Manjeet’s hot Mom – Chapter 1

“Ohhhhh, Manjeet!” she gurgled softly.

His cock stood up six inches, hard as possible, the prickhead smoothly swollen. His small piss hole was wet with fuck juices, gleaming invitingly.

Mona closed her fist about her son’s cock, testing the hardness by squeezing. The prickhead seemed to bulge more, and a clear bead of liquid bubbled from his piss hole. With her fist tight around his cock, she pressed down hard, bringing a groan of rapture from her son.

“My God, it’s hard!” she gasped.

Manjeet shoved his ass toward the edge of the couch, spreading his knees wide. Mona leaned between his knees, her tits exposed. She pulled up
on her son’s cock, watching him drip. She made the cockhead bulge huge, her tongue flicking at her hot lips. Her eyes were glazed with erotic
hunger, staring at his cock, perhaps seven or eight inches in front of her face.

“Oh, Manjeet, it’s so very hard!” she whimpered. “So hard!”

Her fist moved, pumping up and down, but slowly.

“Mother, I don’t think … please, Mother, be careful!” Manjeet gasped.

“Why be careful?” she asked, her voice hoarse.

“I don’t wanna–please, Mother!”

Mona shoved her fist down hard at the base of his cock, her fingers very tight. Again she pulled up, watching the fuck juices bubble from the small slit of his piss hole. Then, with her fist still very tight, she pushed down once more.

“Mother!” Manjeet grunted.

Hot, thick come juice spewed from his cock.

“Ohhhhh!” Mona gasped, the first spurt splashing on her chin.

She began jacking her son’s cock swiftly then. She raced her fist up and down, making him come. The squirts of hot come juice spattered against her cheek, her nose, even on her forehead. She made soft cries of pleasure as she jerked her son off, watching the white creamy juice gush from him, feeling the throbbing pulsations of his cock in her tight fist. Come juice splashed onto her tits, burning her flesh. Spunk dripped over her hand, drenching her face with the creamy wetness, then her tits. Mona’s eyes misted aver dreamily, her cunt swelling as if trying to burst from the tight confines of her shorts.

“Oh, my God! Me, too!” she cried.

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Her cunt contracted with tight heat, the pussy lips sucking and squeezing as an orgasm rumbled through her crotch like liquid fire. She was still coming when Manjeet finished. She clung to his cock tightly, delighted that he was still hard. Her hand was smeared with come juice, and spunk dripped about her face and tits. She wanted to kiss the head of his cock, but restrained herself. She licked at the corner of her lips, but tasted nothing.

“You came so much, Manjeet!” she said, surprised at how much come juice had come out of his young balls.

Manjeet, now that it was over, was unsure what more his mother wanted of him. He was embarrassed because he had come off in her face and on her tits, but his mother didn’t seem to mind.

Mona understood what her son thought. She relaxed her grip on his cock. She stood up, swaying her hips, still staring at his cock. “You still have it hard, baby,” she whispered in a thick sound.

She moved her hands to the back of her shorts. She hesitated a moment as she caught the tab of the zipper. She drew in a deep breath, her come juice coated tits arching up. The zipper went down, and Mona peeled her tight shorts from her hips.

Manjeet caught a peek at the hair of his mother’s cunt, and his cock seemed ready to go off again.

Dropping her shorts, Mona slipped her legs around his, drawing her knees onto the couch, straddling her son’s cock. Without touching his prick, she shifted her hips, and brushed the wet heat of his cock across her boiling cunt. The contact sent a tremor through her creamy flesh. Manjeet’s prick stood up so hard and tight.

“What are you gonna do, Mother?” Manjeet choked, staring between her thighs.

“Hush!” she said, and when she felt the head of his cock at the slit of her cunt, she pushed downward. Slowly.

“Ohhhh, yes!” she moaned as she felt the pressure against her cunt, then the parting of her pussy lips. She lowered her crotch a little more, and the head of her son’s cock penetrated her wet pussy. “Ohhhh, my God, Manjeet!”

Mona held herself with the head of her son’s cock inside her cunt. The sensations were wild and sweet. Manjeet wondered if she was going to take
all his prick inside her pussy, afraid to lift upward. The wet heat of her cunt on the head of his cock made him want to come again, made him want to shove, to fuck his cock as deep as he could into her cunt.

Mona twisted her ass, making a screwing motion. She whimpered softly and slipped down a bit more. The feel of her son’s cock throbbing inside her sensitive cunt made her tingle from head to toe. Manjeet, although not sure what he was to do, couldn’t stop himself from moving his hands to her thighs. He felt his mother’s thighs for the first time, and moved his palms slowly along her smooth flesh. When his mother didn’t say anything, he caressed her hips, back down her thighs again, then back to her hips.

But Mona, feeling her son’s hands on her naked skin, almost half his cock stuffed into her bubbling cunt, whispered hotly to him. “Feel me, Manjeet! Feel my legs, feel my hips!”

Manjeet’s hands became feverish now, running from his mother’s knees to her hips, back and forth, time and again.

“Manjeet, it feels so good in me!” she hissed, and lowered herself down until every hard inch of her son’s cock was inside her cunt. His prick felt deep in her, and the sensitive pussy lips seemed stretched deliciously. Her clitoris throbbed at the base of his cock, and she sat there, shivering with pleasure while he ran his hands from her knees to her hips.

With a shiver, Mona began to grind her crotch, smashing the lips of her cunt hard at the base of his cock. She purred softly, then began to lift and lower her cunt, fucking him slowly. Pulling her hands from the back of the couch, Mona gripped her son’s shoulders, using the muscles of her thighs to fuck up and down his cock. She lifted her head, face toward the ceiling, eyes closed. Manjeet looked down at the way she was fucking him, but he couldn’t see much, only the upper curls of her cunt hair. But he was feeling … he was feeling something so good he wondered if he would come again. His balls felt hard, with a slight aching in them.

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“Ohhhh, so good!” Mona whispered throatily. “So good, Manjeet! Ahhhhh, you’re so hard in me!”

Manjeet groaned, squeezing his mother’s hips.

“Hold my ass, baby!” Mona gasped. “You can hold mother’s ass!”

Manjeet’s hands moved immediately past her hips. He cupped the cheeks of his mother’s smooth ass, feeling the heat of them. Mona lifted and lowered her crotch on his cock, fucking him slowly, but with increasing force. She wailed and hissed, mewled and moaned.

“Oh, Manjeet, hold my ass!” she yelped.

Manjeet’s hands grasped the cheeks of his mother’s ass, and Mona began to churn around, lifting and plunging her cunt down faster and harder onto his cock. She made soft, wet slapping sounds as she rammed down onto his prick. Her clitoris was scraping along the very hard shaft of his cock.

“Squeeze me, Manjeet!” she sobbed. “Squeeze mother’s ass tight! Ohhh, hold my ass! God, it’s so good! This is wonderful, baby! Ohhhh, hold
mother’s ass tight! Squeeze mother’s ass! Ahhhh, yes, darling!”

Manjeet’s grip on the cheeks of her ass enhanced the boiling sensations she felt in her cunt. With wild, wicked cries of ecstasy, Mona tossed her hips about, thrashing up and down on his cock. She listened to the wet sounds her cunt made, her eyes still closed as she savored the rapture. Her pussy was gripping her son’s cock with flexing waves of wet heat, as if sucking. It seemed that each time she rammed her cunt down, her pussy expanded around his cock, only to grab tightly as she lifted. Pulling up until the hot lips of her cunt held the swollen head of his prick, Mona made lewd circles with her ass, then banged down with a cry of ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, God! Ohhh, my God!” she cried out. “Fuck me, Manjeet! Fuck mother! Give me that hard cock, baby! Ohhhh, yes, honey! Fuck me … I need your cock so badly!”

Mona was pounding frantically now, grinding and fucking with maddening churns of her naked ass. Manjeet clutched his mother’s ass desperately,
feeling his balls swollen, his cock throbbing. He knew he was going to come again, but couldn’t tell his mother. His throat was constricted, and the only sounds that came from him were grunts and moans.

Mona thrashed with increasing wildness, riding his cock with her cunt swiftly. She was gritting her teeth as the swelling sweetness of an orgasm expanded in ha pussy. Her clitoris pounded with a threatening explosion. She smacked her cunt up and down faster and faster, ramming her son’s cock into her cunt with almost blinding speed.

“Fuck me!” Mona screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me! Ohhh, Manjeet, fuck mother! My pussy is on fire, Manjeet! Mother’s pussy is burning up! Oooohhh, God, fuck it … fuck it! I’m going to come, Manjeet! Oooooh, make me come! Make mother’s cunt come!”

Manjeet heard his mother’s words, and all he could do was make strangling sounds. He clutched her flying ass with tight fingers, lifting his hips up to meet the thrust of her cunt.

With a cry, Mona stabbed herself in the pussy with her son’s cock, smashing the puffy, hairy lips hard at the base. She began to grind wildly, gasping hotly.

“Now! Ohhhh, my God–now!” she screamed.

Manjeet felt his mother’s cunt grow tight around his cock, then he felt the strangest sensation ever. Mona’s cunt closed tightly about the tease of her son’s cock, a rippling action sucking at his prick. The spasms of her orgasm exploded through her with power, making her scream time and again.

Manjeet couldn’t stop.

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His cock lurched deep inside his mother’s cunt, and then he sprayed thick, boiling come juice along the thirsty walls of her pussy. The deep pulsations of his squirting cock sent Mona into a second orgasm, or else drew her first out; she didn’t know which. She didn’t care which. The ultimate ecstasy was all that mattered to her. She felt her son’s cock gushing into her cunt, and her pussy squeezed and sucked by its own volition. She was no longer screaming, but sobbing with rapture, tears running from her eyes and down her juice-smeared cheeks.

Slowly her body became still. She sat astride her son, her cunt clamped about his cock, shuddering gently. She leaned forward, resting her head on top of his, gasping and sucking in air. She felt her son’s hands still holding her naked ass, but he wasn’t squeezing now. He was gasping as loudly as she, his body relaxed beneath her.

After a while, Mona slipped her cunt from his cock and stood up. She cupped a hand between her thighs, feeling his come juice drip into her palm. She saw his cock, limp and exhausted now.

“That was lovely, Manjeet,” she whispered, leaning over to pick up her shorts. “Please, honey, don’t be ashamed.”

To be continued….