Luck favors sometimes

I made her sleep on bed and came next to her and started squeezing her nipples over bra and her nipples had grown inside the bra. I unhooked her to free them and there they were fully free and firm with perfect size and shape with light brown nipples (I love pink nipples but she had perfect color to look). I went ahead and placed them in my mouth and started licking, she moaned and shivered, she whispered saying a man is sucking her nipples after 3 yr. It means she was missing all this and her hubby was least caring about her needs.

I continued with sucking her while fondle and squeeze her tits and now I felt something between my legs and she was searching my manhood. I took her hand and placed in inside my pant and she closed her eyes and was berating heavily. I went ahead and started kissing her so she can be comfortable and we looked into my eyes we soft kiss each time. It was time we move forward because it was already 40 mins we were getting warmed up. I asked her to remove my pants and underwear to free my tool with passionately kiss. Feeling the warmness and tent inside my underwear, she was looking me surprisingly.

I asked her if everything is fine. She said yes and it looks huge for me. I have 7.5inch and circumcised dick. She had not seen a dick this big and also her hubby had small and skinned dick. I just nodded and said it’s all yours. She immediately pulled by underwear without a though making my dick in air. It was hard like hell, red and full of muscles. I was surprised myself and leaned towards her and asked her, you liked it?

The movement I asked her, my dick was in her mouth and already wet. What a feel it was, warned dick with her saliva making it shine on my side.

I just held her hair and she was working towards giving me a nice blow job. She continued for 15 mins without a break and I was about to cum. I wanted to cum this time because there is no way to hold it and fuck her long. I filled her mouth and she drank all, even the last drop like a thirsty kid. We parted and I got clean, she was on bed with her hand inside the jeans playing with her pussy and moaning.

I went to her to back and parted her legs and started rubbing on her pussy above her jeans for 2 mins. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it to see white cotton panty. I started kissing her toes, feet and inner legs. She was horny by now and was making sounds like ufff aahhhh jaan. I didn’t go to her pussy directly because I wanted to make her want it. It was too much for her and she was begging to eat her. I continued to tease her with just smelling her panty and my warn breath was making her out of control and in no time she pushed by face on her panty (I wasn’t expecting that nor want to do that so easily).

She was fully wet and the scent was making me crazy and I had to move that panty to see that beautiful pussy. I was expecting clean shaved pussy but she was trimmed with V shape. I couldn’t control much and buried my lips – she gave a loud moan and lifted her hips in air. She had nice big; clean, spotless and light brown pussy with small clit with can be eaten by any man. I was happy to find such a big pussy lips. I started licking her pussy lips, love hole and clit. I was licking her while trying to finger to fuck her. She was too tight for a finger too. I knew that I have to work a lot to fuck her today and enter her fully. I continue to do this for next 5 mins and her cummed heavily for twice during these 5 mins.

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We moved to 69 positions, sucking and licking each other. She was enjoying like there is no tomorrow and sucking my balls the most. She said her hubby has never licked her so far that was shocking. She had nice pussy without any darkness and he never allowed to licks his balls either. I was lucky to do both.

We then moved to regular missionary positing and she had tears in her eyes. I moved closed to her to know if she is fine, she said she is happy and had missed all this and thank for giving this to her. Our foreplay was best which lasted almost for 60 mins that gave her ample time to feel that she wanted to with a man.

I slowly started kissing her while rubbing my dick on her clit and pussy lips. I continued this for few mins, when she said please enter now, I cannot control it any longer, please fuck me, I am hungry for fuck. I was in no mood to do that because I was enjoying her eyes and hungry look, she was barely able to see and talk to me now and I tried to enter her pussy without a word but she gave a loud sound and I couldn’t enter her as she was very very tight even after such a long role-play.

She asked me to get Olivia oil that is on the drawer. I applied it to her love hole and asked her to suck me which she readily agreed. After 2 mins, it was time to enter. We struggled for first 5 mins and slowly started getting in. During this time, I was moving slowly as she was in pain and trying to scratch my back with her nails. After 10 mins, I was fully in and was still try to make her adjust my dick. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying it now. I slowly started the pace and she was following my rhythms and speed now. We were kissing now, squeezing her boobs with her legs wrapped around my hip with the room full of fucking sounds.

She was getting louder and louder now and started talking dirty like, you are a real fucker, fucker this bitch. My husband is a fool and waste guy, he knew only to cum and makes me pregnant etc., this was making me horny and I started biting her neck and ears. I know she was longing for great fuck and pleasure. I reduced my speed to slow pace to which she started abusing talk again. You fucker don’t stop now, Im your bitch, fuck like a whore, you fuck so nice, bleed my pussy, I want to show my kids how a man can fuck. OMG these words were sharp from her mouth although she was a nice and decent lady but sex can make anyone wild.

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We were fucking like 25 mins now and she cummed it twice and now her lips were tightly on my dick and honestly, it was time for me to cum as well. I told her, I am going to cum now and she wanted to feel the load. I had slow down, thinking what if she gets pregnant and she read my mind and she don’t think much, you can cum in my, I will take Ipill. I wasn’t convinced but I do not know why I still decided to cum in her.

She had that satisfaction on face. It was already 1pm, her younger kids can come anytime now. We got freshen and had light breakfast and she dropped by to the gate with big thank you. We had another session after few days; I will try to write that if possible.

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