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This time I was concentrating on her anus. Gaand hole is on hell of a sensitive part of woman. Sobha was living proof of that by the way she moaned and squirmed. Looks like her hubby never paid any attention to her back door hole. So, anyway I continued giving attention to the much-neglected gaand. Slowly I inserted my index finger in her gaand. She jumped up – “Pradipta what are you doing”. “Nothing, just a little gaand masti”. I said. “Relax, you will enjoy it”. “No please, Pradipta not there”. And this she sat upright. I looked at Bipin and said. ” Bipin are you going to help me or what”. He got the hint and pulled her back and held her tightly over himself. Now I was all set to initiate her to the pleasure of anal sex. My cock was throbbing with the idea that I was going to be the first one to fuck her virgin gaand. She realized that protest is useless so she went on fucking Bipin. I finger fucked her asshole for sometime loosening her hole, applying butter in between, getting her ready for the final assault. Slowly I put another finger and she didn’t even complain. I guess she didn’t feel much pain or she was too busy fucking Bipin to notice it.

However, she complained loudly when I inserted the third finger. ” It hurts Pradipta !! ” she said. I guess she was unaware of my plan. “Relax baby, enjoy. Believe me when it’s all over, you will be thankful to us for the best fucking of your life”, I convinced her. Now she was ready. I got behind her with my 3″ thick cock and started rubbing around her asshole, holding her ass with both my hands for support. Finding the right moment I pushed firmly my dick against her anus and shoved at least 2 inches inside. She responded with a scream Uuuuuuuughh … Ooooi maaaaaaa. She tried to pull away, but I held her ass very firmly. Before she could react further, I gave the final push and all my 7″ cock was inside. I could feel her tight anal muscles clinging on to my rock hard cock. She bit her lips in pain and I could see some blood on her lips. I held her in that position for some time till her pain was gone and her sphincter muscles got used to the foreign object. Then I started moving very slowly. She must have liked it because she continued with her thrusts and pelvic movements. She shook violently and came with a big orgasm. I heard Bipin’s moan too and he too came. I then increased my tempo and started fucking her faster. I couldn’t take it any longer and I spilled all my cum in her tight asshole. Then I lay down on top of her. I had hardly rested for 30 seconds when I heard a loud noise ” Pradipta what the hell is going on?” That was my wife, Namita, standing on the door as she watched us lying totally naked on top of each other. In all the excitement, I had forgotten about her and our screams must have woken her up. “We were just giving Sobha a change of taste, want to join in?” I somehow blurted. There was a long silence as we waited for her reaction.

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My wife stood there in one thin gown. She didn’t realize but she was standing against the light and her outline was visible through the gown. She was not wearing anything underneath. Her 36 DD breasts were clearly visible. They had become more round and her nipples were erect most of the time. Her nipples were big and protruding, again very good for playing and sucking Her ass was 40 inches and with lot of flesh on it and ideal for pinching and feeling. Because of volume the crack between her ass was very deep and felt lovely when you put your dick in between. She stood there for what seemed like a long time. Then she turned and went out of the room without saying a word. I waited for a couple of minutes and was just about to get up and go to her when she returned, “here I am with all of you to enjoy my birthday party fully”. Well that was a big relief for all of us.

All three of us then got up and sat on sofa. Sobha was still naked and she kind of looked sexy in this way. We decided to take a break and continue. Sobha wanted to go wash herself. “Sobha why don’t you make tea for all of us till Bipin warm up Namita”, I said. She said no problem and went into the kitchen. We had semi open kitchen and we could see her from the living room. Bipin sat next to my wife and started kissing her fondling her breasts at the same time. Soon I had removed her gown he started sucking on her right breast and soon milk started flowing. This was the scene I liked most. Bipin said “Pradipta, aaja tu bhi maza le le, “. I came and joined with him by sucking on the left breast of my wife.

I was watching Sobha work in the kitchen, moving around. Her ass was moving up and down. She stood up on her toes and reached for something on the upper shelf and her. Then she bent down to take some utensils out, exposing her naked buttocks fully. Her boobs were sagging down because of the weight of the boobs. It was enough to get me semi hard again. I went from behind her and got hold of her boobs, as she was getting up from bending position. She was surprised and smiled and kissed me on my cheek. I moved my hands under and started squeezing vigorously. Moving my dick between her ass crack. She started moaning and I whispered to her “bend over – mujhe tumhari gaand maarni hai ” and with this I forced her to bend over. She bent over from her waist with her hand resting on a short stool and her ass protruding upwards.. Her asshole was wide open and I didn’t have any difficulty putting my cock inside her inviting gaand. I fucked her slowly this time, sometimes taking out my dick completely out and shoving it back again to the hilt. Her moans were getting louder by and she was enjoying it thoroughly. So was I. I loved that she was co-operating so well. I increased my speed and she climaxed. I came soon after words. When I was done I replaced the butt plug. She stood up and we French kissed for a long time then she bent down and licked away all the cum from my dick. “Thank you for such a lovely birthday party ” she said. I replied, “it isn’t over yet!!”.

In the meantime Bipin was busy with my wife. When we came out of the kitchen he was breast fucking to my wife Sarita while she was lying on the carpet. He was sitting on her stomach and holding both her breasts around his cock and pumping away. She was licking the tip when it came closer. He climaxed, spilling his semen all over her breast, neck and face. He then wiped it off with a napkin and we all had tea and snacks.

We then got some sheets and lay them on the carpet. We asked Sobha to lie down.. I then asked Sarita to lie down near Sobha. I took the icing and cream from the left over cake of the party and put it on Sarita and Sobha’s boobs. I wasn’t finished yet. I took lot of chocolate toffees and inserted 10 each in each cunt. The chocolate melts with body heat and it flows down. Now it was time for action. I got down on Sobha and Bipin on Sarita. We started licking and eating the cream off their boobs. It was a wonderful feeling for all four of us. I could make out from Bipin’s excited way that he had never tried this before. We alternated between licking cream from boobs and chocolate from cunt for long time. Both of them climaxed at least once. Sobha came second time when I was licking and nibbling her clit. We then fucked them till we cummed inside them. I then put some remaining cream on my dick and put my dick inside Sobha’s mouth and instinctively she started sucking. Bipin followed me by putting his dick in my wife’s mouth. She licked my dick clean and I was hard again.

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I then asked them to get up and made Bipin lie down with his dick pointing up. Then directed my wife to sit on his dick her breasts facing him. I then asked Sobha to bend over Bipin’s face so that her pussy and asshole were within his reach. Sarita in the meantime had started fucking Bipin. Bipin was licking his wife’s pussy and clit. I took some butter and started fingering my wife’s buttock hole, making it ready for fucking. I then came back behind Sarita and kneeled down, and pushed her forward indicating her to lie down on Bipin. She complied. From this position, I could see Bipin’s cock going in and out of my sexy wife’s pussy very clearly. I then positioned myself so that my dick was pointed at her ass hole. With one great thrust, I inserted my dick in her GANNDA. I can swear that it was the loudest scream that day from my wife. It must have hurt for having two dicks one pussy and one in anus. It is not a joke. Anyway I loved the sensation. And soon she relaxed. Soon we our strokes adjusted so that we were thrusting alternatively. My hot wife was in seventh heaven. She was getting uncontrollable and came several times.

So here we were lying on top of each other fucking every hole possible. All four of us enjoyed very much that night. It was 2:15 a.m. By now and we were pretty exhausted. Sobha wanted to go sleep so we let her go, and we wanted to go too. I looked at Sarita she looked disappointed and complained “This is not fair, I want more” . When a wife asks her husband and his friend for more, how they can refuse, so, I said, ” ok but after a 15 minutes break.” and she agreed.

Now we are happy couples! Bipin and Sobha are in touch of fucking with us till today!


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