Our Servant Gopal and my wife – Part 4

An Amazing story of how my homely sex Desi wife got fucked by our servant Gopal – Desi wife Servant sex stories

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Gopal took a step forward towards my wife and held her by her hair. My wife’s grimaced with pain and she tried to unsuccessfully pull her hair away from his grip.

He began to drag my wife with her hair, as extreme pain was visible on her awkwardly bent face.

After pulling her close to the bed , Gopal pushed her onto it with a strong shove.

My wife fell on the bed hard on her back.

“Gopal , kya kar rahe ho ?” My wife asked very alarmed sensing his intentions.” Tum paagal ho gaye ho kya” (“Gopal, what are you doing? Have you gone mad?”)

Till now my wife was thinking that Gopal was furious and wanted to hit her and didn’t imagine that he would try anything more. She couldn’t imagine that the Gopal would ever try to **** her, but the reality was dawning on her now.

Anu began to widly lash out with her legs and hands.

“Choro mujhe, Choro mujhe” my wife kept screaming and she tried to kick him. (“Leave me, leave me”)

Unable to control her, Gopal hit her with a flurry of hard slaps.

Even I winced at the ferocity of the slaps. It must have pained her a lot . But somehow I was frozen and glued to the cam, neither able to rush home, nor call the police.

But I was surprised to see my wife was still not giving up and was putting up a strong fight . However, it only invited even more harder slaps from Gopal, almost like punches.

The force of the slaps felled her to the bed, crying and whimpering.

“Please, Gopal, Pleease Gopal, chordo mujhe, chordo mujhe” My wife pleaded amid her sobs, as she lay collapsed on her back on the bed. (“Please Gopal, please leave me”)

“Kuch kiya to sahab (that’s me) tumhe nahin chorenge” My wife added her own bit of threat as she struggled to raise herself off the bed. (“If you do anything , my husband will not spare you”)

But her pleas and threats fell on deaf ears. Gopal was like a man possessed. I could see madness and lust in his eyes.

Before my wife could lift herself off the bed, Gopal climbed onto the bed and and on top of my wife, with his legs on either side of my wife’s thighs. Seeing Gopal get closer to implementing his evil intentions, she again began to fight back with all her strength. This time she slapped him on his face and then tried to hurt his groin with her knees. But it didn’t have much of an impact on Gopal except angering him further. And I almost predicted his reaction – hard slaps and punches. Though hurt and and in pain, my wife kept throwing punches at Gopal, very well knowing it would be inviting violent retaliation. I was amazed to see her courage and will to fight. But Gopal was in no mood to give in either. He used all his force to pin her legs and hands down to the bed. Unable to move, Anu began to wildy lash her head to and fro, making Gopal’s progress difficult. He left her hands free for a moment and punched her hard across the face. I am sure that kind of force would have knocked me out too. For Gopal, it seemed to have the desired effect, as for a few seconds my wife appeared to have been stunned into silence. She was unable to even move, let alone resist. I could see blood trickling down my wife’s chin from her lips. The sight made me feel very guilty – that I was just watching it all happen and did nothing. But as I said , I was frozen and glued to the camera window.

Anu kept sobbing as Gopal leered at her lustfully. With one swift violent move of his hand he tore away her blouse exposing her white bra. The sudden jerk made my wife cry out loudly while trying to hold on to the torn blouse. By now, Gopal was sitting on my wife’s pelvic region and had her well bound under him. With both her hands , she was covering her chest and holding the shreds of the blouse. Gopal tried hard but could not manage to push away her hands. He slapped her a few times . I could even hear the ringing sounds of the slaps. She still didn’t let go and Gopal went on hitting her. Each slap brought out loud spasmic cries of pain from my wife. The exhaustion and pain made my wife’s hands go limp as Gopal snatched away the blouse. My wife’s body again jerked up in pain, as he tried to tear away the bra too, without unhooking it.

“Pleaase no, please noooo” my wife managed a weak plea amid her constant crying.

My wife was lying on the bed with ample areas of her waist, stomach and chest exposed, to the gaze of our servant, except the bra covering her breasts. So eager was Gopal’s to get a feel my wife’s breasts, that even without taking off her bra he started pressing them. He would have been pressing quite rough and hard, as more sounds of pain escaped my wife’s mouth. This was the first direct assault on my wife’s body, which she had so far so carefully protected from the gaze, let alone touch of any other person but me. She was known in her family and professional circle as a very dignified and reserved person..

Anu couldn’t bear the feel of another man touching her like that and she tried to push away his hand from her body, but not with much success. And Gopal seemed to be enjoying Anu’s resistance and discomfort. He had a devlish smile as he kept pressing her breasts. Helpless, my wife’s sobs turned into loud tearful crying. This seemed to increase Gopal’s pleasure. He brought his face down to my wife’s bra covered breasts and started sucking one of the breasts through the fabric of the bra itself .

My wife tried pushing his head away, but instead Gopal without raising his face from her breasts, pushed her face away with his left hand and kept it pressed against the bed.

Then with a deft movement of his right hand he unhooked her bra and pulled it away. Now my wife’s entire upper body, including her ample fair breasts, was bare naked below Gopal. He quickly removed his own shirt too and placed his entire weight on her body . His bare chest rested on my wife’s semi-naked body crushing her breasts with his body weight. My wife tried to desperately wriggle away, but Gopal was too strong for her. He started rubbing his chest in circular motion on my wife’s upper body. The look on my wife’s face was one of complete revulsion, hate and helplessness. She kept trying to push him off and even punched his back with her hands, but it didn’t seem to make any impact on him. She was crying relentlessly. Gopal dragged himself a little lower and took one of my wife’s nipple in his mouth. This made my wife pull Gopal away holding his hair. It must have hurt him this time as he winced in pain and sat upright. He was glaring angrily at her.

“Sali, kutiya , sali randi” Gopal abused my wife as he slapped her hard on her face. The impact made my wife’s face swing away to the opposite side.

Angrily he tugged at the the rest of her clothes . My wife held his hands as he was trying to remove her sari.

“Gopal, main bheek mangti hoon, mukhe chordo” my wife pleaded “please, aisa mat karo. Mera zindagi barbaad mat karo” (“Gopal, I beg you, please leave. Don’t do this . Don’t spoil my life”)

Gopal was like a predator who was in no mood to leave his prey. Indeed my wife looked like a helpless prey as Gopal pushed away my wife’s hand, but my wife clung on to her sari. Gopal tried hard but she wouldn’t. Irritated, he slapped my wife hard again. The impact of the slap made her loosen her grip on her sari. The slap was hard and she was in a temporary daze. Gopal took advantage of the moment, and pulled her sari down leaving her only in her petticoat. I have to admit that my wife looked very sexy and sumptuous lying like that on the bed. Hurriedly, Gopal tried to pull away her petticoat too, but by then my wife was again resisting our servant’s attempts to strip her.

“Pleeeeaseeeeee Noooo” My wife begged in vain to Gopal

“Haath hataa kutiya, aaj main tujhe apna randi banaoonga” ordered Gopal. (“Remove your hands bitch, I will make you my whore today”)

“Nooo Noooooo..” Anu’s pleas were drowned by the ringing sounds of another slap. And another. He slapped her two-three times contiuously, leaving my wife shocked, unable to speak, only shaking spasmodically in jerky sobs. She was crying non-stop all through the ordeal.

Despite my curiousity, I was feeling terribly angry with Gopal for handling her so brutally.

Very roughly, Gopal pulled out the petticoat through her legs and feet. The sight of seeing Anu’s naked smooth fair body, only clad in a panty, seemed to suddenly drive Gopal crazy. He dropped his pants and underwear in a record speed. By the time my wife realized, he was standing in front of the bed totally naked. Anu tried to get up, but he instantly pushed her back on the bed forcefully, and literally jumped on her. She was buried under him. I couldn’t see her properly, but could hear her muffled crying.

I could see Gopal’s right hand move lower down to his pelvic region. He was gyrating his groin on top of my wife’s and with the help of his hand he pulled her panty down to her knees and with his leg he pushed it further down to her ankle. My wife was absolutely helpless and unseen under Gopal’s body. With a final flick of his toes, Gopal pushed her panty away from her feet onto the bed. Now both Gopal and my wife were stark naked, bodies crushed against each other, and the only sounds heard were of my wife crying. Anu’s hands were trying to push him away from top of her, but he was much heavier and stronger for her delicate hands.

With a sense of urgency, Gopal parted my wife’s legs with his legs and then arched his pelvic upward, as if to position himself correctly. He lifted the middle of his body in the air and at that moment I saw penis. I was shocked.. It was massive – much bigger than mine, though whole body size wise he was smaller than me. But I was more shocked when I realized he was preparing to enter my wife. Normally during our lovemaking we have a lot of foreplay and that lubricates my wife’s vagina. But I was sure my wife’s vagina must be dry now and will hurt badly, if Gopal tries to enter her unlubricated with his massive penis.

While pinning down my wife’s hands with his hands, Gopal lowered his pelvic region back onto her, until his penis was right in front my wife’s vagina. My wife was going on crying fitfully and pleading with a muffled voice. I could sense she had become very weak physically with all the struggle and resistance.

Suddenly with a heavy powerful push Gopal entered my wife, making her scream out in extreme pain.

My wife was almost delirious with pain. She was alternating between loud screams of agony and muffled incoherent pleas, as Gopal continued to push deeper into Anu’s vagina. Tears were trickling down her cheek. I was feeling very sorry for her. I was wondering whether after witnessing the torture of my wife like a mute spectator, would I be able to forgive myself ?

Gopal was merciless and ruthless, as he thrust his cock hard into my wife’s vagina. But it was refusing to go in easily, compelling Gopal to use all his brute force. And each thrust brought out heart wrenching screams from my wife. Gopal didn’t seem to bother much about Anu’s pain rather he was busy satisfying his animalish lust. When he finally penetrated my wife’s vagina completely, he pulled it out with equal ferocity making my wife gasp. And without a second’s rest he thrust his cock right back into her vagina – with even greater speed and force. Anu screamed in pain.

It was too late for me to leave for home or call the police. And anyway calling the police when the deed has been done would serve no purpose but only cause more embarrassment. I kept watching.

Slowly, the speed and frequency of entering and withdrawing his cock from my wife’s vagina kept increasing, like the piston of a steam engine. My wife’s body too was moving up and down the bed with each thrust of his cock. Though her eyes were closed , tears were still trickling down from them. She was tighly holding the blanket on the bed with a clenched fist as she kept crying and groaning in pain.

Gopal’s face was moving up and down over Anu’s face, as his cock went in and out of her. My wife clinched her fist even tighter as Gopal kept violently ravaging my wife. I was just hoping she wouldn’t faint or anything like that, as for a long time she hadn’t opened her eyes. Her painful groans and pleas were getting more and more muffled whereas Gopal was getting more and more loud and vocal

“Ahhh..uhhhh. .oooohhh. .ahhhh..uhhh. .mmm” Gopal was huffing and puffing as his body movement got into a rhythm

“ahhh, ohhh, Kya choot hai teri, meri randi” he panted out lewdly “kya chudti hai tu….ooohhhhh” (“What a pussy you have. How nicely you fuck !”)

“ahhhh..Mazaa aa raha hai naa ab saali ?… aaahhhh” he asked my wife, who was in no position to reply and just kept her eyes closed. (” arent you now enjoying it, bitch?” )

“mmmmm…abey saali bol, mazaa aa raha hai na ?” he went on “ohhhhh….teri choot ras se kitna bheeg gaya hai” (“c’mon bitch tell me , arent you enjoying it? You pussy is so wet now !”)

I couldn’t believe my ears. No way my wife could be getting wet by this brute’s fucking. He surely must be just going on an imaginative vicarious trip to satisfy himself.

Not getting a reply, Gopal started pumping his cock even harder, bringing out groans from my wife. Gopal smiled .

“Accha lag raha hai na ?” Gopal asked in between his heavy breaths. (“arent you liking it ?”)

Gopal just wouldn’t give up. He was mistaking my wife’s groans of pain, as signs of pleasure.

Still getting no reply, Gopal completely withdrew his cock out of her. My wife gasped as Gopal’s massive cock completely moved out of her body. But then something which caught my eye, surprised me. As Gopal’s cock moved out, Anu’s pelvic region arched upwards trying to not let go off his cock !! Atleast it seemed so. Bu, It couldn’t be, I thought. My eyes and Gopal’s words must be playing tricks on me. I watched on.

Then Gopal placed the tip of his cock back on the entrance of my wife’s pussy, but instead of entering it he stayed still and waited. But he didn’t have to wait for long, as within a fraction of a second, my wife’s pussy as a reflex action, seemed to push itself upwards towards Gopal’s cock and taking a bit of it inside. Gopal looked very pleased at what happened, but I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Was my wife’s body out of her control, was it reacting on its own to Gopal’s cock ? As I was thinking I saw Gopal push the rest of his cock into my wife’s pussy with a single powerful thrust. In an instant his cock completely disappeared into my wife’s pussy, bring out a loud moan from her.

I was dumbfounded by what I saw.

As Gopal increased his pace, Anu’s moans also got louder and more frequent.

“ahhhhhh,..ohhhhhhh hh..ahhhhh. .ohhhhh” my wife kept rambling

“Mera lund kaise lag raha hai ?” Gopal asked with a wicked smile (“You liking my cock ?” )

I was sure she couldn’t be enjoying such a big cock. It must be tearing her vagina. Gopal is just imagining things in his mind. And moreover, Anu was never comfortable with even a bit of dirty talking, let alone the filthly lewd language of this illiterate brute.

But when I saw my wife’s pelvic region going up and down to meet each thrust of Gopal’s cock I was unsure. She wasn’t lying still the way she was a few minutes before, but now her body was moving, in rhythm with Gopal’s.

Maybe its just the reflex action of her body, I reasoned. I was sure, her mind must be hating it. She must be repulsed by this beast on top of her.

Anu was holding the blanket very tightly in her fist by now, almost crushing it.

“Memsaab, aankh kholo” Gopal urged my wife.. (“Madam, open your eyes”)

My wife was surprised he used the word `memsaab” again and she opened her eyes. Gopal’s face was right on top of her, just a few inches separated them.

Moment her eyes were fully open, Gopal began to thrust his cock harder and faster into her pussy brining out gasps and moans from her. She begin to close her eys perhaps not comfortable meeting our servant’s gaze.

“Aankh mat band karo, memsaab” Gopal instructed as he pushed hard into her. (“don’t close your eyes’s madam)

I was surprised again when she heeded Gopal’s instruction and kept her eyes open.

Gopal was looking straight into her eyes, but she was avoiding his direct stare.

“ohhhhhh…memsaab. ..ahhhhhh” Gopal gurgled as he thrust hard.

He kept calling out to my wife as “memsaab” and would thrust hard each time he called her so. It became a pattern. Gopal seemed to be enjoying calling my wife so, while fucking her, but astonishingly, it seemed to effect my wife too.

Everytime he called her so, Anu would look at him directly into his eyes. After a point she didn’t take her eyes away at all. As my wife and our servant fucked, they kept staring into each other’s eyes. She had a glazed look, and everytime she groaned her mouth would open into an “O” shape. I must confess, seeing her like that was giving me a raging hard on.

Seeing my wife like that, Gopal too got very keyed up. He pulled himself back a bit and raised my wife’s legs on either side of his shoulders.. He started ramming his cock into her pussy as fast as he could, while holding her leg up, pointing towards the ceiling.

This new position made my wife squirm and wriggle. Unable to assimilate the new sensations she bit her lips and wound her legs across Gopal’s neck.

She was groaning loudly and by now I was certain those were sounds of pleasure, not pain. I should have felt jealous and angry at seeing my wife enjoying sex with another man , that too with our servant, but instead, I was aroused like hell. I had to masturbate ! Making sure that the door to my chamber was locked, I took out my cock and began to jerk off.

By now Gopal had again lowered himself, but didn’t reduce the speed or force of his thrusts. My wife was by now out of control of her senses and shamelessly moaned with pleasure, looking into our servant’s eyes.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh memsaab” Gopal moaned “memsaaaaaaab” (“ohhhhhhhh madam”)

“ohhhhhh..haaaaaan. .gopal” my wife responded as she placed both her arms on his shoulders. (“yesssssss Gopal”)

This was her first words and response to Gopal. My cock stirred and throbbed seeing this sexual union, seeing my wife in the throes of pleasure.

“ohhhhhhhh.. memsaab , mera lund se chudna achcha lag raha hai ?” Gopal asked (“madam you like to get fucked by my cock ?”)

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….haaaaan. .” my wife replied in between her heavy moaning and panting (“ohhhhhhhhh yesssss”)

The depraved conversation was making precum ooze from my cock

“ohhhhhhhhhhhh. …mmmmmmmm memsaab mera ras nikalne wala hai” Gopal announced (“ohhh madam, my semen is about to come out”)

“ahhhhhhhh cum in me” Anu replied in English which Gopal most likely wouldn’t have understood , however I did !

How come my wife was allowing Gopal to cum inside her womb ?? She was not protected ! Strange are the ways of lust.

Her permission for Gopal to cum inside her brought me to the brink of my own orgasm !!

“main chod raha hoon tumhe memsaab” Gopal stated the fact to heighten his arousal, and without realizing even my wife’s. (I am fucking you madam !”)

“Haaannnn… fuck me Gopal” Anu replied again in English

“tum meri randi ho, memsaab ?” Gopal asked my wife (“madam are you my whore?”)

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..haan, Gopal” my wife replied in the affirmative as her own breathing quickened. I could see Anu too was approaching an orgasm. (“ohhhhh yess, Gopal”)

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h mera ras nikal raha haiii..mmmmmm .. tere choot ke andar..ahhhhhhhhhhh ” Gopal announced his orgasm and held my wife tightly. (” my semen is flowing out into you”)

Anu began to shudder too. Gopal realized he had brought my wife to an orgasm. Very pleased he put his lips on my wife’s and began to kiss her. My wife responded enthusiastically and they both began to kiss, lick , suck, almost devour each other lips, mouths and tongues.

Their bodies were intertwined , his cock inside my wife’s pussy and lips locked tightly. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Even I began to ejaculate cum all over my office table.

Both their orgasms went on and on as they just wouldn’t stop kissing . But eventually their never ending orgasms came to an end too. Gopal just lay still on my wife for a while and then rolled off. I could see Gopal’s semen leaking out of my wife’s pussy.

Gopal spoke first.

“Kya mast choot hai tera” Gopal said in his typical crass language,with a naughty smile “mazaa aa gaya” (“What sexy pussy you have. I really enjoyed”)

Anu didn’t say anything, but just covered her naked body with a blanket.

“Abhi kya sharmati hai?” Gopal said with a laugh ” maine sab dekha bhi ,aur chakha bhi” (“now why are you shy ? I have seen everything and tasted everything”)

My wife didn’t reply to this either and lay silently covered under the blanket.

I was surprised again. She had suddenly changed after her orgasm. Now she didn’t seem to be liking his crass language anymore.

“Kya hua memsaab ?” Gopal asked as he removed her blanket (“What happened madam?”)

Anu tried to hold on to the blanket but she was too late. Once the blanket was removed I could see, my wife lay cuddled up in a foetal position. And I could hear some sniffling sounds. My wife was crying !

“Ro rahi hai ?!” Gopal exclaimed. (“you are crying ?”)

And then he laughed.

“Maine yeh kya kiya ?” lamented my wife in tears (“Oh, what have I done ?”)

“Maloom nahin kya ?” Gopal said mockingly “tunhe apne nauker se chudwai !” (“You don’t know what you did ?!! You got yourself fucked by your servant !”)

“mukhe akela chor do” my wife said (“Leave me alone, please”)

Gopal laughed again. “pehele to randi jaise chudwai , ab sati savitri banti hai!” (“First you fuck like a whore, now you behave like a saint!”)

“Abi jaa raha hoon memsaab, khaanaa banane fir aa jaoonge” Gopal said authoritatively (“I am going now, madam,. but I will be back to cook food”)

“Gopal ….err hmm….tum naya naukri dhoond sakte ho? My wife asked “abhi jo hua, uske baad tumhara yahan kaam karna, mujhe theek nahi lagega” (“Gopal can you look for a new job? After what happened now, it will be awkward for me if you continue to work here”)

“Sonch lo, shayad aapko mera lund baadme jaroorat parh jaaye” Gopal laughed mockingly (“you think it over. Maybe you might require my cock later!”)

“Theek se baat karo. Jo hua, so hua, magar iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki tum mera saath aise baat kar sakte ho” Anu reprimanded him (“Speak properly to me. Just because what happened now, doesn’t mean you can talk in such language with me”)

“hmmm…chalta hoon memsaab” Gopal said and left . (“hmmm..ok madam, I am leaving now”)

As she heard the door shut behind Gopal, she was left alone with her thoughts. Slowly it the happenings of the day began to sink into her. She couldn’t believe she let is happen. Not just the ****, but that she enjoyed it. Tear drops again rolled down her cheek as she blankly stared at the wall. After a while she got up to take a bath, to cleanse herself from the memories of her depraved act.