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I walked down the road. The lab mentioned on the paper wasn’t too far. I reached there in 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes, my samples were taken. They asked me to wait for 1 hour for report.

I thought about going home, but opted out of it. I might as well finish the test thing and then go home. Better that way.

After an hour, I had the reports in my hand. They looked good. The lab incharge said the tests were good and I was fertile.

I was happy about it, but sad in a way as Ritesh might be the one who was infertile then.

I walked to the Doctor’s clinic. There was one lady waiting for her turn this time.

Rishi, the attendant smiled as I gave him the results. He went and gave it to the doctor. I took a seat.

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I had to wait for an hour this time. Once the only other lady was done, I was called in.

I sat in front of the doctor and he told that I was Ok. Nothing wrong with me and then he started with my Sexual experiences with Ritesh and all that stuff.

“I see that your report is very good. So the problem can be your husband’s low sperm count or a very bad sexual life.”, He said as he got up and came in front of me.

“Tell me about your sexual life. How often do you have sex, what positions you indulge in etc”, he said sitting on the table.

I was very ashamed hearing those words. I didn’t speak for a while.

“Look, if you don’t speak, how can I help you”, he placed one hand on my shoulders, assuring me.

i took few minutes and then started talking.

“Well, I don’t know how to say it…. “, I stammered. I was ashamed but want to have a baby.

“We have sex 1-2 times a month. Normal positions”, I somehow uttered those words.

Wow! I didn’t sound vulgar. I kinda felt light talking about it.

“Alright, that’s a bit less when you take in that you guys are still without kids”, Doctor said getting up and walking around the table,” Normally a couple like you guys would fuck 2-3 times a week at least!”.

He used the ‘FUCK’ word. I was not expecting such a cheap word, but things weren’t too private after all.

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“Yes, we used to have sex more frequently before, but not much these days”, I said with nervous tone.

The doctor nodded.

“Alright, how good is your husband in bed?”, He looked at me, right in my eyes,” Does he fuck you well? How long does he last? Does he cum too early and do you get orgasms when he fucks you?”

All these questions were too quick and too much for me.

“Don’t worry, answer them for me so I can plan a therapy for both of you. You want the baby, right?”, he spoke as he drank some water and offered me some from another glass.

I had a sip.

“He is good but doesn’t last long. I don’t know why, but he ejaculates too early”. I was shaken from inside. How lowly have I gotten myself into. I am talking about private moments now.

“I see, and the Orgasms?”, he continued.

“None that I know of”, I replied abruptly. I was honest. I never had one.

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“Now that’s bad”, He nodded in disappointment,” A young woman like yourself should experience good orgasms and fuck sessions. They help with Ovulation and conceiving”.

I didn’t speak.

“Okay, now we will do a full body checkup and see if you have any issues with your private parts, alright?”, He moved towards the small cabin to the corner.

I didn’t speak but nodded my agreement. I wanted this to get over with. I wanted the baby and decided on my full co-operation to the checkup.

We moved in the cabin. I laid down on the bed. It was small but comfy. The doctor asked the attendant, Rishi, to bring equipments, gloves and other things.

Once they were brought in, with Rishi standing next to Doctor, he said,” Alright, relax. Remove your undergarments and we will start”.

I took a deep breath in and did it… Read what happened next in coming chapter.