Mother in Law’s delightful fuck

I opened her lips with my tongue and rolling my saliva to her mouth and her saliva to my mouth. Warm saliva and heavy breathing are adding flavor to the mood. She is giving moans and rubbing my hair with her fingers and pressing my headstrong towards her lips. The oral smell of her is pungent and strong and it is uplifting my mood to another level. I cannot come out her mouth.

I also pressing her boobs, Her boobs are not so stiff, maybe her husband squeezed to the maximum amount possible and the softness of her boobs are matchless, Very soft I would say and I can’t wait to unhook her blouse and feel the boobs skin. Our lips are parted now. We started to undress and we became nude within no time.

I pushed her onto the bed. Took one of her boobs into the mouth, one to hand. She is awesome, the boob’s softness is so damn good again I am saying. Boob is slipping out of my hand while pressing and licking. I started biting her nipple, she is so patient that she is not even trying to stop me from pinching, maybe I should increase my intensity, now she moaned ahh ahhh. Yeah, I was waiting for that moan good that you gave eventually. I asked her to take my dick into the mouth. She said I don’t have a habit of a blowjob. I forced and convinced her to take my dick in. Wow, what a feeling that was!

A blowjob is one thing that stands out in sex. I am sure only 5% of all males who had sex would have had blowjob experience. In that 5% also very few people would have had a blowjob from their wives. I also did not have a blowjob from my wife, but mother-in-law is a god’s gift for me to have this kind of satisfaction or pleasures.

Now, we arrived at the main part of sex post oral sex. My dick is ready for the feet. I kissed on her pussy, parted her pussy lips, I could see fluids oozing out of her pussy with a strong cum smell. Pussy lips are so active and red in color. I rubbed my dick on her pussy lips, tried inserting my dick, but it seems it is been a long time since she had sex with her husband.

Pussy is tight and taking time for initial push reminding me of my first night with my wife. I finally made her pussy walls adjusted to my dick size and ready to start banging. Before getting started, I kissed her on lips, she wrapped her hand around me, I am on her body with my dick inside of her pussy. I said get ready mother-in-law, she replied I am yours.

I started banging her pussy, the sound gives the energy to fuck even harder, her breathing sound and periodic moans of satisfaction driving me to go ahead and the sound of her bangles and ornaments is signifying that I am having sex with my mother-in-law is making me horny enough and without wasting my time I increased my pace disregard of her loud moans asking for reduced pace I cum into her pussy.

As I started to cum, sperm ejection happened in 5 fucks and those five last fuck I gave her was divine and heaven seeing stuff. I laid on her and was kissing with my sperm inside her warm pussy. After kissing and squeezing her boobs, we both got enervated and slept off.

We woke up early in the morning looked at each other and were smiling and she was about to get up and get dressed. I dragged her onto the bed and covered blanket on us,

Me: How was the last night?
Mother-in-law: The Speechless feeling that was. My daughter is lucky, and I am too because of my daughter.
Me: Asked her to turn back I climber on her inserted my dick from backside to the pussy After a little break, I got ice cubes from the refrigerator and put it inside of my mouth and in the hands and started moving mouth and hands on all parts on her body and her expressions were priceless for each part I touch with ice.

I used to fuck her at least once in a day. I used to watch porn and try those different fucking styles on her, She never said no to me and my wild fucking nature.

So, friends, we all have that advantage of fucking our mother-in-laws. They will not deny you if you try. Go ahead and have fun as much as you can. Thanks for reading my sex story.