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Then i told both of them that we must get that room. They both asked me how? I again told that they look like own brothers and so why not he (our driver) go to tell a lie to the hotelmen that he was accompanied by his brother and sister in law and get the room. The driver expressed a feeble disagree by mentioning that it will be very much problematic with us to stay with him in a single room. But my hubby told him that we have no other alternative but to do accordingly what i mentioned.

He agreed and went inside the hotel to get the room booked. After completing the formalities of registering our names (off course fake we gave) we went to the room. As we entered the room we were shocked. Though it was mentioned as a three bedded room but actually there was a very big bed inside the room on which there were three pillows and only a single big blanket on it. We got ourselves very much in a unwanted situation. We enquired about one additional blanket if available but could not have it as there was no additional blanket in the hotel.

The room had one attached bath and equipped with two room heaters along with enough lighting arrangement. We switched on the room heaters and one big white lamp hanging from roof at the centre of the room. There were two big glass fitted windows fitted with maroon colored heavy curtains. We pulled the curtains to cover the windows so that nothing can be seen from outside.

Though we all felt uneasy but got ourselves prepared to spend the night in a single bed. I was in a great dilemma and was became very much ashamed in anticipation of the situation. My face became red in shyness. My husband as well as the driver consoled me by telling that we were compelled to spent night on a single bed under a single blanket only due to the situation and moreover, no body knows our real identity. But i was still feeling a sense of sin in my mind. However, we got our dinner early as we were very much hungry.

After taking our dinner we were having some chat so that we can feel little more comfortable. We were become more and more frank in discussion. My husband told him “why don’t you call us bhaiya and bhabhi as we wrote in the hotel register”. Then he replied that was ok with him and requested us also to call him (the driver) by his name amar (not real). We readily agreed and our conversation continues. Amar mentioned that he was missing his wife and children more than 10 days.

My husband asked him how he (the driver) manages to leave without his wife for such long time and naughtily added that he himself (my hubby) did not slept without me even for a single night for last five years. I smelled something fishy in the last comment of my hubby but said nothing.

The driver added “what can i do sir; it is very difficult to spent night without a women for a single week or two”. I felt very much shy but they laughed. Then my husband (tyagi his name also not real) asked “how your wife looks like? Can you compare her with my wife?” Amar answered “she has almost same height as that of bhabi, but she is fairer than bhabi, comparatively slim and have very small breasts”. I got stunned by his comment about his wife but surprisingly observed my husband was smiling with a bad look in his eyes.

Amar again added “you are very lucky bhaiya as you have got a big breasted woman as your wife”. I felt very much uncomfortable due to his talk about my private physical features. I thought that my husband will protest against his talk but instead of that tyagi commented “thanks for your complement, do you like big breasts of women?” Amar said “off course bhaiya, but unfortunately i never had an opportunity to fondle with big boobs”. I shouted on tyagi “are you gone mad, why are you discussing such private things with a stranger?” But he said with a smiling face “i am not talking with a stranger ragini (not my real name) darling, he is your brother in law tonight and we are going to sleep tonight together in a single bed. I got completely shocked by my hubby’s comment in front of a man who was unknown to us until yesterday afternoon.

Amar then said “but in fact bhaiya, i will be not able to sleep to night, because i can’t sleep in cloths other than my lungi. My hubby added “my dear brother, we have a condition even worse than your’s because we did not slept a single night with any clothes on. Moreover, your bhabi wears only panties during her periods. I was so shocked that i was not able to move at that time. Amar again told “then why don’t we take our clothes off now before going to the bed”. I got back into senses and retorted “no way, i am not going be without any clothes before a man other than my hubby”.