Hot wife fucked by her Tailor

Now, he went back2 steps and looked at me for a while… “one thing is missing Nethra madam, rather in excess” (he smiled)…. “you need to shave your armpits really smooth”. I was a bit confused and lifted my hand and showed him… “isn’t this good enough?” he came closer and with a broad smile on his face ran his palm along my shaven arm pit. This made me giggle a bit and more horny. He nodded negative saying that it could compete with a 2 days unshaven stub of a guy. That remark made me flush. I found myself saying… “but I just shaved it this morning… “and trailed the sentence. He said “I shall show you the real equipment.” and opened the door and was back in a flash “here … Look at this Nethra madam. Ultra modern tri-top razor for women… And imported cream. As a matter of fact the whole set is imported and the ultra smoothness lasts for days. Want to try??” He looked at me too businesslike with the offer. I was amazes at the equipment kit and ashamed at the thought of shaving my armpit at the tailor’s. Sensing my unsteadiness Ramcharan kicked in… “please turn Nethra madam …” he urged, not giving me a chance to respond. Then quickly untied the knots. I asked “what are you doing?”… Confused. He looked puzzled … “preparing you Nethra madam” and smiled… “but where is the bathroom… I shall do it there…” “oh no, this is an expensive set of equipment, so please leave it to the master to handle it” while saying that he had managed to untie the knots completely and was pulling the blouse off me while I stood daze stuck. He took the blouse from me while I covered myself with pallu withy a feeling I had felt never before looked at him. He walked out of the room with the blouse saying that he will bring some water. While he came back with the water, predictably the blouse was missing and this time he didn’t bother knocking.

I was hand inspecting my armpit and was caught off guard. He smiled at me and came closer and took my right hand gently and lifted it over me. His face was so close to my armpits and pallu covered boobs. Pls hold it there… He started applying some water and expertly made the region wet. Slowly and smoothly applied the cream on my underarm area. It was a soft and different feeling. Many a times his hands brushed on to the sides of my naked boobs. He started shaving my right armpit and since it was just shaved in the morning it didn’t take long. But every now and then his palm completely rested on my bade boobs and the base of his palm was pressing against my now 100% pointed right nipple. He was done with my right armpit and wiped it dry and told me to feel it. I was feeling it with my left hand at the same time he was coming around me to the other side and accidentally brushed against my back and I could not only feel how nice and smooth armpit was but also could feel how rock hard his erection was behind his baggie hidden trousers. I was in a way relieved to think that he is after all human too and suppressed a little smile. He told me to lift the other hand and did the same to it taking his time and using the opportunities to brush against my pallu covered naked breast.

He was just about done with his shaving and was picking up his tools while he accidentally noticed my navel. He came close to it and bent down and was on his knees all of a sudden studying it close moving my pallu aside. I asked him “what is the matter? ” he said “I can see a brow of hair line going down from your navel . ” he started tracing it … ” see here ” I bent down to see what he meant and nodded. “we shall remove that as well to make this area soft and more appealing, please come with me”. I said… ” no please that won’t be needed…” he stared at me…” let’s make ivory skin of velvet texture Nethra madam”, “your my brother Mohnish will be very proud of you. Please don’t say no… Come with me “and with that he took my hand and took me out of the room of mirrors topless, my pallu was only partly covering my boobs and the typically wide eyed Mahesh now had his eyes turned to globes almost as big as my melons staring at them, while I walked by him…

I did my best to retain my modesty (if there is any left by now). He took me to an adjacent room where there was a cheap cot and told me to lie down. I was very reluctant and tried to back out as I didn’t like the setup. The door was open and Mahesh could clearly see from his chair what would happen here. I told him with half tone before sitting on the cot “the door…” Ramcharan said…”don’t worry Nethra madam no one will come” and pressed my shoulder to make me lie down. The table was looking more like examination table to my imagination. When I turn my head to my side, I could see Ramcharan’s hard on clear now close to my face. He made me lie down on my back and moved my pallu aside and bared my tummy completely. He was rubbing his palm in the exposed region below my navel to get the feel of the area.

“okay we shall start Nethra madam. Oh this water is dirty already Mahesh! Bring some water …” with that his one hand rested on my saree frills while the other pressed my tummy with some pressure to create a gap… And whiff… He pulled my saree frills as a bunch completely off my hip and out of the petticoat. I shrieked aloud with shock and excitement. “what are you doing!!!!!?? Why did you take my saree off me?? Why do you call Mahesh?” in my confused state I didn’t know what to ask for… Since too much happened at the same time. The next instance I could see Mahesh with the water jug by my side staring at my shapely boobs by the side of pallu which had considerably moved off its position because of the force with which the saree was pulled off.

“I was eaten alive with shame as 2 strangers were having a feast staring at my naked boobs in such a close proximity and I could do nothing much. I covered my boobs with the pallu quickly once again, at the same time Ramcharan’s smooth hands glibly untied my petticoat knot. For a fleeting moment I missed it until his other hand that was pressing my navel before… Stated pushing my petticoat down my hip… I shut my eyes tight and shouted “stoop please”… It was too late and Ramcharan had brought it down a bit too far and exposed my private for a brief moment. “sorry Nethra madam I didn’t realize that you were not wearing anything inside” … And he drew the petticoat just enough to cover the region.