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Soon the picture started and it became dark. I initiated and started hugging and kissing her to instigate and arouse her passions. He also became active and started playing his hand on her bare thigh to explore her pubic region. I advanced further to support him and held his other hand and placed on the boobs of my wife. And pushed her towards him.

He took full advantage of the opportunity and started hugging and kissing her passionately. The heat was on and the atmosphere became very hot when I lowered the shoulder straps of her dress and released her boobs out of her dress. She became topless. He was badly excited and played with her naked boobs for some time and then he bent down to suck her nipples.

She was cooperating fully and submitted herself to him. His other hand was exploring her bottom and she raised her one leg to give him full access for free fingering. Every thing went well and we all were very happy the way things were taking shape. There after we decided to move to our house to give final act practically for physical contacts in the bedroom.

We left the picture in the middle at half time and visited wine shop and fast food joint on the way back. Every one of us was fully excited and none of us was in hurry for the intercourse. It was very clear that he is going to give his company staying overnight. Ultimately we were supposed to enjoy sex whole night. I asked him to feel free and be comfortable, beside homely.

Meanwhile she started arranging drinks and food. While she was bending forward during dressing center table and serving drinks, her boobs were fully exposed and his eyes were fixed to have a glimpse. The changing color of his face due to passion could be made out. We started with the red wine, chatting and discussing our private life.

We opened up in no time, as we were good old friends. Both of them were behaving like true lovers freely and frankly, cutting sexy jokes and teasing each other. The atmosphere became very hot and sexy. When I disclosed that she is good dancer and swimmer, he expressed his desire to see her in swimming dress and do strip tease dance if possible.

She was in very good mood and her sense of humor prevailed. She gladly accepted his offer and went to bedroom to change her costume and refresh her. She was looking very sexy and attractive in the dress, which was almost suitable for the performance. She inserted the right type of CD into music system and started dancing to the tune of sexy music.

She was swaying her hip and boobs, besides shaking her body according to tune. After giving sexy performance for some time, she started stripping and dropping her top and bottom one by one keeping suspense. Now she was in a two-piece bikini on her body, which was just covering the vital portion of her boob and cunt, leaving her nudity almost exposed.

She was looking very attractive and extremely sexy in bikini. There after she approached him while dancing and asked him to pull the string of her top to release the knot. She dances for some time by holding bra in place with her hands and then turned her back towards us and suddenly dropped the top.

Now she was top less and turned her face towards us but cupping he boobs with her both the hands. Then she danced and removed her hand for a moment to give a glimpse of her fully developed and firm boobs. There after shoe cane near him and asked him if he is really interested to see her boobs. He was very much excited and pulled her towards him, holding her from waist.

She released her boobs and pressed them against her face. Then she gave him a passionate kiss on his lips and turned back. Now she was dancing topless shaking her boobs and hip creating sensation. There after she turned to me and got her panty unhooked and moved away without taking out of place.

Then she danced for some time and pulled away panty but covered he pubic region with her hand. Finally she danced freely showing her nudity at full. She then exhibited her cunt from back side by bending forward. The flesh of large lobes of flesh was clearly visible sticking out of her bald cunt.

Then she exposed her cunt fully wide open from the front by sitting down on the floor and raising her legs apart. Her flowering, pink cunt was looking very attractive. After finishing dance she came back and sat beside him and held him in her arms. While both of them were busy making love I left the alone to release pressure and giving them liberty enact freely.

When I came back, I found him sitting nude and they were sitting in compromising position, hugging and kissing like a lover and she was holding his cock in her hand. I also joined them and removed my clothes. There after we moved to bedroom with our glasses in hand. He had a good physique with muscular and attractive personality.