Home wife enjoys fucking the servant

I went down to his lungi and pulled it down but before throwing it on the ground I licked out the remaining cum on that lungi and threw it off…

I bent down …pushed his cock back and started licking the region around his cock especially between his thighs then I went further down and licked his toes and sucked them… Then I came back to the cock and started sucking his balls and biting them… Meanwhile kiran left some moans aaahhhhhh….

And then u spitted some saliva and lubricated it well with my hands and then took the entire shaft into my mouth on one go… I was sucking it hard going to and fro…as I was sucking.. Kiran lifted his waist and kept his hands on back of my head and pushed my head very hard….. It was giving me and kiran a lot of pleasure….

After few minutes he warned me that he was going to cum.. So I pushed the cock deep into my throat and soon he sprayed all his sperms into my mouth which I drank in no time….

I got up and sat on his face with my wet pussy on his mouth.. And told him to lubricate it with his tounge… So caught my hips and started licking it meanwhile I was pressing my boob’s hard…..

In no time I ejaculated all my juices on his face…. Which was huge and was all over his face… So I just collected it with my fingers and put in his mouth and he happily drank it and licked the remaining on my pussy…

Now time for the real fun.. I moved down…..

(sorry guys forgot to mention kiran is a dark solid built man)

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I sat on Kiran’s tool.. On my pussy entrance but kiran put me on the bed and climbed on my and kept his tool on my pussy entering… He applied some saliva and started to slowly push it in… As my cunt was already wet… It was not that difficult for him to push it in…

But only half of his tool entered inside and it was paining like hell for any further movement so he stopped took a deep breath and slept over me and startedyto kiss me and said..
“now I’m gonna push it all in at a go so don’t shout and keep kissing me and I want catch my head tight.. ”
With that he pulled his cock out… Not completely and with one go GE pushed it in completely……..

I was in extreme pain… Tears were rolling down my cheeks but it gave me a lot of pleasure. .

Kiran kept his tool deep inside my Pussy
And tried to push even further and kept it there without moving…. He was teasing me… I told please fuck me please…..then he started thrusting his cock back and front and meanwhile sucked my boob’s.. Earlobes.. Sucked it and again came to my lips and started to pour his saliva into my mouth……….

I was moaning heavily………… Ahahahahahah..ahahaahahahhH

Then after few mins he ejected all his sperms in my womb……… I felt relief after that… His warm sperms were in my womb and I was happy for the thought that I was going to be the mother of kirans child …….i was filled with happiness…
Kiran was also tired so he fell on me and I hugged him tightly and we slept nude all the night….

I woke up kiran was still sleeping on me…. I kissed him and wished him good morning.. And he got up and wished the same….. I wanted to have some nasty sex so I told him to stay on the bed and not to move… I went up to the kitchen nude and made a cup of coffee but filled it less than half in two cups… And then took it to my room where kiran was sleeping nude with his penis pointing the roof…… I told him to get up and told him to come along with her to the bathroom……

He came I knelt before him and took his cock his cock and placed it in my mouth and asked him for morning coffee…. He understood it and started to piss in my mouth and I told him that not to piss all in one go… I collected some piss in mouth and spitted in both the cups… Then again collected some and spitted it in the cup…. The cup was filled more than half with some still left… Later I told him to piss completely and I drank it with some running down my naked body… The taste was really sour and salty but I drank it..

I told kiran to kneel down and told him to do the same to collect my piss and spitt it on both the cups…… He came near my pussy and I started to piss… My dark yellow piss started to come out he collected them.. And spitted on both the cups. after both the cups were filled… I pushed my pussy tightly towards his mouth and I pissed inside his mouth until my tank was free. Some came out but he drank it… So we picked the cups but before drinking we kissed each other…. We took the cups were to the balcony nude.. The sun didn’t rise till then..i think it was 5:45am we both went to the balcony nude and we started to drink the combination of both our pisses with the coffee….. The combination was horrible but we both drank it and licked the cup clean and we both kissed each other and we both had another session later we both had bath together….

The days after that were really great….. As kiran uses to fuck me in all places possible…. Like the kitchen.,bathroom ,hall, garden, bedroom…. Etc.
One fine day he also took my anal virginity……….

Days passed as each day was greeted with ur flushed out waste from the body as morning coffee…….

One fine day I was confirmed that I was pregnant….. I was really happy and had another session with kiran …but I don’t tell it to my hubby… I called him home urgent and he came… I told him I missed him a lot and quickly me and my hubby had a session during which I forced him to come inside me….. So there would be no doubt…. He told my servant to take care and he left again….. Kiran was taking care like my own husband…..

On the day of delivery I gave out a girl who was dark in color…. There was no doubt because my hubby is also dark in color ….we returned home for few days my hubby stayed in home later he left again with the servant to stay with me…… We were both delighted…

One day he told that he has a few friends who would also like to enjoy me but i kept a condition that they should not cum inside my womb… To which he agreed…. Then he called his wife home to take care if the child and I told my hubby that I was going to the temple along with kiran…. And we both left….. He took me to his friends house and told me all about his friends…… His friends were also dark and we’ll built…. So one night they all fucked me.. They were like totally 7-8 people….. It was really amazing……. I returned along with kiran the next morning.. To my home…

After some days he told that he was permanently transferred to the US… I told that I would like to say here……..

We had some discussion but later he agreed and I enjoyed my life with kiran and his friends a lot………. My hubby came very rarely for one or two days….
Later Kiran told that his friends are eager to cum inside her…… But alas I accepted it.. They all came one day to my home and we had an excellent session after which I asked Kiran to bring some anti pregnancy pills as I was no more interested to have children..

I enjoyed my entire life with kiran………

So guys this is my real story…. I promise…… It’s true….. So if u enjoyed ur stories please do comment!..