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Those guys would be around 27-28; 5’8-9”.The guy who was looking at Priya was very fair.

Other was fair too but not like him. Priya too was giving him naughty looks.

She was enjoying that guy’s act. Add some more chili. Priya shouted again.

Finally, pani puri wala added lot. It became too chili.

I was having burning sensation. Priya too started oooaa oooo. Ab thik hai? Pani puri wale asked Priya.

She needs more. That guy said seeing Priya’s condition.

I too smiled seeing her. Jal raha hai.

Priya cried but she was laughing.

That guy immediately took the water jug from side & offered Priya.

Priya took it & pour some in her mouth.

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We finished there. Priya was still doing oooo ooooo ooo.

We found one sweet shop nearby & asked for two-gulab jamun. Standing on road, we had that.

Those guys too reached & did same. He smiled looking at Priya.

Priya too smiled looking at his eyes. He looked at her top to bottom.

His eyes stopped over her boobs.

He looked very lustfully. Priya turned & stood facing him to display herself properly.

She was very charged. It was too chili. Naa? He asked Priya.

Priya licked her lips then replied. Yes. Priya was giving him very positive signal.

She too checked him top to bottom two three times. We finished there & started walking towards our car.

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It was parked little far because of over crowd. The road was little dark where we parked.

While leaving that sweet shop Priya looked back & saw him very seductively deep into his eyes. He understood immediately & started following us.

Priya again hold my hand. After going few steps, I stopped & said, Priya I will get some rasgulla, you go & sit in the car.

Priya stopped for a while then started walking towards the car.

The road was soon sun that way. Only people were going to park their cars.

I stopped at sweet shop & looked that way.

Priya was walking very slowly & those guys were walking beside her.

That guy was very close to her.

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He could easily grab her so close he was. I was not worried about her safety as she was adding fuel in him.

Instead of sitting inside, she leaned on the car & stood there. Intentionally I was doing delay.

Frequently she was looking for me. Those guys too stopped nearby.

Priya was looking at him. I took sweet & started walking towards there.

Seeing me Priya went inside the car. Priya, come out let’s go to that lake. I shouted from outside & put sweet inside the car.

One big lake was there nearby & that was the way to go there. Priya immediately came out & locked the car.

She hold my hand again. She appreciated my decision.

She turned to that guy again & smiled. They understood & started following us again.

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