Indian Wife Ass fucked in Clinic – Part 2

He moved towards my pussy and applied some lotion on it. Then he applied some lotion or cream on his massive penis.

“Rishi, hold her, I am pushing my dick in”, He said as he put his penis on my pussy lips.

Rishi held me tightly. He smooched me as the Doctor pushed his penis in with a massive thrust.

I shrieked! I cried out loud. As If I was getting fucked for the first time!

The pain was too much for me. His penis was half way inside my pussy. I was crying with pain. But my cries were subdued as Rishi was covering my mouth, smooching me. Also he was still pressing my boobs.

After 2-3 minutes, Doctor pushed his penis in with another huge thrust. I jumped. His penis was all inside me. It pained like hell.

Rishi let my mouth go. Only for a few minutes.

Then he undressed and put his penis in my mouth.

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“You might as well suck him”, Doctor said, fucking me slowly,” He likes getting his penis sucked a lot”.

Rishi smiled as I started sucking his penis. It wasn’t as big as Doctor’s penis, but it was fair and had too much hair around it. Also it smelled a lot.

I sucked his penis as he pressed my boobs and pinched my nipples.

Doctor improved on his speed and was now fucking me with massive thrusts. He rammed my pussy for 15 minutes and I twitched!

I had an Orgasm for the first time in my life!, and it was a big one.

My pussy juices excited the Doctor.

“See, that’s how a Sex Life should be”, He continued pumping my pussy,” Orgasm is a must”.

He fucked my pussy for another 5-7 minutes and shouted.

“I am going to unload my cum in your pussy”.

I tried to push him, but he was too big. Plus Rishi was holding me so my efforts were powerless.

He cummed and cummed. He cummed a lot. I felt him hot cum in me. It was magical!

After unloading his semen in me, the Doctor moved to one side and sat on the chair, wiping his penis with the napkin.

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Now, Rishi got up and moved towards my pussy.

He didn’t wait for me to do my part. He just pushed his penis inside me. I had just been fucked by the thickest penis I have ever seen, so my pussy was wide. His penis went in smoothly!

He started fucking me. He wasn’t interested in taking it slowly as the Doctor did. He was younger than me and very impatient with fucking my pussy.

He fucked me for 5 minutes and cummed!

Now my pussy was full with cum. Some of it fell on the bed. I didn’t move. I was too tired to move. I let the cum settle inside me. Let me have a strong baby, someone as strong as the doctor!

After a while, the doctor got up. His penis was hard again. I liked his stamina.

Rishi was now relaxing.

The doctor applied some cream on his penis and asked me to stand and bend my back. I guess he wanted to fuck me from behind, but I was mistaken. As soon as I was in that position, he applied some cream on my asshole.

“No, please!”, I begged, “Not in my asshole. It’s too small”.

Rishi got up and held me from front. I couldn’t move too much now. The doctor then parted my ass cheeks and put his lubricated penis on my asshole.

“Here goes nothing”, He said laughing as he gave his mightiest push. I cried with pain. Rishi bit me on boobs and caressed by shoulder and back. I was shouting in pain.

The doctor was now inside me. His penis, somehow has gone inside my asshole completely. He fucked my asshole with huge pressure and thrusts. My asshole was torn. I could feel the warm blood around it.

I was crying in pain, but he didn’t stop and fucked me continuously. After a while I stopped crying and started moaning with pleasure.

He ass fucked me for 15 minutes and cummed in my asshole. After that Rishi fucked my ass too.

I was very tired. After our fuck session, I cleaned up in the toilet and got dressed.

“Now, you’ll have a baby, Meeta”, Doctor said, still nude and caressing his massive penis,” Come meet me when you need more of this”.

He pointed towards his penis.

I smiled as I made my way out of the clinic. Walking slowly towards my house.