Rakhi k Din Bhai se Chudai

Main Lalli, apne school exam ke baad bhaiya bhabhi ke paas Ranchi mein rahane ke liye aayee. Mere bhaiya ki shaadi meri friend Nishu ki didi se hui hai. Meri bhabhi bahut sunder hai, woh Ayesha Takia ki tarah dikhti hai. Bhabhi mere se bahut gande majak bhi karti hai.Ab main unke […]

Extending My Family – Sex Stories

I come from a small family, my parents had just me, then I also had just one aunt and uncle who had one child, a male cousin, Vipin, who I only see occasionally as he lives across the country from me. My wife Vidya had a younger sister, Sharmila, who only had […]

The Fucking Honeymoon Suite – Sex Stories

It was two hours after the wedding reception had ended. I thought my daughter Kavita and new son-in-law Varun should be well on their way opening all their gifts when I received the text from her to come to their honeymoon suite right away. I was a little perplexed thinking this should […]

Bela and Shyam’s affair Shy Indian Wife

“I thought I was hallucinating.” Bela glumly said. “That my guilt was making me imagine you were right there. So I closed my eyes.” “And then he came inside you.” I said, the images burned in my brain. Bela had closed her eyes after staring at me, opened her mouth and started […]