Great Tolly Celebs – Part 3

” Oh sona mamoni, I can’t wait so long, please mamoni do something “, saying this Rajesh felled down on her respected mother’s feet.

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” OK sona, please come with me ,” Rupadebi said and led him to the worship-room and with folded hands she begged, ” Oh Goddess Ratidevi, what should I do in this critical moment, please show me the path”. Both mother and son began to pray with great respect in closed eyes but there was no solution.

However realising the great love & emotion between mother & son, the Goddess Ratidevi was pleased and blessed them both in dream to enjoy themselves. Next day at dawn, both expressed their dreams and being pleased Rupadebi went to the sacred Ganga. Bathing in the Holy Ganga both, they returned by offering puja in Kalighat Mandir.

Then entering her room, Rupadebi did Pranam to her respected husband’s photo and begged for his permission through the mobile by disclosing the happenings of last 24 hours.
” Ogo, ami je amar cheler preme pore gechi, ekhon Rajur chodan na kheye je thakte parchi ne, ki korbo bolo”, Rupadebi asked.

Rajatbabu became pleased very much about his wife’s honesty and said, ” As a mother, you have full authority to fuck your son, as you bear him in your belly for 10 months ”
Then she begged for her bouma Rituparna’s permission in the same way which she couldn’t turn down and said in a happy tone, ” Only for you, I’m able to get your son as my husband, so you have the full right to fuck your son, but I have a request also, please let me fuck your husband “.

” Bouma, you are very silly & perverted, you want to exchange your husband with my husband , OK I like it”, satisfied Rupadebi said. Hearing all the discussions of his wife and parents, Rajesh became glad and did Pranam to his respected mother for solving the problems.

Then Rajesh sat on the chair and spread his legs on the armrest and pulled down his shorts. His 10-inch cock sprang out like a live cobra.

“I have never seen such a big cock. Man! this one is huge,” top matured Bengalee actress Mrs Rupa Dutta said in wonder and her eyes never left his only son’s big cock that stood up erect.

Rajesh sat comfortably on the chair and spread his legs apart over the armrests. His big cock stood erect like a flag mast and the cock head was big as an apple and shone brightly in the dazzling lights of the room. Rupadebi moved between his legs and brought her hands on his throbbing cock. She let out a soft moan as she felt her son’s cock.

“Mamoni , please remove your clothes,” Rajesh said and helped her famous politician mamoni to remove her saree and her blouse.

Rupadebi’s big boobs overflowed the demicup of her lacy black bra and craved to be touched and fucked. With one snap Rajesh pulled the strap off and his Mamoni’s boobs sprang free.

“Vow, they are luscious and huge,” Rajesh stared at his famous actress mother’s unbelievably big sized boobs.

The areolas were large that housed the thick and brown nipples. The boobs were tight , with little signs of sagging and Rajesh had to use both his hands to hold each of his mamoni’s huge melons. The huge boobs swayed lazily as she came near his throbbing cock.

” Mamoni please suck my cock,” Rajesh said pulling his mother closer to his cock.
” Hobe re Raju Sona, chatphat koris ne “, Rupadebi smiled.

Mrs Locket Banerjee who had directed the scene moved one of the cameras to capture Raju’s big cock. Locketdebi, her son Noel and Beaimasai Ranjitbabu were at the computer and controlled the cameras using the new software.

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They were all naked too and Locketdebi’s big butt turned her son & Beaimasai immensely. Smacking her lips, the cock loving Bengalee celebrity Smt Rupa Dutta got ready to taste her son’s huge cock. The soft feeling of his mother’s hands was very pleasurable and Raju moaned softly.

Rupadebi looked at his son’s cock head and glued her eyes over the big cock that throbbed in her hands. Holding the thick cock in her hands the cock hungry famous politician pressed her thick lips over the apple sized cock head.

“Yeah, that’s it Mamoni, give me a good blow job, Locket aunty told me that you are a professional cock sucking Tollygung celebrity,” Rajesh said to her mother softly and held her head and pressed it over his cock that was in need of a good sucking.

“Come on, sona mamoni ! suck it and prove to me that you are the best cock sucker in the Tollygung film Industry,” Rajesh said and rubbed his fingers on her mother’s chubby cheeks.

Rupadebi moved her tongue from the tip of his cock to its base over the shaft. The moment she touched his balls, his cock became even harder and more pre cum oozed out of it. Rupadebi opened her mouth fully and forced his cock into her mouth but it was too big. The cock head perfectly fitted her mouth and she forced a few more inches into her mouth.

Locketdebi, Noel and Ranjitbabu smiled and encouraged Rupadebi to give her son a wonderful blow job. She loved the taste of her son’s meat and she sucked again and again. She licked the pre cum and enjoyed its salty taste. Her big boobs swayed this way and that way as her head bobbed up and down on Raju’s throbbing cock.