali was relaxed and said “OK”. As Ritesh pumped her he realized he would not even reach bottom, no less hurt her. For once he could enjoy fucking a girl without concern of damaging her insides. Sonali moaned loudly with each deep thrust and rotated her hips wildly pleasing Ritesh. The three guys came back fir seconds and thirds and Sonali was up to pleasing them all. When asked how many times she came that night she thought and realized she had no idea but it was plenty. Before they left she gave each one a blow job.

We all left the bedroom and the lower half of Sonali’s body was covered with cum, both the guys and her juices. It was obvious she didn’t care as she was totally fucked out. She put on her clothes over her drenched body and headed home. I talked to her the next day and her mother was waiting up for her and asked if she had fun and wondered how she got all wet and sticky. Her pussy was sore and she had trouble walking normally so I told her to tell everyone she pulled a muscle.

Two nights later she came back by, entered and took off her clothes saying “Rahul I want you to fuck me”. At first she gave me a blow job giving her a taste of cum that evening which she wanted to linger in her mouth and then she fucked the hell out of me, thanking me for the opportunity to fuck 5 guys. I looked into her eyes and said “we all agreed, you are the best on the IU campus”.