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Here I was filming my wife being fucked by a girl with a large dildo strapped onto her thighs and a guy with an extremely large cock fucking the other girl in the ass at the same time. The second guy, not to be outdone stuck his erect cock into my wife’s mouth and she sucked on it with slurping delight until he came in her moth with what seemed to be a bucketful of sperm. She slurped on the sperm and swallowed , licking the wilting cock with her tongue as it faded into submissive limpness.

The first guy came and the girl screamed with delight, she must have felt the pressure of the cum bursting from that large cock in her ass as the white liquid was running freely out of her hole as he withdrew the mighty tool from her body. The four bodies lay sprawled on the bed in what seemed to be and exhaustive state, the camera was till rolling in my shaking hands. My wife stirred, she then produced a dildo of proportions I had never dreamed could exist. It must have been 20″ long and as thick as a babies arm.

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She poured what was left of the oil from a bottle onto the head of this monster and gave it to the girl. The girl placed the head of the giant onto my wife’s soaking wet pussy and pushed hard. The head entered into my wife’s pussy and inch at a time, I could see her pussy lips bulging out with the size of it but the girl kept on pushing. The second guy produced a large vibrator, plugged it into the wall socket, switched it on and then placed it onto my wife’s clitoris. She immediately turned into a wild animal, she forced herself onto the giant cock wit such gusto I thought would split herself in two. The girl pumped it in and out of her as fast as she could move her arms and it seemed that at least half of the giant was at sometime half way inside of her body.

My wife screamed as she burst into and orgasm that shook her body uncontrollably from head to toe, then she sank onto the bed almost comatose with the giant still protruding from her love hole.

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The girl pulled the monster out of my wife’s pussy and placed it on a pillow pointing upward and then lowered herself onto its cum covered tip. She sank onto it until it was deep inside of her when the black guy switched on the vibrating machine once again and placed it onto her clit. She sank even further onto it, the other guy holding it steady with both hands and the girl moved up and down on it until she screamed with pure sexual pleasure. She fell forward onto her stomach on the bed, worn out and thoroughly satisfied. It was silent in the bedroom now and I thought it prudent to make haste and remove myself from the dressing room and the house.

I placed the camera on the shelf, and silently left the house after drinking the cold coffee in the coffee cup and placing it in the dish washing machine, collected my bag, jacket and shoes, locked the outer door and headed for the gardening shed at the top of my garden. it was an hour before the three guests left the house, my wife kissing all three of them at the door and then locking the door once they left.

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I saw the bathroom light go on and then the silhouette of my wife as he moved from the bedroom to the shower room. There were three cans of beer in the shed and I sat on the old garden chair and drank all three of them and smoked seven cigarettes.

I Looked at my watch and it was 10.45pm I would give it some more time before I entered my house. I saw the bedroom light go out and knew she was now in bed and ready to fall asleep after her exhausting sexual encounter. 40 minutes later I entered my house making as much noise as I possible could, I heard my wife call out and I answered with “It’s only me sweetheart, Just got home”.

I fucked my wife straight away with the light turned off of course, she was willing and still wet even after her shower and knowing my wife it would have been and internal wash as well. I fucked her with gusto, my cock was as hard as a rock and I pumped it deep into her with hard and positive strokes until I released my bucketful of sperm into her body, she came at the same time as me which was unusual for her, I lay on top of her, my cock throbbing deep inside of her pussy and she knew I was going to go again.

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Next evening, after a day watching the video I had made from the dressing room while she was out shopping, and locating the hidden giant dildo from under the bottom drawer of her dressing table, I asked her if she had ever had sex with someone other than me, she replied no. So you have never had sex with another man.

I switched on the TV, pressed the button for the recorder and the screen burst into a fucking marathon. I could see she was ashamed of what she had done and knew there was no way she could get out of it by lying to me as the evidence was there in front of her. I explained to her that it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen in my life and I wanted to watch her get fucked again and again if she agreed to it. I also wanted her to fuck herself with the giant dildo in front of me and she agreed to all I asked of her.

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Our sex life turned around from night on and I fucked her in the ass for the first time in our 6 years of marriage. Sometimes she will go to bed before me and lie there with dildo and vibrator and let me watch her fucking herself silly. Sometimes she invites her friends over for a fuck and I film them from the dressing room and we will watch the movie together the following night.

Yes, our life has changed for the better, and, I no longer work abroad, I have a day job with less money but more satisfaction.