Manjeet’s hot Mom – Chapter 3

“Promise?” she asked again.

“I promise, Mother,” Manjeet groaned, squeezing his balls. “I’ll lick your cunt! I’ll lick your hot cunt no matter what, Mother!”

“Mmmmmm, so sweet,” she purred. “Now, you just keep looking right at my pussy, baby.”

Mona spread her feet farther on the floor, bending her knees a bit and shoving her crotch forward. She rested the fingers of her hands on each side of the tight crotch of her shorts. Her upper arms crushed her full tits together. Manjeet stared into his mother’s crotch, his eyes bright and his cock stiff, clutching his balls. Mona gazed at his cock, and licked her lips.

Literotica Mummy ko chudwaya – Preacher used my Mom

Wetness grew at the crotch of her white shorts, spreading up from the seam and halfway to the waist. Then Manjeet saw piss dripping along her inner thighs. He glanced up at his mother. Mona’s eyes glowed with intense passion.

“Watch me piss, baby,” she hissed softly. “I’m pissing in my shorts for you, Manjeet. Ohhhh, watch mother piss in these fucking shorts!”

Manjeet watched, feeling strangely excited. He saw the golden-colored piss coming from the edges of the shorts, running down the insides of his mother’s thighs, saw the spreading wetness until the fabric was almost clear as glass. He could clearly see the dark shape of her pussy hair.

Mona gurgled, feeling her shorts become soaked with her hot piss. Pissing in her shorts, with her son watching, thrilled her. It was something she had fantasized about for years. Not specifically with her son, but with anyone. She had tried pissing in her panties a few times in private, and, although it felt wonderful, it was nothing like being
watched. She pissed hard, feeling pee spray from the tight crotch of her shorts against her inner thighs, felt piss running hotly along her legs. Her shorts grew wet in back, too, and it felt very good. Her clitoris was twitching, pressed at the seam of her shorts. Her nipples rose up tightly, tingling. She felt hot piss on her fingers as she
framed her crotch. The hot feel of piss sent shivers up and down her flesh.

Literotica Mummy ko chudwaya – My sweet sister, Parvati

“Do you like to see this?” she asked, her voice very low.

“Oh, Mother!” Manjeet groaned, staring at her crotch. “Yes! Your shorts are so wet, I can see through them, Your legs are getting wet, too!”

“Do you like watching me piss in my shorts?”


“Does it make your precious balls tingle to see piss running down my legs?”

“Oh, yes, Mother!”

“Mmmmm, you really love to see mother piss?”

Manjeet could only nod his head now. His throat was constricted. He was so excited to see his mother piss this way, he wondered if his cock would go off. His other hand gripped his prick tightly, squeezing as he held his balls in his other hand. He was gasping as he stared between her thighs. The piss continued to soak through his mother’s shorts. Her thighs were glistening with pee all the way to her feet.

“Oooh, I have to stop!” Mona complained. “I don’t want to stop, either! I want to keep pissing in my shorts! I want you to watch me piss and piss and piss!”

But she was finished, and stood with shaking legs wide apart, hot piss dripping from her shorts and down her legs. She ran her palm along the seam of her piss-wet shorts, rubbing at her cunt. Her hips trembled and
jerked. She pressed her hand tight into her cunt, moaning, pressing and rubbing.

“Ooooh, I’m going to come!” she shouted.

Mona shuddered as an orgasm rumbled through her pussy. She could feel the convulsions of her cunt through her shorts, feel the tight pulsations of the puffy pussy lips and the throb of her smashed clitoris. She whimpered and gurgled as she came, her lips twitching.

“There,” she gasped. “I came, Manjeet. God, did I come!”

She shoved a hand behind her back, and unzipped the piss-wet shorts. She gazed at her son as she peeled them off her hips, wiggling because they were so tight and soaked in piss. Manjeet stared at his mother’s cunt, amazed and awed by the hair, by the wet, pink cunt slit. Mona stood holding her shorts, then parting her legs so her son could look at her pussy. She turned the shorts inside out. She showed them to her son.

“See how wet they are?” she whispered, shoving them toward her son’s face.

Manjeet pulled back, his eyes wide.

Mona giggled. “What’s the matter, honey? Don’t you want mother to wash your face?”

Manjeet made a face, shaking his head.

“Then I’ll wash my face,” she said, and brought her piss-wet shorts up and ran the inside crotch about her cheeks and chin. “Mmmmm, nice. It feels very nice to wash my face in piss. You should try it, Manjeet. I bet you’d love it.”

Mona brought the piss-wet crotch of her shorts close to her mouth, her tongue darting out, licking at the seam. Her eyes became hazy with lust, her tongue licking about the piss-soaked crotch of her shorts.

“Oooh, I can taste cunt, too,” she said softly. “I can taste my cunt and piss on my shorts. Ohhhh, baby, you have to try it!”

She offered her shorts to him again, but Manjeet still refused.

“You’re no fun, baby,” she pouted, pulling the shorts back to her face. “You promised, too.”

“I promised to lick your cunt, Mother,” he said. “I didn’t promise to taste piss.”

Mona spread her legs wide, thrusting her cunt forward. “Then lick my pussy, Manjeet.”

Without thinking, Manjeet shoved his face to his mother’s cunt. His tongue was swiping along the wet pussy slit before he realized it. Then, as he tasted his mother’s piss on her cunt, he started to pull back.

Literotica Mummy ko chudwaya – Enjoyed my housemaid Divya

“Oh, no!” Mona moaned. “A promise is a promise! Eat my pussy, baby! You promised to suck mother’s cunt!”

Manjeet didn’t try to resist. He pushed his mouth into her pussy, tasting the fuck juices and piss together. To his surprise, he found them delicious. He wiggled his tongue along the hairy slit of his mother’s cunt, dragging his tongue to her clitoris. Mona squealed and began to grind her pussy into his face, holding the back of his head.

“Ohhhh, stick it to me!” she groaned. “Fuck my cunt, baby! Oooooh, fuck me with your tongue! Lick my wet cunt, my hot pussy! Suck me! Ohhhh, suck mother’s wet cunt, you sweet, fucking little cunt-licker!”

Manjeet’s tongue darted in and out of the tight lips of his mother’s cunt, tongue-fucking her and sucking the fuck juices out. He swallowed the pussy juices, fucking his tongue back and forth faster and faster. The taste of her piss added to his enjoyment, and the piss-wet feel of her hot inner thighs on his head increased the throbbing of his cock. He ran his hands up the back of her wet thighs to her ass. Clenching the cheeks of his mother’s naked ass in both hands, Manjeet slurped happily, driving his tongue deeply, then swirling about her swollen clitoris. He sucked at his mother’s clitoris hard, bringing squeals of pleasure from her. Mona spread her thighs and shoved her hot, hairy cunt into her son’s face, bending him back. The only things keeping him from sprawling onto his back were her hands holding the back of his head, his hands on her naked, shaking ass.

“Eat mother’s pussy!” she squealed. “Ohhhh, Manjeet, suck mother’s cunt! Suck the hot juice right out of mother’s pissy-wet pussy, Lick the piss off my cunt! Lick me and fuck me and eat me! Ooooh, you’ll make me come so fucking hard! What a tongue you have, baby! I love it, love it, love it! Ram your sweet tongue up mother’s cunt … fuck … suck I’m getting so fucking close!”

Her body trembled uncontrollably, her cunt smashing into her son’s sucking mouth powerfully, battering his lips and tongue. Manjeet held tightly to his mother’s grinding, thrashing ass, squeezing hard at the creamy ass cheeks. He panted and gasped, his nose buried into the piss-wet hair that covered her boiling cunt. His tongue was up her pussy part of the time, swishing hungrily about her inflamed clitoris the other part. Mona could hear the wet sucking sounds her son made, which greatly enhanced the erotic sensations she felt. Her cunt was expanding and gripping with ripples of her swiftly approaching orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, Manjeet!” she screamed.

Her cunt exploded against her son’s face. Manjeet fucked his tongue into his mother’s cunt, feeling the gripping contractions. He felt her clitoris make tight spasms against his upper lip, and he sucked in air quickly. The scent of his mother’s piss was making his mind spin with lust.

He hung on for dear life, and sucked.

To be continued…