Wife fucked by Muslim driver – Part 10

I strained myself to driving.

All through the journey, madam was nude and kept her head down on my lap.

When I reached home, madam got up and I zipped my shaft in.

Madam was about to dress up and took her dresses from the floor of the car.

I stopped her and took the dress from madam’s hand.

She said that ‘now what,we have reached and at least now give me the dress.’

I said no, you have to get down from the car like this, cross this courtyard and get inside the house.

She said never!! while crossing the courtyard the neighbors could see me.

I said I don’t care.

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I need to see you walking nude in public.

Madam said its enough, she can’t do it, she has a prestige in neighborhood.

I said that in this early morning when everybody is asleep, if she refuses to do so, then I will press the horn of car loudly and the neighbors would find her sitting nude with her driver in her car.

Madam closed her eyes, thought for few moments, took deep breathes, opened the door of the car and ran inside her house.

Oh!!!! what a view was it to see madam run, her boobs and specially her bum shook and shivered like she got high voltage spark.

I got hard on instantly.

I parked the car in the garage and went inside the house.

I saw madam wrapped herself in a short towel and had gone to her daughter’s room.

In the room her 6 years old daughter was sleeping.

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Madam slowly walked towards her daughter’s bed, sat on her bed and started crying by embracing her.

I watched by standing at the door.

After she was done, she got up,looked at me but didn’t say anything and passed by me and went to her own bedroom.

I also followed her in her room.

She said ‘Mahemood,tum ne to mujhe barbad kar dia, mere married life ko pura loot lia'(you have spoiled me,destroyed my married life.)

I said ‘kya karu, tu chis hi aisi hae.'(what can I do you are only such a hot stuff).

Madam didn’t reply and to the attach bathroom of her bedroom.

She was about to close the door but I resisted to do so.

She said that she has never done toilet in front anybody, not even her husband.

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I said ‘that time you were a prestigious rich loyal housewife, now you are a cheap slut, my own slut, so do as I command you.’

She looked down at her feet and without protest sat on her commode, spread her legs and tried to urinate.

With little pressure,madam was urinating.

She cried loudly in pain ‘oooooh its paining!!!!’

I was having a hard on watching her.

I went towards her, opened my zip and inserted my shaft in her mouth.

Madam started sucking my dick like lollipop by sitting on her commode.

Within minutes she madam me cum.

I took out my shaft from her mouth and came all over her face and hair.

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