My Innocent Mother

The material was catching under her butt. I had to shift her hips to the side and work her Shalwar down inch by inch. After all this moving around, she was still out of it. I had a good view of her pussy. The pubic hair was dark and thick. I went in for a closer look.

The nearer I got the stronger the sweet musk sent became. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath. I absorbed her sent. This was too much for my young mind to take, I had to have a taste of mom’s wonderful juicy pussy. I ran my tongue up along the slit. I felt like I touched an open light socket. I went mad with lust. My tongue probed inside her cunt.

Literotica | Mummy ko Chudwaya – The Slumber Party

Mom’s mind was out of it, but her body was responding to my eating her pussy. Her legs became wider and the muscles of her cunt grabbed my tongue and wanted to pull me in. I found the clit and my tongue began a fencing match. I licked up, around and socked on it. It was like Niagara Falls down there, it was wet. I lapped and socked up the love juice my mom was giving me.

My mom started to moan.

This scare the hell out of me, because I thought she was waking up; I looked up. She was in the same position when last I checked with her eyes closed. I was safe, but was hurting.

My cock was ready to burst. I got up on the bed and moved in between those beautiful long legs. I grabbed my penis. It felt like I had a boa constrictor hanging between my legs, It was pulsing and jerking around. I was more then a handful. I rubbed the tip of my cock along her pussy.

I said in a whisper “Do you want my big cock in your cunt Mom?”

Getting no negative response to this question, I slowly sled my tree trunk of a cock into her. Inch by inch I slid home unlit all my 6 inch penis was in; she was so very tight. It felt like I had my cock in a vice. The moaning from my mother was getting faster and loader. I started to slid back and forth in her. Man was she wet and warm!

Literotica | Mummy ko Chudwaya – Prabha & the Sweeper

I didn’t last long; I felt my ball tingling. My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into the vagina. Jet after jet filled her up, it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock and down the crack of her ass. She couldn’t hold the large load of cum my penis was injecting. Slowly the pulses ebbed and stopped. I have never felt like this before ever in my life.

I was dazed after shooting my huge and thick cum on her.

I was weak and collapsed onto mom’s chest. When I came to my senses, I looked at the clock on the night stand, Jesus, it was 3:00 AM.

I pulled out my deflated member, more of my cum was oozing out of mom’s pussy onto the bed sheets. I ran to the bathroom and got some towels to clean up the mess. I put her Shalwar back on and buttoned her qameez and tucked the sheets around her neck. I was exhausted.

I went to sleep with a satisfied smile on my lips that night. I awoke later that morning, I still felt a little drained. I showered and made myself some thing to eat. Mom got up after lunch.

I was having Tea in the kitchen when she came in; I was a little nervous. I didn’t know if she would remember, what happen last night through her heavy drugged haze. She was softly humming to herself, she came up to me, kissed me on the cheek, and said “Morning”.

Literotica | Mummy ko Chudwaya – My buxom Aunty

I replied “It’s afternoon Mom.

Did you sleep well.” My voice broke a little. Mom said “I had a wonderful sleep. Best ever, I had some interesting dreams too. Those sleeping pills are great.” My heart was thundered in my chest. She thought last night’s activities were a dream, good. I was in the clear.

While the pills lasted, she always woke up with a big load of my cum in her pussy, but all good things come to an end. She ran out of pills and the Dr.Ramla wouldn’t give her anymore, because they were addictive.

My sex toy was out of reach. I had to go back to using my hand.

After having the best going back to second best wasn’t totally satisfying.

Several weeks later she when back to the doctor for another problem.

When she got back, she dropped a bomb on me.

She was pregnant! But that is another story.