First time Swap of Indian Wife

He was wearing only undergarments that time…he said O.K. now u r going to see what you want for so many year.

He pull down his underwear…his black lund… approx 8″long standing in 90 degree position.. he said come on Umeeta ..take you stuff..

Umeeta get up on her knee…her eyes wee shining…oh this is the stuff i always wanted…Black lund….ooh…aah…she kissed on the tip of his lund…again said ooh….aah..Mangesh’s lund is not black…but i love black…

Jagdeep said now you will get black. He asked Umeeta to open her mouth..Umeeta opened her mouth..

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He put his black lund into her mouth.. Umeeta start sucking his lund like anything…his lund was coming in & out of her mouth…He start yelling….ooh…aah…ooh…aah…ooh.. both of you sister are too good in sucking…ooa…aah…must have learned from your mother…don’t be surprised ..

Simmi told me that both of you watched your mother giving blowjob to your father…come on suck my lund my pussy cat….ooh…aah. Umeeta increased her sucking of Jagdeep’s lund and while she was sucking ,her big boobs were dancing upside down this made me very excited. I have never seen my wife’s boobs dancing like this before.Than Jagdeep’s hand move towards the boobs of Umeeta and start rubbing, kneading her black nipple.

Jagdeep was moaning ..ooh…aah…aah…suck pussy..chooso and after sometime he withdraw his lund from Umeeta’s mouth. Now his lund was hard and erect .Umeeta lied down and took black sheet on herself. Jagdeep also sliped into the sheet..

Now again i could watch only the movements under the sheet but i knew where Jagdeep’s hand are .Then there was loud moaning of Umeeta..ooh..aah and churidar of Umeeta come out of sheet and then the black panty. I knew that my long legged Umeeta is ready for fuck by another man than me. Her face come out of sheet, she was moaning..ooh…aah and i could see that where was the mouth of Jagdeep under the sheet….he was sucking my wife’s CHOOT…

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I could only see the face of Umeeta and movement of Jagdeep under the sheet. Umeeta moans were getting louder..ooh…aah…ooh..aah and then one white long smooth leg of my wife come out of sheet, smooth, hairless, chikni leg. Suddenly Jagdeep came out of sheet and he pulled the sheet and threw it away. Now Umeeta was laying totally naked in front of naked Jagdeep.

Umeeta has shaved her pussy two days back.. so her clean pink pussy was in front of Jagdeep’s 9′cock. He was holding his lund in his hand and said to Umeeta…now get ready to eat your mouse,my pussy cat. She was also feeling hungry to grab that lauda.

Umeeta spread her legs and asked Jagdeep to” himmat hai to dal””.Lemon ki jaise nichod doongi.

Jagdeep said o.K. lets see kaun nichodta hai kisko.

Jagdeep started sucking her pussy and Umeeta strated maoning ..ooh …aah…ooh…aah…yeh gaand mange more….dal de lund iske under….ooh…aahh…then Umeeta lifted her legs to the shoulder of Jagdeep…what a scene…her big ass-cheeks….ooh..aah..i also started moaning.and unzip my short…my big lund come out..then suddenly i feel hand of Simmi on my lund..she was also started moaning….

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Umeeta lifted her legs more and spread little wider…her choot and black asshole was shining in light.. what a scene…my lund get fully erected..and Simmi took my big lund in her hand and started rubbing…inside the room Jagdeep also fully loaded to blast…he put his black lund on the lips of my wife”s pussy and started pushing into the choot of my wife. First time i was watching my wife fucking by another man…When he pushed half of his lund into her choot he stopped…Umeeta was moaning loudly…ooh..aah…she opened her eyes and asked why he had sopped …Jagdeep smiled and said i will push my full lund only if u promise to be fucked by me 10 times more.

Umeeta said how it is possible..

Mangesh is very suspicious guy…next time it is not possible..but Jagdeep insisted that he will push his big lund only if she promises. Umeeta was getting very excited and Jagdeep teasingly circling his lund in her pussy but not pushing deeper..

Umeeta was out of control, she said please pura dalo..pura dalo…but Jagdeep was only circling his lund in her wet pussy.. then Umeeta surrendered and agreed to be fucked by him 10 more times…now Jagdeep pushed his full lund in fully wet pussy of my wife….

He started stroking inside out…his big lund slowly come out of pink pussy of my wife and then he slowly push into the choot of my wife.. Umeeta moaning geting louder…i know she like slow dhakka…chap..chap…chapp sound of chudai of my wife filling the room…

Jagdeep stared pushing little faster and he also started sucking nipple of Umeeta…chap..chap…oh my god i was watching chudai of my wife…..then speed of stroke.getting faster…and then sudden blast of Jagdeep …he moaned loudly and laid down exhausted on Umeeta…

Umeeta also moaned loudly and i knew she has reached her orgasm… both are lying naked and exhausted…..

My wife said no tum jeete na humm.. better luck next time..

Jagdeep said next time i will fuck your asshole..

Umeeta said i have virgin asshole…

Jagdeep said it will explored by me as i have right on your gaand..

Umeeta said how?

Jagdeep said becaus i m gandu bhai of Mangesh, so i will fuck your virgin asshole..

Both started laughing.

Now it was my turn to fuck Simmi..that will be continued on next part.