Enjoyed my housemaid Divya

Now what was I going to do? How was I going to dry myself up? I was standing there still thinking on my next course of action. Divya was looking at the magazine, taking her time on every page, enjoying the white nude bodies and hardcore pictures of white men fucking white women, their cocks, the pussies, the breasts, everything.

She was slowly turning pages and was breathing heavily. I could sense that she was hot. Was this the chance that I was looking for, I wondered. She had no idea that I was looking at her. I was enjoying the sight of watching that girl reading my porn. Imagine a wet nude guy watching a girl reading porn. Not knowing what to do, I crawled back to bathroom.

Now I had no alternative than calling Divya to help me out. So I yelled from bathroom, “Divya, I need some help.” She did not speak English so I yelled at my native language. I could hear the noise of my bed sheets, as she must have tried to place my magazine back below the mattress hurriedly.

“Hold on, I am coming.” She answered back in the native language that we both speak. “I am coming” I smiled mischievously. I was standing inside bathroom holding the door open wide enough for her to see my face but was hiding my nude body behind the door. As she came near bathroom, I asked her,” I forgot my towel, Can you give me the towel?” “Sure.

One sec.” And she left to fetch the towel. As she brought the towel, I was so relieved to have at last ended the embarrassing episode that I surged ahead to grab that towel and ended up opening the door wide open for her to see me naked. I was standing in the bathroom door naked and wet and she was standing slightly away from the door outside holding the towel and gaping at my body.

Her eyes were fixated at my penis for a while. When we both realized where we were she threw the towel on the floor and ran towards the kitchen screaming “Oooi maaa” and laughing. I had just doubled my embarrassment. I somehow grabbed the towel, entered the bathroom, wiped myself up and came out wrapping the same towel around my hips.

I straightway headed towards Divya who was in kitchen, still a smile on her face, which widened as I approached her. I went to her, stood near her, slightly behind her. She was cooking something. I spoke, ” Divya, you have seen me nude. Now I should also get to see you nude.”

She turned around to look at me with a shock on her face and said, “No way. Are you out of your mind?” I said, ” Come on. It is only fair. You got to see my thing, now I should also get to see yours.” “It was an accident. You forgot the towel so I got to see. Why should you get to see me like that? You are an idiot.” She said while resuming what she was doing.

“So what, end result is you have seen my privates. So I also want to see.” I persisted. She was unrelenting and I wanted my revenge. I dropped my towel and told her “see now it is not an accident. You have seen it once. See it again. I do not mind now. You can see it and then show me yours”. She turned back and was aghast at seeing me standing nude.

Her eyes scanned my entire body and went back repeatedly to my penis. She had just seen hardcore pictures in the porno and now she was seeing a live man nude in front of her. She tried to gain the composure but I guess she could not. I sought the moment and went near her. I took her hand and said, ” See you can even touch my nude body.

You want to touch my bare chest, my tummy, my thing?” what do you want to touch Divya?” Saying this I was moving her palm on my chest, tummy and my arms. She tried to resist initially but she could do much against my force. The touch of my chest and hair on it must have given her goose bumps.

“Now. Let me see you naked.” I stuck to my aim. And this time I did not stop at mere words but surged forwards and held her arm and turned her towards me. “What are you doing?” she said while resisting but she turned. “Nothing. Just trying to take your frock off.” I said calmly. “No. Chintu. No. You cannot do that. That is not right.” Divya. “It is okay, Divya. Nobody will know.

Do you want me to tell my parents that you saw me naked and that you were looking at my magazines? I can even tell them that you stole something even if you did not.” Me. Now she was shocked. “Which magazine?” she feigned ignorance. “Divya, do not lie to me. I have seen you sitting on my bed and browsing the magazine with adult photos. It is okay.

We both are young. This is the age to do this stuff. If you want you can see all of my magazines. I even have porn video right now at our home, which we can watch. ” I enticed her. While I was talking to her, seeing directly in her eyes, my hands were working on the buttons of her frock in the rear to undo them. I was touching her bare feet with my toes. I knew she was getting hot. I could feel her breathing get heavy and warm.

“No, but this is not right.” She said while resisting and pushing me away from her. “What right and wrong. We both know that we want this, Divya. No one will ever come to know. I do not see any harm in it. I have done it before. Trust me. It is fun. I sit your first time?” I enquired expectantly. “Yes. I have not done it before. I have seen my dad and mom do it.

But I am afraid to do it as it will make me pregnant.” She said innocently. I was so thrilled that if I got lucky I was going to get a virgin. “Do not be stupid. I will use condom. You will not get pregnant. Ok?” I said. I knew where my dad kept his supply of condoms. I could steal one without he knowing about it. “I do not know. I am so afraid.” She was still worried. “Ok, let us do this. Let us not worry about having sex right now.

Okay. Just get naked, let me see and feel your body. You can feel my body and then we will see. If then you feel to have it, then we can engage in sex. Okay?” I wanted to give a pat on my back as I said this. She relaxed her body. Her resistance was gone now. She seemed to see no harm in that. After all I was not forcing her to do sex.

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She had an option. She turned to switch the gas off and started washing her hands. I took that as a sign of approval and moving near her, I unbuttoned her frock and let it fell down on the floor. She was wearing a chemise inside. She took her feet out of the frock and turned to face me. I asked politely in smooth voice.” Divya, Can I kiss you?”.

She nodded looking down. I raised her chin by my hand and moving even closer put my lips on hers. Her lips were trembling. She seemed unsure to open her mouth. I parted her lips with my tongue and started sucking her full lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and tried to find her tongue. As I found her tongue, I sucked her tongue.

She moved her hands and grabbed my back. I pulled her tightly towards me and now we were in a tight embrace. She was shaking. Her body was getting warmer. Her palms were moving on my naked back. She did not respond with the kiss. May be she did not know how to do it. I took my tongue out of her mouth and looked in her eyes. I saw a different kind of look for the first time. She was radiating and her eyes were bright.

“Kiss me.” I murmured softly in her ear. She tried to learn something from my kiss and holding my face in her palms she put her wet lips on mine. I let her suck my lips. She inserted her tongue inside my mouth and started sucking my tongue. We had not moved and were standing holding each other, she in her chemise and I butt naked. My erect penis was touching her naval area. She kissed me hard and long and then kissed me on my cheeks.

I slowly lifted her chemise from below and lifted it till I could see her bra. She thought I wanted to remove her chemise so she raised her hands. I obliged and pulled her chemise over head, removed and threw on the dining table. Now she was in her white bra and white panty. I was growing wild now. I held her boobs over her bra and moved my other palm on her stomach.

She turned around as if to suggest that I would need to take out her bra. I unhooked the bra after a fumble; she removed it, threw it on the dining table and turned to face me. There they were, her nice shapely full tits with hard nipples all for me to caress and suck. I touched her boobs tenderly and then tried to size them up by moving my palms all over her boobs. She was looking at my hand moving on her boobs.

I caressed them slowly and massaged them. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. I played with her boobs to my satisfaction and then sat down on my knees to take them in my mouth. I sucked her nipples, chewing them and making her say “uunnnn. Ouchhh.” Then I took her full breasts in my mouth and sucked them one by one.

She was moving her hand lovingly through my hair now. I released her boobs from my mouth and asked her, “How do you feel?” She replied with a smile, “Ummm. very good. But please do not bite the nipples so hard. It hurts.” I smiled and got back to sucking her breasts. I was sucking one of her boobs and caressing and pinching the other.

When I was fully satisfied enjoying her boobs, I kissed her belly button and kissed all over her tummy. Then I turned my attention to her panty. At last I was getting to touch, smell, feel her panty. I moved my fingers over her white panty. I could see some of her vaginal hair peeking out of the panty. I smelled it rubbing my nose on it and smooched it. I slowly pulled the panty down and out of her feet. Now Divya was completely naked. I moved away from her and took a good look at her naked body.

“Happy at last” she said smilingly. I said, “Ya. God, you have a nice body and you look great naked.” After a good look, I hugged her. There were two naked bodies in a tight and warm embrace. Our bodies and breath were getting hotter. “Let us go to the bedroom, I am tired standing here.” I said. She did not say anything, just started walking towards my parents’ bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, She laid on the bed on her back. I sat beside her and explored her naked body with my hungry eyes. Shame was overwhelming her. I gave her a long French kiss and moved my hand on her body. Then I gave a smooch on her vagina and moved my fingers through her bush. I parted her legs and rubbed a finger though the slit. I was fingering a virgin slit. I was touching where no man has ever touched.


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