Indian wife used well by Boss

She curled up against me. I could not sleep. I had never been so aroused, so hard, so wild, as I thought about my Kirti carrying a baby. During the night, as her bottom was curled against me, I slipped my cock in her. She moaned and pushed back. “That is it, Avinash. Fuck me while I dream of carrying Mr. Rehman’ baby.”

Mr. Rehman called me into his office early the next day.

“I understand you and your wife had a nice conversation after the party last night, Avinash,” he said.

“Yes, sir.”

His eyes were cool, neutral as he watched me. I was surprised as how calm I felt.

“And, what is your understanding, Avinash?”

“My wife is going to have an affair with you.”

“Is that all?”

“No, sir. You will make her pregnant.”

A small smile twitched the corner of his lip for an instant. His eyes softened some.

“You have no problem with that?”

“No, sir. I have no problem.”

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“It will be more than that, Avinash. Let me explain the ground rules. First, you will get the promotion and a nice raise.

“Thank you, Mr. Rehman,” I replied. He nodded.

“I will expect your wife to do as I say when I say, which includes dress and decorum. I will have her when I wish, where I wish. In addition, I expect her to perform for my friends when I tell her to. So, it will not be just me fucking her, Avinash. Do you understand that?”

“Mr. Rehman, may I sit down?”

“Of course. Would you like a drink?”

“No, sir. It is just . . . ”

“I understand, Avinash, but, I want you to be aware of what is going to happen to her if I take her. No surprises.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The affair may last a weekend or a lifetime. I understand you two do not have sex very often?”

“Yes, sir. Maybe twice a month.” He laughed, not an evil laugh, but a laugh which said I was a fool for letting my wife service me so seldom.

“One of the real benefits to you, Avinash, will be lots of sex. She will have sex with you every night, either vaginally or orally. Anally is reserved for me.”

“Of course,” I said.

“Any night she does not satisfy you, you are to tell me the next morning so I can punish her. I will punish her for not keeping you very happy in bed or for any other reason I choose. In fact, she will be punished whenever I think she needs it, Avinash.”

The thought of my wife being punished by my boss made me hard as a rock. I wondered how he would do it. You are reading this amazing office sex story of how an Indian wife is used well by Boss on desi bahu dot com.

“As for you, you are to continue to treat her as your wife, to love and care for her. She will need care, particularly when she is pregnant and during the delivery stage. And, I expect you to be a fine father for my baby, Avinash. I mean that sincerely.”


“Yes. Children. I expect her to have three to five, in total, at least two of which are mine. Do you understand this, Avinash? I will make sure she has several baby by me and at least one baby by someone other than me.”

“Yes, sir. I understand. We both do want baby.”

“Well, you will have plenty of them.” He came around from behind his desk, sitting in the chair next to mine.

“She told me your fantasy. I will let you watch sometimes but, most often, she will tell you about it. I am sure she will have some good stories. Any questions?”

“No, sir.”

“Good. I am picking your wife up at three today. She is spending the weekend with me.”

I did not know what to say to that. Finally, I said, “Well, have a nice weekend.”

He laughed. “I am sure I will, Avinash.”

At three that afternoon, my head was spinning, knowing at this moment my wife was getting in my boss’ car to fuck him for the weekend. I was so hard and my mind was so full of visions of Mr. Rehman fucking my wife I could not think. That night at home I masturbated twice, thinking about Kirti with Mr. Rehman. Saturday was a long day. Saturday night, I had just put a movie in the VCR when I heard the doorbell. It was a young woman. She had on too much makeup, extremely tight clothes with a bare midriff and a very short skirt. She had high heels and stringy blonde hair.