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Both the husbands watched greedily as the two women teased each other’s pussies in the 69 position for a long while. Being women they were capable of multiple orgasms. Anita alternated between teasing Kavita’s clit and driving her tongue in and out of her like a tiny dick. Although this was Anita’s first time at another woman’s pussy after a long time, she clearly had the knack of it still as Kavita was moaning often and grinding her hips from side to side over Anita’s mouth in excitement.

Kavita felt her orgasm building rapidly and didn’t even try to hold back. She pushed down on her finger and tongue, letting her body shake with pleasure. They both had completely forgotten about the existence of their husbands who were watching with wide eyes and whose cocks seemed ready to explode.

Kavita suddenly had an idea. She looked up at Dileep and said, ‘I want to watch you have sex with her. Can Amit also do the same to me?’

Anita heard her and though her facial expression did show some surprise but she was far too deep in the throes of passion to resist. Kavita felt her push her finger even further up inside her pussy. Dileep moved over to stand in front of his wife who reached up with one hand, now taking her fingers from Anita’s pussy, and grabbed hold of her husband’s cock. He moaned as she pulled him between her lips, sucking the tip of his cock. He loved it when Kavita wrapped just her lips around his head and pull, sucking slowly. She did that now, wanting him hard and throbbing. Amit too placed himself exactly at the same position and though Anita did not know but she too did the same to her husband as Kavita was doing to Dileep because her tongue had left Kavita’s pussy and the sounds of Amit’s pleasurable moans were audible. Kavita sucked Dileep into her mouth all the way and then pulled him out. Slowly, she guided his cock into Anita’s open pussy. As his head disappeared between Anita’s pussy lips, both Kavita and Dileep moaned.

‘Deeper. I want to see it fully embedded in her pussy. Nothing should be visible except your balls.’ Kavita said to Dileep. As she was saying this she too felt Amit entering her, slowly filling her completely.

‘Withdraw it and taste her as well. Then you can get back.’ Kavita said to Dileep who dutifully complied and along with his wife, they both tasted Anita’s pussy. Dileep darted his tongue inside and as he savoured the juices, he said to Kavita, ‘ Quite similar to the salad’s taste.’ Kavita nodded quietly and quickly guided her husband’s cock back into Anita’s pussy.

Dileep started with a slow momentum and then started making love with quicker strokes. He was thrusting faster into Anita now, withdrawing fully and then pushing it in all the way again. In between, instead of thrusting it back into Anita’s pussy, he would let his wife have a suck of the combined juices of Anita’s pussy and his own precum. Kavita watched and flicked a finger over Anita’s clit making her groan. She felt a tongue around her pussy and knew that Anita was licking Amit’s balls as he made wild love to Kavita. She knew her orgasm was just around the corner. She pushed back and felt Amit pull her to him as he rammed his cock deeper into her. She shivered and squeezed her pussy around his cock.

Dileep meanwhile was busy ramming his cock deeper and deeper into Anita. She moaned and Kavita felt her underneath her, shaking. Kavita had brought her mouth to Anita’s clit as Amit was busy making love to her. It was as if a mirror image was taking place at the other end of the bed. Kavita licked at and gently sucked Anita’s excited clit for only a short while longer as Dileep kept up his fucking. He was concentrating hard on not cumming as he wanted this moment to last forever. Anita couldn’t take any more and she practically screamed, ‘I’m cumming!’ Her body tensed and she bucked her hips up into Dileep’s cock and Kavita’s mouth who kept her head steady and teased her clit further as Anita’s orgasm peaked.

Feeling Anita’s pussy react to her orgasm and seeing her cum with his wife’s help was all Dileep needed. With one last thrust he drove himself into her deeply and groaned loudly as his cock erupted with cum. The force of his jets surprised him and clearly shocked Anita as she opened her eyes widely and looked at him wildly as he shot load after thick load into her. Barely seconds after this Amit’s fucking became more heated and a little faster as he felt himself building to his final cumshot. He held Kavita’s hips tightly and used them to guide her back and forth in an opposite tempo to his own. The effect was amazing and she felt so good wrapped around his cock. Her pussy felt amazing but very different from Anita’s. He marveled at the unique feel of her and watched as Anita moved her hands to Kavita’s back and began to massage her. Steadily Anita moved her hands down to Kavita’s ass and began to caress her as Amit continued making love to her.

Anita then moved around behind Amit and he groaned loudly when he felt her hand between his thighs. He parted them as much as he could and groaned again as she cupped his balls and started to gently massage him. The fact that his wife was playing with his balls while he was busy making love to their common friend intensified his pleasure. The mere thought of that combined with the intense sensation from both Anita’s touch and Kavita’s pussy caused him to quickly cum. He grunted loudly and drove himself hard into Kavita as she pushed herself back into him. Anita felt his balls jump and then felt the cum surge out of them as Amit emptied a surprisingly big load of cum inside Kavita.

‘Well, well. That is something. I suppose now that both of you have had your way, you won’t have to sleep with erect cocks. I am sorry, Kavita, I don’t really know the state in which your bedsheets will be in.’ Anita said tongue in cheek.

‘Yes, but the cocks don’t become flaccid suddenly. Won’t Kavita like to know the taste of her juices. I am sure Anita would certainly like to do that and the only way to do that is to taste those cocks which have just emerged from the pussies.’ Amit said.

‘We think you are right. What say, Anita?’ Kavita said.

Anita nodded and both the girls got on their knees. Amit faced Kavita his cock still wet with her pussy juices. Dileep’s cock too was dripping wet with Anita’s pussy juices. Anita and Kavita looked at one another seeing their husband’s dripping cocks just a centimeter away from their faces before they opened their mouths and gently sucked just the heads gradually taking in more and more of the cocks. Once the cocks had been sucked clean, Anita said,’ Well, if we carry on any further, they will be erect again and we won’t be able to get a wink of sleep.’

‘Yes. Lets hit the sack and Anita don’t bother about the bedsheets.’ Kavita said. Amit embraced Anita and as he kissed her bare breasts he felt sleep overtaking him.

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