Fucked by a Beggar and Worker in train

Now he permitted me to enter in his blanket which was quite new and not dirty. He might have received it in any donation campaigns. He also offered me his half seat.

It was very bitter for me to sleep in this beggar’s blanket. He was lying on the seat and i was sitting on the seat such that his legs were touching my right waist. He was making quite movements but i ignored them.

Later he waked up to go to toilet. When he returned i had chance to look at him. He was tall and wearing dirty clothes. His hairs were long and full of dirt. He was wearing a old filthy pant and tear off shirt.

His beard was also big as if he didn’t shave it for a month. He told me that now he is going to sit and i can lie on the seat. He sat on window side and i was lying in his blanket with my legs towards him.

The blanket gave me a lot opportunity to warm my body and now i was progressing towards sleep. I don’t know when i slept but suddenly i woken up.

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I found that the beggar’s hands were caressing my legs. I ignored it thinking that i might be a coincident and tried to sleep again. But the beggar didn’t stop. Next when i woke up his hand was on my waist.

His cold hand pinched like needle to me. He was not making any movement and just rested his hand on my bare waist under my shirt. I was disgusted about this but said nothing as i was feared that he might snatch his blanket if i will say something to him.

Sighting no movement i went to sleep again.

Next time i woke up i found his hand on my stomach. And it was continuously moving it around my navel. He decided to protest, and waited for the right time.

There was no woman in the coach and only males with low level and drunk. I feared at that time that i might be raped by them. I kept silent but to stop the beggar i turned so that he cannot touch my navel.

But to my surprise he didn’t stop.

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He started touching my back under my shirt. His hand was rough and it was caressing my soft back and waist. I decided to let him continue with this because it was harmless. I was become indifferent at his movements.

Partially i liked this caressing. He slightly bend and tried to lay besides me but didn’t able to do so. Then he started touch my ass over the jeans. I gave no attention.

And after some time his hand movements stopped. I took a sigh and now turned upside. After 5 min he started inserting his hand in my shirt again. He also started unbuttoning my shirt.

Suddenly his hands were inside my shirt and in next second in my bra. I was surprised by his quick movement and tried to wake up and stop him but his rough hands were touching my boobs and i felt like a heaven to me.

I was already excited about this trip and now a beggar is giving me pleasure by his hand. I tried imagining that i am with Hari and not with beggar. And every shyness and fear gone away.

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I didn’t resist and pretended to be slept. Beggar thought that i am in sound sleep and he unbuttoned my entire shirt. Next moment he was lying beside me on the same birth.

He pulled down straps of my pink bra. In response i turned myself towards his face and pretended to be slept. He became more bold and removed bra strip of other side too.

Now my bare boobs, soft boobs were in front of him. He touches them with curiosity and then started pressing them. He drew me near him and kissed me on my lips.

His lips felt hard. Stinking smell of alcohol and sweat gave me some different kind of excitement. It felt like ecstasy. I was ready to give my boobs to him. He started sucking my one boob and pressing other one. I started to moan.

I started to breathe fast but still pretended to sleep.

Now his hands were all over caressing my boobs stomach and waist.

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He removed her shirt and inside his blanket we both were nude on upper part. In his dirty and filthy smell i found some kind of preciousness. I always wanted to do dirty things. Smell of Men’s sweat has always attracted me.

He was hugging me and pressing my tender boobs with his dirty and rough hands that were meant to lift dirt and other same sort of work. His filthiness gave me the pleasure which Hari was unable to give.

Next he opened my jeans button and unzipped my jeans. He started rubbing my pussy from the panty. Now i became uncontrollable. Heavy breathing and moaning have surely given him a signal that i was awake and enjoying his acts.

Sensing this he started kissing me hard and inserted his filthy hands inside my panty. I enjoyed this. I opened my eyes and gave him a sharp look. He sensed my mind and opened his pant. He was not wearing any underwear. He gave his tool in my hands.

I started rubbing it.

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He told me in my ear that he didn’t had sex for 10 years and now he got me so i have to do sex otherwise he is going to awake all passenger who are also hungry like him and then it will turn into gang bang.

I gave no response and neither resisted. He came over me and pressing his whole body over my body, pressing my boobs and rubbing his tool over my pussy. He removed my jeans and panty and now we both were nude inside that blanket. With one stroke his penis was inside me.

His penis was large and thick.

A sense of roughness thrilled me.

I kissed his dirty lips and hugged him tightly.

He fucked me slowly but later he started fucking fast. I was enjoying all this. His stinking smell was now exciting me, the smell of dirt, smell of tobacco, smell of alcohol, sweat and smell of pee.

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