Hot Wife massage made me a Cuckold

Boy said and started putting his things inside his bag.

He added,

“ I will not lie, though I am called to the hotel like this to give massage but so far I have never massage to any lady like you, but …”

He paused

“ but what “

“ but I am very popular among ladies of my family and neighborhood. I give massage to my mother, aunties and others. Please let me get the experience of beautiful , attractive lady like you. “

Mona kept shaking head in ‘ no’ .

I made a last effort.

“ it is not a big issue, beside I am here in the room , he will not take any advantage. Come, be sporting . “

I did not saw any movement in her. I took out his charge 200/- from wallet and pushed it towards him. He took money and said sadly,

“ madam, I am not fortunate enough to cherish your lovely & attractive figure. Very few would be having so proportionate and attractive figure like you. My bad luck. “

He took steps to go out.

“ hold on, I will also get “

I smiled. A woman is a woman. She can’t resist her appreciation. Since boy appreciated her beauty and figure that also in presence of husband she fell for him. I enjoyed cock massage by a male in presence of wife. Thought of watching wife squeezed and fondled by someone else aroused me. I was still nude and cock started getting an erection.

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Mona got up, went to the bathroom and after few minutes she returned. She had a towel wrapped around her waist over panty. She had bra over that. I got a tremendous kick seeing her standing semi-nude in presence of a stranger, a boy of age 17-18 only, 7-8 years younger than her. The boy kept staring at her.

“ thank you, madam, you are much more attractive than I thought. you will certainly enjoy it. “

He said and took out napkins and oil bottle from his bag. Mona threw away the towel and laid on her belly on the bed in bra & panty. He put hand on her back and said,

“ madam you have a very very lovely figure. There are people here in Mumbai who will pay lakhs for spending few hours with you. The boy was opening a new avenue for her.

He sat on his knees beside her waist. He sat with back towards me. I moved to other side and sat on a chair pulling it close to bed. I watched. Without pouring any oil drops on her body anywhere he started caressing her back with his both hands. But it suddenly was a hand of a trained masseurs. I saw his fingers moving over shoulders and waist. He was just caressing, he was applying pressure and moving fingers in a particular direction. Some time passed and we heard,

“ mmmmmmm, it’s nice….”

Boy was wearing a trouser and dirty looking t-shirt. He continued with his work. After about 10-12 minutes since his hand touched skin of Mona, his fingers moved under bra strap on the back.

She gave soft moans repeatedly. Then I watched, fingers of both his hands were under bra straps and slowly slowly it moved towards her sides. I thought that he will push fingers on boobs but no, he suddenly pulled out all fingers and unhooked bra. He pushed loosened bra straps off her back. Her back was bare. She did not resist or complained. Then he poured drops of oil on the back and for about 10 minutes he gave massage on her back from waist to neck. He rubbed neck and shoulder.

“ you are doing nice, it is very good. “

She uttered again. He looked at me, wiped his fingers and to my surprise without taking permission from her or me he pulled panty down. I saw her raising her torso little bit. The boy pulled panty out of legs. Like me she was nude.

“ sir, I very often give massage to my younger sisters, women younger than madam but I never touched such a butter like smooth skin and it is so hot as well.

Then for about 20 minutes, I watched him oiling and massaging feet till waist. He fondled hips aggressively. She moaned regularly. I saw her hips getting up very often. He parted hip cheeks and poured oil drops on asshole and between hips. He has not fingered my asshole but I saw his fingers , first one and then two fingers digging her ass hole. Her moans have become loud.

“ sir, it seemed you never pushed cock in this hole ( ass) , it is so so tight and hot. I have seen my mother , sisters and aunties getting ass fucked regularly. “

He massaged me both side in 40 minutes where as took that much time on her back only. He did not tell her but by pulling her from the side, he turned her on the back. He straight way took hold of pubic hairs. It was long , might not be trimmed for months.

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“ what madam, women like you should keep cunt neatly shaved.neatly clean shave not only increases your value, it increases sexual pleasure also.”

He kept caressing pubic hairs and took out few more things from his bag.

“ sir, will you please bring a mug of hot water.”

He said and then poured drops of oil on both boobs, shoulder, belly, thighs & calves

I heard him but remain seated.

“ please get him hot water. “ Mona said.

She wanted boy to shave cunt. I walked to the bathroom and when returned after few minutes carrying hot water in a mug, I saw him seated between her legs and massaging one thigh keeping that on his shoulders. Her body was shining due to oil. He was giving twisting to thighs muscle with his both hands.

You are really doing very nice. I am really feeling very nice and relaxed. “

Mona again appreciated him. Boy took the mug from me, he kept it on bed . Then he pulled out his t-shirt. He became top less. Though it was not visible over t- shirt but he has a nice wide & muscular manly chest.

“ madam, your body needs more oil than sir, my clothes will get oily, dirty. Will you mind if I put off trouser. “

He said and Mona nodded.

“ no problem. “

He got up and pulled out trouser. Thanks, he had an underpant but bulge was prominent. He sat on his knees again and gave same message to other thighs. Then he pushed her thighs wide apart by pushing his knees. Her feet were now touching bed edge. He drenched pubic area with hot water. Then he applied a cream, hair remover thickly on pubic area, he pushed thighs up and applied cream area under cunt.

Keeping her thighs wide apart he raised his hips and for about 15 minutes he massaged, fondled, squeezed ,boobs . Some time he pushed boobs very fast and some time in slow motion.

Her moans were continuing.

“ thanks, it was too good..”

She pushed his hands away from boobs. Still he kept pressing both nipples for couple of minutes and then moved hands away from boobs. He took out a clean napkin from his bag and wiped pubic area and area around it. When he removed that napkin I saw a shining hairless cunt. I could not resist and caressed cunt. But he pushed my hand away and massaged inside cunt and around it for about ten minutes. Her moans were now loudest. He fingered her and simultaneously fondled clit.

“ fuck me, fuck me hard…”


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