Munesh Fucked My Mom In Front Of Me

My mom was enjoying his sexy act. He put that chain into cleavage deeply. He pushed his chain to the last by his index finger. While doing this my mom hold his hair tightly at the same time he gave kisses all over neck and shoulders.

My mom didn’t want to break this. So she kept silent. Again Munesh went near. My mom’s ear and asked still you want me to take the chain and wear it on your neck. A big yessss from my mom but in sexy voice.

For that I have to remove ur blouse, can I? My mom replied do whatever you want.

Munesh was overjoyed and removed her pallu. Now my mom was standing only on her blouse and petticoat and saree was in floor. My mom completely forgot me.

I was wondering how dare she was doing like this in front of her son. But Munesh saw me and called. He asked do you want to see how your mom enjoying. I said yes. He asked me to get inside room and before that he asked me close the front door.

I closed the door and ran into bedroom. He smiled at me and continuing his act. My mom always wore saree above her navel. So Munesh moved her petticoat down and make it visible. He was surprised when my mom petticoat reavel the beautiful thing in the world.

He hold my mom waist and rubbing it. My mom started to make noises. He pressed my mom’s waist gentle. My mom moaning ahhhhh.

Munesh moved his finger towards mom’s belly area. Meanwhile his cock was getting rock hard on. He was in lungi that day. He didn’t wear any underwear. It pointed directly towards my mom’s ass crack. He pressed his penis on my mom’s crack and hitting it.

Mom asked Munesh to get the chain. Munesh was smiling and asked so you wanted me to play with ur boobs now

My mom replied please Munesh it was waiting for you. Munesh placed his hands over my mom’s boobs and tracking it’s curve. He pressed it softly. My mom hold his hands on her boobs and pressed it tightly.

Munesh tracing the nipples on her blouse which was already erected by his act. He started to unhook her blouse. He unhooked top two buttons and stopped. He decided to take the chain by his tongue. He turned my mom and kissed all over faces. Still my mom closing her eyes. Munesh asked me to hide somewhere. I hide behind almirah. From that, I can see everything.

He asked my mom to open her eyes but she refused that. So he kissed on her eyes. My mom slowly opened her eyes. He hugged Munesh so tightly and both were embrassing each other. Both were looking at their eyes. Munesh eyes was filled with lust. Slowly they getting their faces to close and he placed lips on my mom’s juicy lips. My mom didn’t react to that. So he took my mom’s lower lips in between his lips and started kissing.

My mom was responding to that by widen her lips and took his tongue inside her mouth. Both are exploring their tongues. They started to kiss slowly then passionatly. They were kissing for about 10 minutes. They both exchanging salivas. They took some break in-between kissing.

He rolling his tongue from his fore head to her boobs and he inserted his tongue inside blouse and tried to take that chain. But he was playing with that by moving it here and there. My mom’s was stunned and enjoying his play on her body. Finally he took it with his tongue but it’s fell down again.

He grabbed her boobs in one hand and sequeezed it over her blouse and bite her nipples. On because of that my mom’s blouse was wet by his saliva. It was so sexy.

Then he unhooked her blouse by his teeth and threw it away. Now my mom’s was standing in her bra and petticoat.He played with my mom’s boobs for some time by sucking, nibbling, hitting and twisting.

Then He unhooked her bra and made her upper naked. Munesh was so excited after seeing such big melons which is so sexy and also very stiff as like young girls. Because it was rarely used by my dad. He wiped his face in between her boobs and kissing all over her boobs. He pressed it hardly. Immediately my mom made loud noise. He took her nipples in between his fingers and pinching it. My mom was screaming ahhhh mmm ahhhh.

Then He took her nipples inside her mouth and playing with his tongue. Immediately My mom pushing his head towards her boobs and moaning like Rames… Muneshhh… you are genius…. I never feel like this… Muneshhhh ….

Her mangalsutra was hanging on top of her boobs. While sucking it’s making some noise. Which is so lovely and sexy. While he suck my mom’s nipples mangalsutra hitting Munesh’s face and making some disturbance. So My mom took her chain and put it back. Munesh smiled and bite her nipple in happiness. Munesh asked “But do we need this now?” My mom was paused for a little while. She is believed in all the faith as like other ladies. I guessed she didn’t agree for that. But to my surprise she replied, “Munesh do whatever you want. I don’t care about anything now

That was tied by useless fellow.he not even know how to respect wife. So if you want remove it.” Munesh was happy and removed her mangalsutra and throwed it to bed.Without wasting anytime he pulled her petticoat down and made her fully naked. My mom was covered her pussy with her hands in shyness. Munesh kissing her hands continuously and my mom moved her hands and one kiss missed from her hand to her pussy area.

Her pussy was already wet. Munesh went down and lick her wetness from bottom. My mom was holding his head with her legs in the same position for some time. He cleaned all the wetness by his tongue.

Now it’s my mom’s turn to undressed him quickly. She removed her t shirt and lungi. As soon as she removed his penis was popped out. it was looking like rock hard on and it was huge in size. My mom was shocked at the same time happy. I guessed his penis was around 9 inch.

Immediately he took my mom’s hand and put it on his penis. My mom felt shy at first after she hold it tightly. She moved his skin up and down over his penis. But he insisted my mom to do it by her mouth. My mom hesitate first but he forced my mom to do that. He placed his penis over my mom’s lips and forced to take it inside. My mom slowly opened her mouth and get it inside. Only half of the penis went inside. My mom gave fantastic blowjob then.She suck his cock as like real prostitute.

Now Munesh started to scream. The room was filled with sexy moans. After few mins of sucking he shot is cum inside her mouth. He asked to drink it fully. My mom follow the same thing as like a slave. She became slave to him.

Then both were kissing and embarrassing each other in happiness. my mom bite his ear lobes and kissed all over his face madly.

He took my mom in his hands, went to bathroom to clean her face. After that, he took her in hands, came to bedroom and threw her in bed. He jumped over her. He started to kiss her from her foot to fore head. He took long time when he reached her thighs and pussy area.

My mom was screaming. He took her boobs in his hands and playing with that. He bite one of her nipple and pulled it by his teeth. Even though it was painful. My mom asked him to do it again and again. Then he went down and split his saliva in her navel which looks like little well.he inserted his tongue into her navel and licked it.

After that, he slowly came down further to her pussy. My mom widened her legs and show her pussy to Munesh. It was clearly saved. Munesh took her pussy lips with his fingers and pinched it. My mom’s was moaning ahhhhb ahhhhhb aaaaahh.

He licked around her pussy area without touching her pussy. It made her so mad. He pushed his head over her pussy. He slowly inserted his tongue inside her pussy and lick her pussy walls on either side. She was moaning like anything…

After a few minutes of licking he went to top and rolled his penis from her fore head. He placed his penis over her nose,lips, neck, boobs, nipples. He asked my mom to hold her boobs closer with her hands and he inserted his penis in between boobs and hitting heavily.

My mom was astonished by his sexual skills. After that he put his penis inside my mom’s navel and hitting it. Now my mom’s navel was filled with his precum. My mom was feeling like in heaven and made loud moanings ahhhhb ahhhhhb