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I am Lucky Kumar belong to a middle class Indian Punjabi family. My father work hard to make money for my study but unfortunately he died because of sudden cardiac arrest and my study also stop after school. My mother want me to go gulf country as a AC mechanic and make money for my family.

I did diploma in AC repair, work hard with small company in Chandigarh for 5 years. Fortunately I got my first overseas job in Riyadh as a AC plant echnician, I moved there immediately with dreams of money and better life. Moreover I work very hard there , send lots of money for my mother and family.

My mother was very happy, save lots of money , later we bought new big house, everything was smooth and even.

One day my mother did video call and inform me that she have select a very beautiful girl to marry me , after all I am 28 year old, she also send me picture of Ruchi my future wife on whatsup. I was very excited for my marriage as in Riyadh I don’t have any option to satisfy my sexual needs rather than masturbation.

My mother informed me that next time whenever I would come for vacation , I will get married.

Immediately I had applied for three months month in my company which will start after 6 months. My boss sign my application and congratulate me for my future wedding. I did also inform my mother about my vacation date plan so she can arrange my marriage.
After six month I went to India and got married with Ruchi.

My wife was a shy sex bomb, gorgeous 25 year old with milky white skin. Her face look like Kiara Advani in Bollywood movies,Ruchi have 36” perfect perky breast with slim waist and apple shape ass you die for. She was 5.6 inch tall with long shaped legs and frame, very cute and smiley face , pouty lips with long hair make her sexy like princess.

I don’t believe my luck on my wedding night. Her body naturally smell like rose flower, she also have very beautiful hands with long polished nails and I believe even a dead man dick pop up if my wife play with sleeping one. She was virgin very shy on our first night. I insert my 5” dick in her virgin pussy on wedding night and break her hymen with lots of blood.

I was on vacation, we fuck like crazy after marriage. For one month I fuck her in every position on our marital bed. She is a shy tigress who start sex with shyness but will end with lots of orgasm and shouting.

Unfortunately for me it was the shortage of staff in my Riyadh based company, I received a call from my supervisor to get back on work immediately and stop my vacation in between. I was very upset and do not want to leave my new bride alone. When my wife heard this news she start crying and told me to take her with me. I gave her fake assurance that once I get there I will apply visa for her also and she will be soon with me in Riyadh.

I did packed up everything, ready for my work in Riyadh next day and leave behind my sexy wife alone with my mother in India. After I landed I go directly to my work as there was some technical emergency in the AC plant. I finished in night , feeling very exhausted because of 6 hour journey and 5 hour work .

I go in my room and surprise by very bad smell of sweating and fish curry cooking. There was one more bed beside the wall and a guy was sleeping snoring hard. Actually my company have assign me big room with small kitchen to live near to my AC plant. I was very tired and not in the mood to talk with anyone , sleep right away.

Next day I woke up 10:00 pm as it was Sunday so I have decided to take rest. The guy came out from shower only in towel around his ass. He introduce himself. “HI I am Kuttan from south India , your room partner as all the company rooms are occupied the supervisor told me to share room with you”..

Kuttan was 45 year old black South Indian male with tummy pop out 100kg weight and lots of hair on his body, specially on back and thighs. He cook lots of fish at kitchen, fucked up room scent all the time, sweating heavily in the Riyadh hot all day and always smell very bad in room. I complaint about it to my supervisor but he refuse to change my room as all rooms were occupied by other employees. Eventually I give up and start sharing room with him peacefully.

Ruchi and I was separated since a week, connected with Skype and whatsup. I start feeling horny and always request her to video chat with me nude with masturbation ending. My wife was very shy going nude on webcam initially but eventually in our video chat I pump my dick on webcam with my wife displaying her boobs and pussy.

Kuttan work in night time as a technician in the same AC plant so I was always alone doing sex video chat with my wife almost every night. Things were going smooth and one day Kuttan announce that he also get the day shift, I fucked up with this news and start thinking how will I do sex nude video chat with my wife now. I told my wife to stop doing video chat in night for few days as I want to observe Kuttan and its timings to sleep. One day fter finishing job together in the plant we returned back to the room at the same time, he was sweating and smelling like hell.

Kuttan : Hey lucky we are now having same timing of work and off, why not today we bought some beers as its hot outside.

Me : Ok kuttan , that;s a good idea

Usually I don’t drink but if I have company then I don’t refuse also. We bought some beers and get back to our room, as we start drinking with snacks, after around 4-5 beers Kuttan was intoxicated high and told me that he want to take bath before sleep. He start removing all his clothes in front of me and was fully nude in a minute.

I was drunk also but surprised to see his boldness. Oh my god I was shocked to see his manhood dangling down between both legs and nest of hair around, it must be 7″ long without erect , black like coal and dangling like snake. I said “WOW Kuttan you have very big and nice tool” . Kuttan say but no use buddy as I am without any pussy since 3 year, you know that in Riyadh prostitution is not allowed and my wife is far away in south India, I can only satisfy myself by porn and hand LOL. He went to the bathroom for bath, came out after an hour , fully drunk and completely nude. After him I also go to take bath before sleep , when I came out I was shocked to see he was sitting on computer table and doing masturbation with his hand by watching video’s on pornhub.

His dick was rock hard in his hands throbbing crazy, 10 inches black like cobra doing hiss on porn video’s. I was shocked to see his tool shape like black Cobra uncircumcised. Right in front of my eyes he shoot lots of cum on the floor.

Kuttan : Oh lucky I am so sorry but u know I am without woman since 3 year and masturbate at least once or twice a week to release my heat.
Me: Its okey buddy but clean it before you sleep.

He cleaned up and sleep after few moments.. That was the first night I start having cuckold fantasies. Although I have read lots of cuckold stories but never imagine anything regarding my wife or myself. But tonight I was shocked by my own thoughts like how it will look like if Kuttan black cobra will invade my wife pussy, Can Ruchi tight pussy will handle his big black cock and amount of sperm his balls release.

I start rubbing my 5″ cock and imagine the situation of Kuttan black heavy ass bouncing on my wife milky white soft ass underneath., how it will be like Kuttan black skin jumping rubbing scratching on my wife milky white skin. In all this imaginations i also shoot my load, cleanup and sleep.

Next day we woke up to start our work, even though Kuttan was not drunk in the morning but roaming around the house nude without any shame and embarrassment. Kuttan say Oh buddy Lucky please don’t mind, we have nudeness in my tradition as I live in south India hot weather. I personally hate the way this nude beast roaming around nude in my room, with smelly sweating body , full of hair like bear. However my cuckold feelings start initiating again like how Ruchi beautiful long nails will scratch Kuttan hairy back when she cum on his big snake like dick.

Everyday after finishing work Kuttan drink 3-4 beers at home , make himself nude, take bath to remove smell from his body and end up masturbation with pornhub. After his sleep I also called my wife , do video sex chat however I release my cum with cuckold fantasies between Kuttan and my wife. Day by day my fantasies start evolving I start like how shamelessly I am thinking a sexual picture between my own wife with another guy who is 20 year older then her. Kuttan was father of four healthy kids but as the wife is away he seems always horny and passionless,

I have believe if he found some girl like my wife he may fuck her whole night without even stop. One day after beer and masturbation, exhausted Kuttan was sleeping nude and his big black dick was resting on his left thigh as it was hot his sheet was below his knees. I was doing sex video chat with Ruchi , she was so horny slapping her pussy with her hand craving for my dick, I was also showing and rubbing my dick on webcam. Ruchi was very shy even I am his husband but she do not openly use word like pussy dick or fuck.

Ruchi : oh darling lucky I m dying without u. My chuchu need your stick.

She was slapping and rubbing her open pussy on webcam and was ready to cum. Right inform of my eyes Kuttan black cobra was also resting on his thigh. Suddenly cuckold feelings start building up in my mind . I said to my wife Hey Ruchi wait I wanna show u something. I slowly stand up from my bed and gradually move toward Kuttan, flip my camera to back and display Kuttan black dick to my wife. My wife shocked and asked me OHHHH Lucky what is this. I said darling this is an unsatisfied dick like me in Riyadh.

Ruchi : Hey Rabba How can be a stick can be big and black like snake.

Me : Darling Kuttan is an special human , he is like a smelly beast. I start showing his black hairy body on webcam to my nude masturbating wife. My wife pussy cum right away after watching his dick and body. I also shoot my load also Both of us disconnect and sleep.

Next day on video chatting my wife regret and ashamed of the sinful act she did last night. She was nude talking with me on video chat.

Ruchi : Hey Lucky I am your wife, please do not show me body of the other man, its a big sin, I don’t want to do it again please.

Me : Don’t be shy darling, its okey , see how again this man is lying on the bed nude..

I start my phone camera again to the sleeping figure of my roommate. He was snoring hard fully nude sleeping with dick outside. I took some pictures of his black cobra and sent it to my wife on whatsup.

Ruchi : Hey Ram how can his wife take this manhood inside.

Me : Darling I have read in books that woman pussy have very flexible and delicate power. If Kuttan will fuck your pussy, definitely have pain initially but Once this big dick reside completely in your pussy for few minutes your pleasure is 10 times higher compare to my dick. Ha ha ha
Ruchi : Shut up and mind your language. I am not a slut.

Me : Ruchi my darling.. I have a request to you.

Ruchi : What ?

Me : Please do not say NO ..

Ruchi : But what is your request..

Me : You know.. Kuttan have not did sex since 3 year, His wife is away in south india and do not know how to operate video chat and other stuff. All night he spend 1 hour watching porn and masturbate.

Ruchi : Then what can I do ?

Me: Can you do a nude video chat session with him on webcam once without voice.

Ruchi : WHAT.. R U MAD LUCKY.. No way I will not show my body to anybody rather than you.

Me : Please honey.. its an request. I don’t know why but some feelings of sharing your body with some other male is evolving in my thoughts..
Then I show my hard dick to my wife who other side was also nude and masturbating. She cum right away.. and disconnect the video chat session..

Next day after Kuttan got sleep I again video call my wife and insisting her to do nude session with Kuttan, but she keep refusing ,, My birthday was coming on next week … My cuckold feelings was high, I want to see how this beast will react after watching my wife 36 full boobs and tight clean shave pussy on the other side.

Me : Hey darling my birthday is on next Saturday , so what gift r u planning to give me?

Ruchi : Whatever you like honey.. I am yours, I can come to your room for LOL.

Me : No darling if you come to my room, u know I am not alone,, and I believe Kuttan will fuck you first ha ha ha.

Ruchi : Oh ho again the same thing , Please stop your cuckold feelings..

Me : Darling feelings cannot be controlled. Please can you give my birthday present as nude video chat session with my roommate ?

Ruchi : OH ho since last 20 days you are repeating the same thing.. OK I will do it for you.. but only one time OK..

Me: Thanks you very much my darling….I love you…

Ruchi : But how will you go with it without divulge our identities.

Me : Don’t worry darling, I will tell him that I pay online for nude video chat session and the girl on other side is hooker.

Ruchi : then its okey… but from now 5 days left.. I will not come on video chat session with you after today. Its your punishment.. I show my body directly to your roommate as your birthday gift…After this conversation we did masturbate and sleep..

Next morning I woke up with different excitement and ecstasy, my dick was hard about thinking how both will react by watching each other nude on cam . I told Kuttan that its my birthday on this Saturday and I have already paid online money to one website where a girl will come and remove clothes and masturbate according to our direction. He was excited to know that he will also be a part of nude cam session..

On Saturday after finishing work we buy lots of beer and cake to celebrate my birthday.. We come to the room cut the cake and start drinking beer.. Suddenly my phone beep. I check its Ruchi message “ I will be on cam session right at 10:00 pm be ready with your guest.. “” I was so exited and nervous also..I switch on my laptop, open Skype to check if everything is ready .

Kuttan drink lots of beer, he removed all his clothes and sit right in front of the laptop, put headphone for voice first I said.. Hey Kuttan,, its my birthday Please let me start,, Kuttan say no I will start session with the girl… Anyway I always want him to start with my wife..

Right after 10:00 pm my laptop start ringing for video chat… I accept for session, found that my wife choose our guest room for this event.. Camera got open, I can see guest double bed behind and a chair in the front of table where her laptop is on.. Then her sweet sexy voice come on speaker HELLO GUYS R U READY..

Mere Naukar ne Mujhe Choda Antervasna

Kuttan : Yes we are.. See I am already nude.

Ruchi come on the screen, wearing a pink satin nighty, her cute face was glowing with full of makeup with pink lipstick, long hair open and smile on lips.. Her shapely beautiful body looking gorgeous in her dress. She was looking nervous and embarrassed.

Kuttan got really excited and mad , starting rubbing his big dick in his hands.. I said wait buddy,,She has just started..

Kuttan : Can I kiss you babe..

Ruchi : Yes darling you are my mate today…

I was shocked to hear darling from my wife for another man.. They both started kissing on the webcam to each other ,, her pink lips seems very delicate and special on other side Kuttan black and big lips also kissing her on cam.. Muah Muah .. I start imagine If my wife lips sucked by this beast he may suck them hard or even her delicate lips start bleeding..

Kuttan : Hey what is your name ?

Ruchi : Hey I am Ruchi… and your ?

Kuttan : I am Kuttan and my friend is Lucky..

I was surprise, how can she let him know her real name,, anyway.. lets see what happened next.

Kuttan : Can you remove your night dress Please..

Ruchi : OK honey..

She stood up right infront of the webcam and gradually start removing her nighty.. As she start lifting her nighty in standing position.. Her beautiful white thighs come into the view first.. then her black thong panties…. and finally her black bra.. Wow Kuttan start beating black dick,, I also took out my dick and start rubbing gradually in my finger.. It was the first time I display my small dick to Kuttan.. He start laughing .. ha ha ha.. he say.. Lucky you don’t have dick its peanut.. ha ha ha.

He start humiliating me with my wife on cam..

My wife sit down on the chair again and start rubbing her breast above her bra..

Kuttan : Ruchi remove your bra,, Please hurry hurry.. I am so excited.

Ruchi stand up again and obliged.. her hands go behind his back and with sudden push bra was on the floor and her 36” full boobs with brown nipples come on to the screen.. WOW Kuttan praise them with ecstasy.. Kuttan start making sucking pose by his mouth and hands and pretending to grab my wife full boobs on cam , sucking those brown erect nipples… Ruchi also pressing kneading rubbing her nipples by hands and getting aroused.. I was also so excited as my dick was on fire can shoot anytime..

Kuttan : Please remove you panties and show us your pussy..

Ruchi : OK but as per the limit only one person can order me to remove my panties and will do the full nude session.. and I have decided that I will compare both of your dicks on webcam first, whoever have big one will get view of my pussy and continue the session , the looser will masturbate in the washroom.

This was very excited and humiliating for me as I know my place is in washroom now. Kuttan start laughing, stand up and shout “Hey lucky come here and put your peanut on the table”.. I did and he also put his black 10inches cobra just beside mine. He moved camera to the position and asked ,, Hey darling now you decide who is the winner…

Ruchi : Kuttan is the winner… now Lucky you go to washroom , cool down yourself and I will continue session with big one..

I feel very embarrassed and ashamed, Kuttan push me toward washroom, I go in and sit down on the toilet.. After 10 minute I came out to see that my wife laying down fully nude on the guestroom bed with wide open legs, her pussy is on display with few public hair on top and Kuttan slapping his big tool on the table..

Kuttan was shouting in ecstasy “”HAO HO HAO AAH AAH AAH darling if I would be there on bed.. I will tear your pussy apart””.. My wife milky white body was fully on display, she was bouncing her ass for clear and more picture and was rubbing slapping fingering her pussy on webcam for Kuttan. He request my wife for closeup on pussy..

She did very close by zooming option and now I can see Ruchi fully open pink tight bald pussy is leaking lots of water.. Her long fingers go in out of her love hole,, sometime she slap hard on pussy and sometime she open her clit and show him her pink… Suddenly I disturb by Kuttan grumble AAAAH AAAH AAH WOW WOW fuck this pussy as he shoot lots of cum on table.. right after him she also start groaning and cool down..

I was with mix of excitement jealously and cuckold feeling shoot my load on the same table…

After that my wife disconnect and we sleep..