Extending My Family – Sex Stories

I come from a small family, my parents had just me, then I also had just one aunt and uncle who had one child, a male cousin, Vipin, who I only see occasionally as he lives across the country from me.
My wife Vidya had a younger sister, Sharmila, who only had a daughter, my niece, Sucheta. Sharmila’s husband was out of the picture even before I met her, it was years ago.
Sadly, my wife is also gone, three years ago, a fast-growing and, basically, untreatable cancer took her in months.
But, Vidya’s sister and I have always gotten along well and, after my wife’s death, we’ve even become closer as she has been a great support to me through it all.
I’ve also been close to my niece, Sucheta, watching her grow from a cute little doll of a girl to a rather lovely young woman of eighteen.
Now, my sister-in-law is a successful business woman, a vice president of wealth management for a large banking firm with branches all over the midwest. So, this summer, she had planned on a two-week vacation to the south of France for herself and Sucheta and invited me as well. She is that nice and, yes, that well-off.
So, we were there on the south coast of France. The weather was perfect and I was outside laying in the sun on a lounge chair as my sister-in-law came out to join me.
Now, Sharmila is an attractive woman, she’s thirty-five, so, by my standards anyway, just at the peak of a woman’s beauty and the bikini she was wearing was exposing much more to my gaze than I’d ever been privileged to see before. She was stunning.
As I said, I’d never seen so much of her skin and was amazed at her body. The top of her suit was so small that there was no doubt that she was getting no support at all from the bra-top, her firmness was all hers. Her breasts weren’t large, they were probably B-cup and her nipples had to be pretty small or they would have shown. Yes, the suit was that brief.
“Oh, this sun is what I’ve been wanting, Milind, isn’t it beautiful here?” she asked as she sat down next to me and began putting suntan lotion on. I’m still man enough that I kept hoping that she would ask me to do it for her like happens in all the erotic stories you can read on the internet. But, no, she did it herself as I discretely watched.
“Yeah, what a spot, simply heaven. Perfect time of the year, too.”
“Mmm, yeah, perfect. I think I’ll just, um, Milind, you are family and all that, do you mind if I sun topless? I never get the chance at home and this is so private.”
“Nah, fine,” I struggled to get out as she reached behind and the top fell off her arms. I looked away, not wanting to be a total lecher but soon found an opportunity to check out my sister-in-law’s very lovely breasts. Beautifully curved underneath, they did have small, dark red nipples which were quite erect. Oh, I wanted to suck them.
“Oh, god, Mom, look at you,” I hear my niece say as she came out. I glanced back and, she, too, was in an infinitesimal bikini which barely covered her nipples and slit. She was eighteen and, well, she sure had changed in the last few years.
“Now, dear, your Uncle Milind is family, you know that. And there’s really no one else around. So, just calm down, we’re in France after all.”
“Well, okay, then,” she said and I saw her flip off the top she was wearing. It was almost impossible to keep from turning around but, well, I didn’t need to, Sucheta walked out in front of me to drag up another lounge chair. Her breasts were even larger than her mother’s and they were crowned with puffy pink nipples. I thought I’d cum right then.
I had to leave, I just had to get somewhere and take care of the fierce erection that I now struggled to hide as I got up and went inside. I quickly went down the hall to my room, closed the door, whipped off my trunks and got on the bed to take urgent matters in hand.
My sex life at that stage was pretty inactive anyway and with these two beautiful women topless right within my reach, well, what would you do?
So, I’m about there, which, of course, didn’t take long when the door opened and my sister-in-law slipped in and closed the door behind her.
I immediately pulled the sheet up over me and she said, “It’s all right Milind, I know you don’t have a girlfriend and, I guess, seeing Sucheta and me without our tops on, well, I understand. I’ve been kind of lonely myself, can you move over?” and she came to the bed and got in next to me.
“Now, let’s see if I can figure out where you left off,” and she began jacking me up and down as I leaned over to take one of her nipples into my mouth. She was moving up and down on me when she swung a leg up over me straddling me and guided my cock to her pussy and pushed down driving me inside.
“Mmm, I think we’ll both enjoy this even more,” she said as she began rocking back and forth. It was almost as if I could close my eyes and be back with my wife. But I tried to concentrate on the present as I also had someone I wanted to please.
“Oh, Sharmila, this is spectacular, you are such a sexy, sexy woman.”
“Mmm, thank you, you’re pretty hot yourself. You feel wonderful inside me like this.”
Just then, the door opened and my niece stood there watching her mother fucking me, her uncle.
“I wondered why you two didn’t come back,” she said looking at us.
I felt my cock begin to shrivel but Sharmila just kept fucking me. Incredible, I thought.
“We’re right here as you can see. Your uncle and I have been rather lonely and, well, we thought it might be nice to be together and enjoy each other.”
“Mind if I watch, I’ve been kinda lonely myself?”
“Do you mind, Milind, if she watches us?”
Well, what does one say to that?
“No, it’s fine with me,” I said as Sucheta’s mother rocked up and down. Sucheta sat in a chair and pulled the bottom of her thong aside and began rubbing her pussy. That was all I could take and I began spurting into Sharmila as she moved her hips around in a circle over and over which quickly got her off as well.
She dropped down on me as we kissed softly and quietly afterward.
“You two were beautiful,” I heard my niece say as we lay there in each other’s arms. “Do you think I could borrow my uncle for some of the same?” she asked.
“Well, Milind, it seems like you’re in demand. It’s fine with me, Sucheta’s a big girl now and I certainly have no objections, in fact, I’m willing to recommend you to her as a lover. You’re really quite wonderful in bed.”
“Oh, but you’re the one who did all the work, I just enjoyed it all,” I said grinning as Sharmila pulled up off me and sat on the bed next to me, leaving my wet cock cooling off in the bedroom air.
“Well, Uncle Milind, I like being on top too, so why don’t you just stay right there,” my niece said as she got up, shedding her bikini bottom as she stepped to the bed, knelt down and began sucking me.
She had a dazzlingly-compact young body, easily Playboy material, and she could suck like an angel. I had been without a woman for so long, then suddenly cast in with two wonderful and sexy women, I was soon back as hard as I could be.
“There,” she said, raising up off me, “oh, just what I want. And my mom gets to watch her little daughter have sex. I think of all the times I kept it hidden. Mmm, here goes,” and she raised her leg over me, reached under and pushed down, sliding her labia over me as I reach for her beautiful, firm breasts.
Then she pulled up, oh, so tight, gripping me like a glove as she rose. Then, at the top, I felt her vagina relax and open a bit as she glided down feeling so wet and warm and smooth, then up again, nice and tight and snug, just over and over. She was terrific, young, sexy, hot.
“It’s nice to keep things in the family, isn’t it, Uncle Milind?” she asked saucily as she twisted her hips around making me feel so good. She was surely well-schooled in how to make a man feel good. I looked and her mother was sitting across the room, her feet up on the chair seat, both hands between her legs rubbing along underneath.
My niece leaned over to place a swollen pink nipple on my mouth which I hungrily took in to suck as she rocked up and down.
“Mmm, this is so nice. I was getting so horny, this is just what I needed.”
I lay there sucking her wonderful boobs as I got fucked to heaven and back. She was perfectly made for sex and knew exactly how to use everything she had.
She rocked up and down, her pussy so silken inside, so smooth, so slippery, so tight. I had forgotten how wonderful a girl of her age and enthusiasm could be but was so enjoying being reacquainted with the experience.
“Mmm, mmm, oh, good, mmm, close, yes, I’m so close, it’s just,,,oh, OH, AYYE, AYYE, AUUH, AUUH, UUH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh so good, mmm,” she groaned.
“Mmm, now your turn, Uncle Milind, I want to make you cum now, it’s your turn,” and she began pulling up on me, tightening so much each time, her pelvic muscles were phenomenal making it feel as though she was sucking the cum up out of me.
I was glad I’d already had one ejaculation, that this one would be slower to come about, that I would last longer as my niece pumped over me so wonderfully bringing me up to a second orgasm.
Wonderful, blissful feelings washed over me as I cummed up into my beautiful, sexy niece. She bent over and kissed me.
“Well, that was a wonderful first time for us, Uncle Milind. But not our last. Mom and I have plans for you.”
“Yes, Milind, I need to be honest with you,” Sharmila said as she lay down next to me as my niece pulled up off me to lay on the other side. “I’m afraid Sucheta and I rather plotted this whole thing. I’ve been alone for a long time and, now you have as well, and Sucheta once brought up that I had a perfectly fine man already in the family.”
“Yes, so Mom agreed that she was interested in you and I suggested that she bring you along on this trip and, well, make things happen. Um, then, I kind of invited myself in on everything after we got here.”
“I’m afraid my daughter confessed that she’d had a teenaged crush on her uncle and, even though she’s outgrown it, she is still attracted to you. So, it looks as though you can have us both. I mean, if you want us.”
“If I want you, both of you?” I asked looking from side to side at the two beautiful women next to me. How could any man turn the two of you down? Both of you, oh, my. I’d better get a thorough check-up when I get back home.”
“Yeah, and maybe some of those little blue pulls, Uncle Milind. There’s two of us and I know how horny I get. How about you, Mom?”
“Well, here’s the answer to that,” and she bent over and started sucking my cock which began to respond as Sucheta also scooted up to bury my face between her generous breasts. Would I ever forget France?
I was engulfed in my niece’s breasts as her mom sucked me hard again. After a few minutes, Sharmila raised up and got up on the bed over me to lower herself back down over me, sliding her pussy over me, then fucking me right up to heaven as her daughter bent over for me to suck her titties.
Well, I had to be the most sexually-satisfied man in France during our time there. Clothes were only worn to go out and while we did do some sight-seeing, most of our activities were indoors. Well, except for a remote little beach we found. Remind me to tell you about that sometime.
We’re back stateside now and Sharmila and I were married by a Justice-of-thePeace last month. Sucheta was Maid of Honor and while we didn’t take a formal honeymoon, we did have champagne back at my new wife’s place where we were now living and all three of us retired to our king-sized bed to enjoy one another.
Yes, my niece, now my stepdaughter, still joins us in bed, in fact sleeps with us on a regular basis which keeps me rather busy, but never happier.
Sharmila said when I proposed to her that it didn’t make sense that Sucheta and I stop having sex together just because the two of us were getting married. I didn’t object, would you?