How I seduced and fucked my servant’s wife – Desi Servant sex stories

“Aaaaah, this is soooooo wrong unnngh so goood, soooo goooooood ”, she moaned as her emotions and body conflicted.
Then I proceeded further down to her pussy. She had given up resistance and was now fondling my hair and stroking my face.
Then I dug my tongue into her pussy and twirled it around her clitoris. She gasped in ecstasy.”Aaaaaaaaaah,aaaaaaah, Saaaaaaaabji what are you doing to meeeeeeeee!!!!!”, and then she orgasmed. Her whole body shook in a huge spasm and then was still. I repeated this and she orgasmed again. Her body was now slick with sweat.I knew her weakness know, I literally dug my face into her pussy licking all her cum. Prema hands were pushing my face into her pussy. She was breathing hard “pleeease huuuuhhhh do it once more, pleeease, I beg you Saaaaabji”. I once again twirled her clit with my tongue but stopped abruptly. Lifting my head up, “Do you want it Prema ??”, I asked tauntingly.

“Yes, pleeeeeease yes” she said in a desperate tone as she was agonizingly close to her third orgasm. “You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you?”, I taunted further. “YES,PLEASE FINISH THIS, FOR HEAVEN SAKE PLEEEASE, DO IT”, Prema screamed, while trying to catch her breath. “So, I am not raping you, am I ?”,I pestered further. “No! I want you, I want you NOW !!!”, she screamed again, there was an impending urgency in her voice. I did not disappoint her, I licked and sucked her pussy. While tonguing her clit, I almost chewed it. This got her to her third orgasm. Cum was dripping from her pussy like a faucet. I finally lifted my face from her pussy and looked up at her. Her sexy face was in throes of pleasure. Now I was going to fuck this lush creature straight and hard. I held my penis and shoved it into her cum soaked pussy. Her pussy was really tight, at first only half of my dick went in, then I shoved the rest of it. She squealed ”Oh No! ”. I placed both her legs over my shoulders and caught hold of her silk smooth thighs.
And then I started shoving my dick in and out of her pussy. Slamming and banging her in a frenzy. The feel of her tight pussy engulfing my erect cock was simply delightful. I was pounding her hard with my 7 incher.

Her hands were clutching the headboard of the bed as I picked up speed and rhythm. I bent down to her breasts and caught one of her brown nipples between my teeth and bit it hard. She screamed in pain and pleasure. Then I gave the same treatment to her other nipple. Her face was red and her eyes were watering. Her huge breasts were jiggling up and down She was in a state of delirium by now.“Fuuuuuck meeeeeee haaaaaaarder…..harder……haaaaaaaaaaardehhhhh”, was all she could manage before she was rocked by an orgasm. Prema’s cum soaked the entire bedsheet of my bed.

“Now you have to put my penis in your mouth and suck it”, I said as I pulled her by her hair and brought her head to my penis. She looked at it with apprehension, I did not waste time and pushed my dick in her mouth, she almost gagged but accommodated all 7 inches in. Then I moved her head back and forth to get her started. She soon caught on and dutifully sucked the entire length. I was in seventh heaven. I took my dick out and told her to lick the head and eye of the shaft. She did so and I could not hold it any further. Jets of my jism spurted on her face. She lay down on the bed as I spurted more gobs of semen on her breasts and stomach. Finally when I was spent. Exhausted I lay on top of her and dozed off.