Sensual Journey of Indiradebi – Nude scenes in film

Embracing her , he starts kissing her juicy lips , pushes his tounge in her mouth . Sucking his tounge , Indranidebi also embraces him tightly and gripping his erect penis , she sits on a nearby sofa .

Then spreading her thighs , she guides the nine inch throbbing penis of Aslam in her soaked cunt .
With a heavy thrust , Aslam inserts his muslim penis fully into her soaked hindu pussy and is fucking furiously .

Matching his thrust , Indranidebi hisses ” Ah – a – a ui
e – e chod – chod , aro jore thap de , ar parchi ne re , amar anek diner sak chilo ekta kata bnarer chodan khaoar , seta ato dine puran holo , aro jore thap dia gudta phatie de ”

Actually being fucked in front of other , specially her son-in-law ( Jamai) for first time , Indranidebi becomes so much excited that she is yelling the ” Bengali khisti ” ( slang word ) like a lower class labour .

Watching her respected Sasurima (MIL) being fucked by Bangladeshi muslim producer , Jamai Noel excites so much that he quickly removes his pant & is stroking his penis furiously .

Then going forward he sits on the sofa beside her Sasurima , bending forward he takes her mother like Sasurima’s darkened nipple in his mouth and is sucking like a baby & is massaging the boobs.

Extending her hand Indranidebi grips her Jamai’s penis , strokes it and presses her his mouth on her boobs .

All these quicken Indranidebi’s climax . With some upward thrust,she groans ” Oh – h – h – i – s I am cumming , oh ! baba , your friend’s fucking is wonderful ” and orgasms with a heavy release of cunt juice .

” Oh – h – h – a – h – a ,Noel ! what a lovely & tight pussy is of your Sasurima , I am also cumming ” Aslam withdraws his penis from Indranidebi’s cunt and is shooting the cum on her lovely face .

Globs of gooy hot cum covers the face which Indranidebi smears on her face like a costly face – cream.
Noel can’t wait no longer , quickly he takes Aslam’s place and starts to fuck his own respected Sasurima .

But in next moment , he begins to sobb like a child ” Oh God ! what a sin I commit ! I am fucking my own Sasurima ! , forgive me Ma” with this guilty feeling he increases his fucking speed with heavy thrusting .

Wiping the tears from her Jamai’s eyes , Indranidebi convinces her Jamai” No baba , now we arn’t Sasuri-Jamai, rather Heroine-Cameraman , and to get a chance in the film , most of the actresses today fucks their producer , director , cameraman ” .

Saying this Indranidebi also increases her up-ward thurst and clutches her Jamai’s penis with her pussy-muscle strongly which Noel can’t bear anymore .

” Ah – a – a – ui – e – e my amar khankichudi Sasurima re , how nice , I was waiting for this for a long time , it is my best fucking , I am cumming , will I release my cum in your cunt baby? ” asks Noel in a panting voice and thrusts his cock more vigorously .

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Within 5 minutes Indranidebi climaxes and one after one countless orgasms takes place due to the illicit taboo feeling .

” No baba , I want to test it ” saying this Indranidebi opens her mouth .

Noel pulls his slicken cock from his Sasurima’s pussy and starts to erupt the cum in her mouth , which she gulps hungrily without wasting a single drop .

After licking & cleaning the mixed juice from her Jamai’s cock with her tounge , she says in a happy tone ” what a lovely taste ! and how much amount ! Oh , baba ! you have filled my belly with your cum ” .

They continue their fun for some time more . Then refreshing themselves , they put on their dress and continue their discussion about the forthcoming film .

However in next four months with hectic shooting , the film is completed within due time and releases with high expectation .

The film runs as expected , but in foreign countries , it is a super-duper hit due to adding some special nude scenes of this famous Bengalee actress . These nude scenes are not available in that film which shows in India due to censor board’s strict observation . The superb acting & dancing give her the best Bengalee actress in the year.

However her sister Rachanadebi becomes aware of this fact and oneday she comes to her elder sister’s
house. Completing the Pranam to her respected didi, she says ” Many many thanks didi, for being the best Bengalee actress but why are you depriving your blind fans for not showing the special nude scenes in India ? For these fans only , you acquire this popularity.”

“You are absolutely right, but if all these disclose in the media ,my reputation and respect in general public will be shattered ” Indranidebi shows her anxiety and conflicting attitude.

“Don’t worry about it, my profession as a call-girl in the Sun Hotel is more than ten years, media is aware of this but they will never disclose that . This hotel , along with other hotels in India have strict & secret infrastructure to operate this type of illicit activities. By showing your nude scenes in these hotels, you can earn 3 lakh per month and nowadays these hotels show various types of nude scenes of more than six famous Bengalee actresses. Moreover in this way you have a direct contact with your fans which will increase your popularity more ” Rachanadebi assures her elder sister.

At last Indranidebi agrees to show her special nude scenes in these five star Indian hotels with strict secrecy for high class personalities at huge cost of ticket .

In Kolkata ” The Sun ” hotel arranges the show , being a Bengalee area the show becomes more popular among the Bengalee audience for the familiar face of famous Bengalee actress Indranidebi .

Watching the famous actress in such lewd scenes , their astonishment & excitement reach the top and masterbate during the whole show .

The show attains maximum popularity among Indranidebi’s blind fans who encourage her through her Facebook for greater lewdness in her next films in nude scenes . Even when she attends different functions for inauguration , many of her blind fans offers to marry her .

As a result , royalty from the film , shown in foreign countries & the special nude scenes shown in the Indian hotels , are of huge amounts which provide Indranidebi’s life to lead in a luxurious way once again .

Now Indranidebi is more happy and due to this film , she is getting more offers from the producers , adding more nude scenes for the foreign copy . All these increases her popularity and bank balance rapidly . For this she is grateful to his Jamai Noel, sister Rachanadebi and Bangladeshi producer-director Aslam Khan .

Achieving the fame , she thanks the God for the blessing . Day by day her faith increases to God and she worships the God in her special worship-room regularly with her other family members .

The End