Hot wife fucked by her Tailor

He told me to bend down and rest on all fours on the floor. “let’s do something different Nethra madam”… With that he knelt behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks and inserted my pussy from behind in doggie style. That was another surprise to me. The mounted me with such expertise that I felt like I was doing in that position for ages… He started humping me gently holding my butt and I was supporting myself with my hands on the ground. After a few strokes he started doing it with force and came closer to my body from behind and held my hanging breasts from either side and started squeezing. I started moaning aloud…. Very loud now as I hadn’t experienced this type of feeling excitement ever before. With each hump from him I could feel ‘it’ building inside me… Steadily.

I could hear myself shouting ‘aah’ aah aah aah aahaaah aah aaaah aah aaaah…. And him slapping my butt chaaaap…. Chaapppp… Now and then, This was so kinky yet an incredible turn on for me and I could feel the mounting orgasm by the minute. He squeezed my boobs with one hand and somehow managed to finger my butt hole at the same time while he was humping… After mounting and for what seemed forever I felt his body stiffen suddenly and he held me like a strong guerilla and humped with a high speed. I sensed him cumming and I was at the verge as well… While he stiffened and shot in me I let out a loud moan at the same time (this is entirely new to me) I was cumming at around the same time and I realized I was moaning and jerking for a long moment even after he was done before collapsing. I dropped on the floor dripping in sweat.

Ramcharan let me lay in the position for a little while and lifted me gently with smile on his face, he took me to the shower annexed and let me take a hot steaming shower. I had a long relaxed steam bath and when I was done I wiped myself dry with a towel there and opened the door. Ramcharan was dressed by then and waiting for me with my clothes. He took the towel from me and produced a camera “for my memories Nethra madam…” I was in no mood to resist now and he quickly snapped one with even a little smile on my face. He let me dress up all the while watching me at the various stages of (un)dressing.

He told me “we shall see us next time Nethra madam… Pls collect your blouse the day after tomorrow, let us do a trial … And I hope you would have a nice time at the party with your friends “… With the he waved me good bye… With a meaningful smile. I just left the place thinking about my friend deepa’s remark why this place could be ** popular ** among women!! Waiting for your reply Nethra.