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Kalu enters the room and goes to Koel who pulls his dirty lungi and releases his cock. His black cock sprang to life and his size is even bigger than his father’s . Koel is thrilled to see two cocks that were the size of a ruler. She desperately wants Kalukaka’s big dick, as black cock had never drilled her. Kalu kisses her favourite sexy actress Koel’s face on her lips and pushes his tongue into Koel’s mouth.He licked all over her beautiful sexy face and made it dripping wet with his dirty saliva.

“Hm m m m m m m m m ” Koel moans softly.

“Yes, Koel now suck Kalukaka’s cock ” Noel directs his wife and takes photos by the camera from different angles. Ranjitbabu increases his fucking speed and uses both his hands to massage her daughter’s boobs. His long cock is easily moving in her soaked pussy and Koel also is matching his father’s fucking by her upward thrust.At the same time she is hungrily sucking her lower class adibasi cook, Kalu’s nigro-like dick like a sweet candy.

“Oh g g gn g ga ga ” Koel grunts with her father’s fucking as her cook Kalukaka’s black dick moves between her soft lips.

“Oh ah ui e e e chudmarani didimani re ne sali, amar nongra phadata tor mukhe dhalchi, kha magi kha kha ah a a ” Adibasi cook Kalu builds up a huge load and with open push get his cock into Koel’s mouth and filled it with his hot cream. The thick cock stretched open her mouth and the tip passes her throat.

Warm hot cream sprays into the mouth and Koel swallows his hot juice hungrily. Kalu keeps his cock stuffed in her mouth until he is satisfied. Koel’s face is contoured by the thickness of his cock in her mouth. Noel brings the camera and captures her beloved wife’s contoured face and her mouth that is stuffed with Kalu’s big black cock.

“Oh didimani ki sundar chuste paro tumi, ” Kalu says her favourite actress Koel as she pulls his cock out of her mouth which Koel licks throughly.

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“Amio ar parlam na sali bapchodani, ne ne khankichudi rendi” Seeing his dearest daughter to drink Kalu’s dirty semen, Ranjitbabu’s excitement reaches high and begins to fuck her vigorously.

Realising his respected father-in-law’s state, Noel directs him,”Don’t cum into the pussy baba, spray it on Koel’s face”. Hearing his sons-in-law’s direction Ranjitbabu pulls his cock from his daughter’s pussy and starts to spray the hot cream on Koel’s beautiful face which she smears on her face like a costly face-cream.

“Oh ah baba ki sundar chudle tumi”, releasing her cook’s dick and next gripping her respected father’s dick Koel says .

” Kalukaka, now lick Koel’s pussy nicel” Koel’s husband Noel says to their adibasi cook Kalu and he obeys without a word.

Kalu begins to lick his favourite film-heroine Koel Chatterjee’s hairy pussy. The thick puffy lips throbbs and opens up as his tongue brushes over her black pubic hair. He holds the thick lips between his fingers and moves them up and down, and this send goose bumps all over the sexy Bengalee actress’s beautiful body.

“Oh! ah h h chos chos bokachoda khankir bachcha ” Bengalee famous actress Koel grunts with bengali slang language and twists her body.

Ranjitbabu is near his daughter’s face and moves his cock all over her beautiful sexy face and coats it with his gooey cum. Adibasi cook Kalu Saren pushes both his thumbs inside Koel’s cunt and splays it open and flicks his tongue on her sensitive cunt walls. This electrifies Koel’s hornines and she jumps off the floor with a loud grunt.

“Ah a a a a a a ” famous Bengalee Celeb actress Koel Chatterjee yells as their lower class adibasi cook cum servant Kalu who is a blind fan of his Didimani, mercilessly licks her sensitive cunt walls.

Koel bucked her hips up and pressed his head on her hairy cunt and rubbed it hard on his mouth. Kalu made his tongue sharp like a dart and pushed it inside his favourite actress’s warm fuck tunnel. Her thick cunt lips closed on his tongue sucked it in into the warm juice.

“Yes Kalukaka,lick Koel’s pussy well, she likes cunnilingus” Noel instructed their adibasi cook-servant Kalu.Seeing this illicit scenes Ranjitbabu’s cock became twitching again and rubbed his cock all over dearest daughter’s pretty face and his cock sprang back to life.

Kalu moved his tongue in and out of the famous Tollygung actress Koel Chatterjee’s fuck twat and fingered her clit. Her warm cunt throbbed and gushed out its juices.

“Do you like my daughters pussy-juice?” asked 47 yrs famous Bengalee actor Ranjit Chatterjee.

“Yes malik, it’s like nectar” cook-servant Kalu Saren said and smiled at Koel’s father. Licking and sucking his favourite film-heroine’s pussy-juice, Kalu’s snake-like huge dick became hard again.

“Now fuck your didimani” Koel’s husband Noel instructed their servant.

“Noel, makes some good fucking shots of Koel & Kalu , ” Ranjitbabu said and picked up another camera for recording more fuck-scenes of his dearest daughter Koel Chatterjee.

“Oh! Didimani, my dream is going to be true ” Adibasi servant Kalu Saren said to the famous Bengalee film-heroine Koel as he brought his cock near her hairy cunt.

“My dream is also going to be fulfilled ” Koel smiled and spread her legs wide apart and stretched her thick cunt lips for their adibasi cook. Actually on the very first day Koel saw his cock when Kalu was urinating in the toilet. The toilet’s door was partially open and seeing his nigro-like black dick Koel became startled, her pussy throbbed.

To get a chance in the film, she had to fuck various producer, director, actor etc but none of their penis is as large as Kalu Saren. From that day, the image of Kalu’s snake-like huge dick was always floating in her mind but she hadn’t the courage to go forward for her filmy status.