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Hey Barbie sweetheart, what have you done to yourself? If you don’t meet your Barbie, this is what happens, I replied. Sorry Neena, my wife was ill, and I was taking care of her like a good husband. Good, I hope she is well now.

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We sat all afternoon talking to each other and in evening he left. Next day there were 2 surprises. First 2 electricians came and fitted inverter and second – AC was installed in my small apartment. Everyone around were surprised to see what was happening and I was loving it. Yes this was, courtesy my Mr. Arya.

Instead of spending time talking to each other at hotel or somewhere else, we used to sit at my apartment and talk. He used to tell me all experiences he had in his professional life and I started growing from a teenage student to a smart and strong professional who could manage the entire hotel.

Once such afternoon, when we were talking, I asked him about his love life. He just ignored the question and kept talking about something else. I put my hand on his lips and looked into his eyes and asked, what do you think, your Barbie will never grow up? I am a woman now and I can communicate on such topic with you. Then I removed my hand and kissed him on his lips. After few minutes of kissing I sat back. He smiled at me, was this your way of communication? And we burst into laughter.

I then again went close to him and sat onto his lap. I put my arms around him and started kissing him on his lips. Then I gave him a love bite on his neck. I opened his shirt buttons to find a muscular hairy chest, just the way I always dreamt of. I got him undressed to his undies. Melting into his hot body, I thought the world should stop. I wanted to stay captured in those moments forever. He started kissing me. I was in my shots and short t-shirt. He made no moments towards getting those off me. He moved his hands all over my sexy body pressing every inch and my moans started growing.

He made me sit over him facing towards him and my legs of his 2 sides. I felt so tiny and so beautiful in his arms. My vagina could feel his strong throbbing cock from over the layers of clothes. My moments to rub my pussy over his cock increased involuntarily. I just couldn’t contain my heat and I took off my top. I was wearing no bra. I stretched myself such that my nipples reach his lips. He kissed all over my boobs to finally reach my pink nipple. He opened his lips and I thrust my nipple into his mouth. I wanted him to suck them hard. I held his head very close, crushing my boobs and moved even more vigorously over his cock. After few minutes I had my biggest, wildest and most satisfying orgasm a woman can ever experience. I just fell lifeless into his arms after orgasm. The way he caressed my body after my orgasm made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Men need to learn that sex is not about having orgasm but about making your partner feel beautiful, loved, liked, wanted and cared all at the same time.

I lied on the bed and called him in my arms. I just did not want to stay away from him, even for a minute.

Arya, did you have orgasm too, I enquired? He said, no Barbie, not yet. My senses were back and I was ready to play again. He pushed down my panties and his underwear. I opened my virgin pussy for him. He first kissed my pussy till the juices started flowing again and I was well lubricated. He then inserted his fingers and started moving his hands. I asked, what he was doing? He said he did not want to pain me by suddenly pushing his big cock in me. I said don’t worry, I can bear that much for him. I took his cock and kept its tip on my pussy and sat on him, pushing his cock all the way inside me. Hmmmmmmmm it was most unforgettable moment of my life. Loosing my virginity to Arya, my Man. Pain just vanished and I was filled with pleasure into tiniest cell of my body.

My legs squeezed him and I started riding his cock. He held my ass and kept hitting them in between. I made him suck my tits all the time. After around 10 minutes he stopped. He made me remove the cock from my pussy. He told, he did not want to risk my pregnancy. I instinctly bent down and took his cock in my mouth. My hands and lips kept stroking his big penis. He started to orgasm and sprayed his cum over my face, boobs and all over my body.

I just love remembering those days of my life. If you liked reading my experience, do write me a message please. Until next time, goodbye from your Barbie – Neena.